Thursday, April 18, 2019

Most important change issues facing health care organizations Essay

Most important change issues facing wellness deal out organizations - Essay ExampleThese health c atomic number 18 issues must be strategically managed through support employees establish relationships and systems that can address their social, technical, and financial dimensions.Changing client characteristics equal healthcare provision because these differences nurture implications on their perceptions of health care, as well as their beliefs, values, practices, and access to health care, that affect their different uses of health care services. Demographics are significant drivers of the size and characteristics of the future health workforce, while demographic trends have recondite implications for the future of the health care industry. The U.S. subdivision of Health and Human Services, together with other health care institutions, presented their 2003 report, Changing Demographics Implications for Physicians, Nurses, and Other Health Workers. The report provided the foll owing main findings 1) the aging is increasing in number, which affect their demand for health care services that are specific to their needs and concerns 2) a high state of aging citizens increases the burden on the health care system because they will be dependent on Medicare and Medicaid programs 3) increase in population among minorities signifies increase in health care services demand, while their racial, ethnic, cultural, and phantasmal differences can shape their use of health care services 4) though more and more bulk are living in urban areas, many citizens still live in rural areas where nurses and physicians are in shortage and 5) a great number of minority groups are living in hapless or low-income communities where there are also shortage of health care staff and services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services i-iii). In essence, the demographic trends mean that the clients have changing characteristics because of the racially and ethnically diverse patient population, as well as the growth of aging citizens.

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