Monday, April 29, 2019

Advertising Agency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertising part - Essay ExampleTo create a successful advertising function to stimulate consumer interest, target mathematical groups, objectives, campaign communication and expectations, along with communication outline must be considered for both companies.The target group for the first, little company is sportsmen who use food supplements as part of their regimen. The objective of the campaign is to increase gross sales to much(prenominal) sportsmen through the specialized selling shop, sales representatives, and over the internet. The advertizing should lapse to sportsmen that the food supplements sold by the small company ar necessary for increased sports performance. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales leave behind increase through the positive message about food supplements from this particular company. The company is small, therefore, the communication strategy is limited only by the companys advertising cipher. Internet ad banners and small magazine advertisements in sportsmen magazines is a strategic and cost effective way to successfully market this small companys food supplements.The target group for the second company, a large, multinational organisation is a wide variety of consumers, as this companys main staple fibre is detergent. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales by keeping the companys detergent on the minds of consumers. The advertisement should communicate to all consumers that the detergent sold is superior to other detergents on the market. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales and demand go forth increase for the companys detergent. The company is large, and therefore, has a large advertising budget, so a muckle media campaign will be continued, over the internet, broadcast media, and print media. Certain techniques argon used by advertising agencies and/or advertisement producers to promote creative ideas, which include formulating advertisement objectives designi ng an advertising budget making creative decisions choosing a media strategy and evaluating the advertisement (Shank, 2001, p. 325).Advertisement objectives are usually categorized as either direct or indirect. Direct ad objectives, such as advertising to end substance abuser consumers and sales promotion advertising, are designed to stimulate action among consumers of a certain type of product. On the other hand, indirect objectives create consumer awareness and provide information to consumers. After each objective has been determined, budgets are considered for the ad campaign. Budget techniques such as competitive parity, objective and task, arbitrary allocation, and percentage of sales are commonly used by advertisers (Shank, p. 325). The next step is to make the creative decisions that will identify the ideas and the concepts that will be used in the advertisement. In order to develop the concept for the ad, benefits of the product must be identified, ad appeals are designed, and ad execution decisions are made. Next, a media strategy is formed, including decisions about what medium for advertisement will be most effective and target the market consumer. Finally, the ad is evaluated to determine whether it will conform to its purpose of increased awareness and sales. Task BAnother method of understanding target groups, the onus message of the advertisement, communication, and art elements of the advertisement is to observe two (2) examples of advertising campaigns. The first ad is for Calgon, a water softener that is touted to protect washing machines from sediment build up. The second is for Aquila, a mineral water that releases harmful chemicals from the frame with every sip.

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