Sunday, April 21, 2019

Surreal (subject is hair and make up) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

dreamlike (subject is hair and make up) - Essay ExampleThis unorthodox machinationistic air is applied to a lore of how hair trends may be in the future, but the distortion and exaggeration incorporated into the hair style is an attempt to drive the viewer beyond what is traditional and familiar. The viewers sentiment may lam anywhere from surprise or delight, to perplexity and even confusion, and in the extreme even a blind drunk dislike or disgust. This type of artistic style is disturbing to many, and not a few bequeath decide that they find it unacceptable and for being vulgar and boorish.Many famous artists are not comprehended during their lifetimes their creations are mocked and derided, and this is not difficult to imagine in the case of Modigliani and other avant-garde artists. People could not understand the artists vision and his concept of reality, at least during his lifetime, because contemporaries are unresolved to the same environment, and being exposed to the same context, the normal expectation is to perceive things in the same context. However, a good artist is ahead of his time, and he sees things beyond the context of his contemporaries.In most cases, visionary art is ignored during the artists lifetime, but appreciated by succeeding generations, so it is only after(prenominal) the artists death and when many of his works have been destroyed, baffled or scattered, that the pieces of art croak valued, even priceless. It is thus a pity that while the artist lives, his philosophy conveyed through his art and modus vivendi are lost to oblivion, only to resurface later on and accorded the value it truly deserves.It is this timeless component part of Modiglianis distortion and exaggeration that I wish to capture and translate to a fashion financial statement for the future. The distortion and exaggeration works to enhance that element in the artists vision that escapes and is lost to the everyday observer, and the emphasis is to draw the ordinary persons

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