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Hotel management questions(answer each questions with few sentences) Essay - 4

Hotel management questions(answer each questions with few sentences) - Essay ExampleAlso, cashiers are in charge of devising transactions between different currencies.Some precautionary steps that employees can aspire include checking that the billhook has been signed, when the expiration date occurs, and ask for some form of identification if it is felt to be necessary. Additionally, employees can deposit sure that documents containing information about a payment card number only include subroutine of it for surety campaigns.The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is designed to combat estimator breaches, payment card fraud, and also report identity theft. This is critically important because it adds an extra layer of security for cardholders. It applies to all merchants who accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment. there are severe penalties for merchants who choose not to comply.A second-party check is made out to the guest presenting the check , epoch a third-party check is made out to someone who thus signs the check over to the guest for presentation. The reason why many properties choose not to accept these types of checks is that if the writer of the check stops payment then it can be difficult to recover any funds.When accepting personal checks, a space should take into account whether the check is for the room and taxes only, food and beverage purchases, and will a check need to be verified after each subsequent transaction. Also, the property must decide whether or not checks from inappropriate bank accounts are acceptable, and will other types of checks, such as money orders, be okay.If necessary, a property should inform a guest that their credit will be denied, although it should be done in a nice manner so as to respect the guest. Ideally, the guest should be taken aside and assured of their credit problems. All efforts should be made to cater for the guest, including allowing them to investigate the probl em on their own.Incomplete or illegible guest registration records can pose a problem because it

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Advertising Agency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertising part - Essay ExampleTo create a successful advertising function to stimulate consumer interest, target mathematical groups, objectives, campaign communication and expectations, along with communication outline must be considered for both companies.The target group for the first, little company is sportsmen who use food supplements as part of their regimen. The objective of the campaign is to increase gross sales to much(prenominal) sportsmen through the specialized selling shop, sales representatives, and over the internet. The advertizing should lapse to sportsmen that the food supplements sold by the small company ar necessary for increased sports performance. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales leave behind increase through the positive message about food supplements from this particular company. The company is small, therefore, the communication strategy is limited only by the companys advertising cipher. Internet ad banners and small magazine advertisements in sportsmen magazines is a strategic and cost effective way to successfully market this small companys food supplements.The target group for the second company, a large, multinational organisation is a wide variety of consumers, as this companys main staple fibre is detergent. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales by keeping the companys detergent on the minds of consumers. The advertisement should communicate to all consumers that the detergent sold is superior to other detergents on the market. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales and demand go forth increase for the companys detergent. The company is large, and therefore, has a large advertising budget, so a muckle media campaign will be continued, over the internet, broadcast media, and print media. Certain techniques argon used by advertising agencies and/or advertisement producers to promote creative ideas, which include formulating advertisement objectives designi ng an advertising budget making creative decisions choosing a media strategy and evaluating the advertisement (Shank, 2001, p. 325).Advertisement objectives are usually categorized as either direct or indirect. Direct ad objectives, such as advertising to end substance abuser consumers and sales promotion advertising, are designed to stimulate action among consumers of a certain type of product. On the other hand, indirect objectives create consumer awareness and provide information to consumers. After each objective has been determined, budgets are considered for the ad campaign. Budget techniques such as competitive parity, objective and task, arbitrary allocation, and percentage of sales are commonly used by advertisers (Shank, p. 325). The next step is to make the creative decisions that will identify the ideas and the concepts that will be used in the advertisement. In order to develop the concept for the ad, benefits of the product must be identified, ad appeals are designed, and ad execution decisions are made. Next, a media strategy is formed, including decisions about what medium for advertisement will be most effective and target the market consumer. Finally, the ad is evaluated to determine whether it will conform to its purpose of increased awareness and sales. Task BAnother method of understanding target groups, the onus message of the advertisement, communication, and art elements of the advertisement is to observe two (2) examples of advertising campaigns. The first ad is for Calgon, a water softener that is touted to protect washing machines from sediment build up. The second is for Aquila, a mineral water that releases harmful chemicals from the frame with every sip.

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Strategy and marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Strategy and marketing - naming ExampleThe aluminium offshoot is a part of Al Groups portfolio. Al group al puts mill Coating on aluminium profiles for building industry. The fellowship develops relationships with the stakeholders over a long time with an versed communication. The Group will be expanding both internationally and locally. Price is the basic element for dictating who will squeeze the contract for powder coating and extruding the profiles. The company usually issues to beat its competition yet recommends competition if it thinks that it can non manage the workload. So by doing this we have won the trust of our customers. Time is another critical factor in delivering the product according to specs in this industry. Quality is the pride of the company and it is the one and only company in Kuwait that has Qualicoat status. Suppliers of the company have regular communications with stock rooms managers. of late the management has also intervened in processing in orde r to cut down on the waste. aluminium POWDER COATING LINE In issue of aluminium powder coating the steps that were followed include the customer comparing the price with the competition that Al Group faced and then placing an order both to them or to their competition. After the placement of the order the time was to be analysed for the manufacturing process. After this the powder coat was to be applied and then the specs like cutting of the profiles and the final finishing was to be done that includes the make clean and the quality control check etc. So if the product passed the quality control test it was shipped in spite of appearance a day otherwise it was reworked. Figure 1 Aluminium Powder Coating Process surgical process AT AL GROUP ALUMINIUM The old...Total employee commitment can be only possibly be attained after the aspect of fear is driven out from the workplace, which is real important in the case of Al. One fundamental TQM part is focus on process thinking. Proc ess thinking is a use that takes inputs from the suppliers and then transforms them into the outputs that are then delivered to the customers. An integrated system needs to be installed. Everyone in the company moldiness understand the mission, guiding principles of quality policies, vision of the company and also the critical processes of the organization. Communication is one very important thing that this company should also keep in mind if it wants to maintain its heights of success. A proper, open and clear communication channel promotes in maintain the high morale of the workers and also keeps them move and satisfied all the time. It is strongly recommended that every member of the organisation should be committed towards the process of change. It cannot be referred as the new flavour of the month, but instead of this it should be an exciting life changing process (Zimmerman, Steinmann and Schueler, 1996). Too often enthusiasm of people wanes when they understand that the pr ocess of change in an organisation is not possible to occur overnight. People should pledge their support in the objective analysis of their job procedures and functions, and search innovative and new ways to develop them. If necessary, inspirational speakers must be employed to stimulate and actuate the staff to a new attitude of commitment.

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Letter of complaint Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Letter of burster - Article ExampleHowever, they did not arrive in time, causing a lot of inconvenience to me. Moreover, the point that they arrived after a few days in a damaged condition has caused major doubts in my mind regarding your reputation as a leading furniture dealer. I hope you actualize the gravitation of the situation.I would be grateful if you would take up this matter seriously and resolve it. I had called your divine service many times to settle the matter amicably, but to no prevail so far. I am forced now to send you an official complaint. If you fail to take action on the basis of this complaint, I am afraid I will have to move to the next step and file a case for damages. I would like to pursue the good relationship with you and order more furniture from you in the future if you would maintain the trust I had in you so far. Otherwise, I will be left field with no choice but to take a legal move against you. It is my personal interest to revoke such an incid ent if it would be possible at any cost. I hope you will understand my good intentions and resolve this issue without causing further damages to me.

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Beowulf and Pride Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Beowulf and self-exaltation - Essay ExampleHe is thus prone too to the spiritual and psychological shortcomings that come with universeness human. That includes the possibility of bonnie proud. In the end, one can say that it was pride that led Beowulf to his death in that combat with the dragon. He has become old. As Hrothgar probably sees in advance, Beowulfs pride keeps him from seeing his limitations. This being so, he goes to do battle with the dragon on his protest at the end of his life. In so doing Beowulf gets killed. Hrothgars words, therefore, ring true. At the height of Beowulfs success, he knows that Beowulf is vulnerable too. He is vulnerable to becoming proud just like exclusively human beings are. As Hrothgar cautions Ban, then, such baleful thoughts, Beowulf dearest, best of men, and the develop part choose, profit eternally and temper thy pride, warrior famous. This paper asserts, therefore, that as mortal and flawed, though Beowulf is the strongest and brave st warrior in all the land, he too is vulnerable to the weaknesses of all men, and in particular he is vulnerable to pride. self-complacency is the d avouchfall of Beowulf.It is important to see that Hrothgar is speaking from the point of view of experience and great wisdom. That wisdom is high-risk from his own past success and present misfortune of seeing his kingdom devastated by Grendel. He sees that Beowulf is in truth remarkable. He is able to do what his best men can non. Beowulf is able to slay the dragon and also his mother, with his own hands. He is able to do battle with Grendel without using any arms too. Such is his power and his abilities that he is able to do all of this. Moreover, Hrothgar sees that Beowulf is also very popular. His fame has spread very far. In the midst of all these Hrothgar knows that any mortal man will become proud.When he gives out the warning to Beowulf he is not trying to diminish Beowulfs success. He is trying to protect him in a way from his own weaknesses.

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Summaries and critical thoughs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summaries and critical thoughs - Essay precedentThey insist on the fact that homosexuality and its identity is in between the sexes of both men and women.The farm animal of male homosexuality is comprised of five categories, sodomy, friendship, effeminacy, inversion, and homosexuality. However, according to the study, male homosexuals act as violates, in their roles as women. Studies signify that many males who practice prostitution refer to themselves as heterosexual and they develop complex policies to neutralize their prodigious behaviors. The text has been described as taboo breaking that describes homosexuality in the 14th century in London. The author focuses on same-sex intercourse and male transvestism in medieval England.Rykeners interrogation in the text raises concern on the public understanding of sexuality in a medieval culture. This entails of wishing of specific sexualities, and the deployment of the concept of sodomy and homosexuality. The questions are difficu lt for John Eleanor Rykener to answer although the text explains the argument. Rykener is a transvestic and a prostitute. This is because he had sex with both men and women, although he committed homosexuality for money.The author states that all(a) women who had sex with multiple partners and the commercial partners are described as meretrix in the medieval society. This means that prostitution is linked to feminist. However, in cases that involved men, they were referred as oxymoron. This is a reason that describes the reason why Rykener is not incriminate of prostitution in the London court. Men who indulge in commercial sex are not described as prostitutes but instead they are termed as sodomists. However, the text explains that if Rykener was not considered a prostitute based on medieval understanding of the concept, he would not be convicted as a sodomite. However, it is of the essence(p) to note that from the arguments of the text, a legal crime of sodomy did note mean tha t those involved were homosexual. The author states

Human Resource Management in the Multinational Context Research Paper

Human Resource Management in the Multinational Context - Research Paper modelingAlignment of HRM strategy in MNCs is of importance when it comes to strategic implementation (Chew & Horwitz 2004, p. 33). This is the alignment of HHRM systems and policies with the organizational goals and policies in order of magnitude to achieve the established operational goal and competitive strategy of the firm. HRM system must be deemed as a source of the firms competitive advantage in any multination for it to be booming (Sparrow et al 1994, p. 268). IHR function constitutes of corporate HRM group managing the variant(a) intents and practices of power management. This HRM group has about 500 take aim managers who carry out the global service program. In line with the companys philosophy, the HRM group manages the various subsidiaries in line with the markets they operate in, for instance, the company applies varying HR standards in different market operations. honorarium standards are ap plied differently in a different market and the aim is to ensure that their remuneration scale remains competitive in the markets. Multinationals like Coca Cola staffs its operations from the local personnel and only engages expatriates where the system demands. According to Caligiuri et al (2010, p. 3), successful MNC companies manage their global staff in slipway that match their strategic needs as well as the demands of their markets. Global market offers different outside(a) environments and varying skills and capabilities in the global labor market HR plays a critically master(prenominal) role in managing the companies global operations and enhancing their competitiveness. IHRM policies and practices play an important role in strengthening interunit linkages in various ways including staffing policies, comprehensive planning of homophile resource, compensation policies, performance appraisals, and development and training of staff. As the brood stresses line of descent t oday is no longer limited to the countries national boundaries. Large multinationals do a earthshaking percentage of their business activities outside their home market and country this has resulted from continued establishment and strengthening of business in the overseas by multinationals. Competitiveness in these corporations has largely been determined by their effectiveness in the international market, this is in turn determined by the effectiveness of global managers particularly the international human resource managers who can function effectively in the international business activities. IHR practices are critically important in determining the effectiveness of multinationals.

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Using SM for Advertising and Marketing Social Media Is Increasingly Essay

victimization SM for Advertising and Marketing complaisant Media Is Increasingly Used for PR - Essay ExampleNotably, in the current day context, social media is being used increasingly by the marketers in rove to labor the offered products as hygienic as services. It is basically a concept which is utilised referring to the online technologies as well as practices utilised to share views as well as information, endorse discussion and develop relationship with the customers. It is excessively quite significant for the talk staffs as well as policy officials for the purpose of generating awake(predicate)ness regarding the product. Social media services can make use of numerous formats such as text, video, audio as well as pictures for attracting the customers towards the product. In the similar context, public relation can be identified as a distinguishing function of the management that assist in the development and administration of confabulation, cooperation, comprehension a nd recognition between make-ups along with community members. The main objective of the paper is to identify the increasing role of the social media as single of the means of advertisement for modern organisations. According to Hamill (1997), integrated marketing communication can be explained as the set of rules that is followed by marketers to croak within the concentrated market and thus make the people aware regarding the product/service rendered. ... g communication can be explained as the set of rules that is followed by marketers to communicate within the concentrated market and thus make the people aware regarding the product/service rendered. incorporate marketing communication intends to synchronize and arrange the numerous components of promotional mix such as advertising, advancement and direct marketing, personal selling as well as sales promotion in order generate a combined customer-focused message and therefore attain the determined marketing related objectives of the organisation (Hamill, 1997). It can be stated that the tools as well as the strategies that have been utilised for the purpose of communication in the modern times have undergone tremendous changes because of the discovery of social media. It is also known as consumer-generated media. Such media demonstrates various new sources of online information that are generated, instigated, circulated and utilised by the consumer goal on instructive each other regarding the products, brands, issues, personalities and services (Thackeray & et. al., 2009) Social media comprises numerous forums such as online forums, word-of-mouth forums, company-sponsored discussion boards and bawl out rooms. In the 21st century, a detonation of internet-based messages passes via these media to generate awareness about the offered product. They have been a major factor in creating an impact on the different features of consumer behaviour along with consciousness, acquirement of the information, opinio n, feeling, post-purchase communication as well as evaluation (Zwick & Dholakia, 2008) Traditional Vs New conference In the context of traditional communication concept, the components of promotional mix are coordinated in order to create an Integrated Marketing Communication

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Newtons Laws of Motion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Newtons Laws of Motion - Essay ExampleSeveral things are needed to be defined to understand this law. Firstly we talk ab appear inaction. Inertia is an ability of matter to resist some(prenominal) change in its motion. For example when a person is sitting in a bus, he is locomote with the same speed as that of bus. If brakes are applied suddenly by the bus driver, it is the inertia of a persons body that pulls him forward.The second thing that is important to understand is the concept of Net advertises. A pelf force is the vector sum of all the forces being applied on a body. For example if two forces, each of 10 N, are applied on a body, one from the top and one from rat then the body give not move in any direction. Since these forces will cancel out each others effect and the net force on the body will be zero. Now if an aspiration experiences any net force greater than zero it will change its state.A very green day example of this can be a cable car moving on an empty pathway. If you subprogram off the engine, the car will move to some distance and then stop. What is the reason behind this The car when moving is experiencing a force from its engine and some other forces such as friction from the road and aviation resistance. The car needs sufficient driving force from engine to counter the effects of air resistance and road friction. When the engine is turned off, the car will move because of the momentum it gathered ascribable to its motion for some distance provided a net force opposite to its direction of driveway are being applied by road and air which will slow it down and will ultimately stop it. Same goes with a cold drink chalk in a glass binder kept in a moving car. If a car is moving with the speed of 70 km/hr without any speed breaker and considering that the road is all smooth, the cold drink will not tone ending out of the glass but it will spill out in causal agent of application of sudden brakes. The reason is simply that when the car was moving with a constant velocity, the drink in the glass was also moving with the same speed and in the same direction as that of car. only when brakes were applied suddenly and car stopped the drink still continued its motion which causes it to spill out of the glass because the force was applied to the wheel of the cars to stop them and not to the coffee. So, when no external force was applied to the drink it continued its motion till it spilled. In our everyday life we do some things that are good examples of First law of motion. Such as a carpenter or a wood worker when he feels that the head of hammer has loosen its place from the wood of hammer, he hold the hammer from the middle and bangs its bottom on a hard surface to tighten it to its place. The phenomenon behind this is when he moves hammer at a fast speed downwards, every part of hammer is moving with it, but when the bottom hits the surface, still the head of hammer is moving with the same speed downwa rds and due to this it fixes itself on hammer. (Henderson T. 2004)Newtons Second Law of

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Community Persuasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Community Persuasion - Essay causaAdditionally, the likelihood of p arnts to maintain a positive p benting image within the community is high when they greatly choose themselves in the community matters. Having lived in Huntsville community since I was born, I find there is a strike for parents Huntsville to take responsibility for their childrens development in order to provide a palmy proximo for them. This essay will seek to argue about the responsibility of parents on their childrens development and conquestful emerging. Even though it requires a lot of effort and commitment, it is essential for parents to design an enhanced, sensitive, and responsive parenting behavior which incorporates the feel of constant parent/child interaction. I rest my case on this issue by declaring that bequest for children has a pilot study phase wherein it founds about a sense of community on twain children and parents. For a greater and successful approaching, parents should take part in legacy intervention activities which include cognitive and verbal stimulation. These intervention activities involve parent and parent to parent to child group meetings, participation in community activities/ evets, and visits to homes. Sensibly, this kind of interaction between children and their parents is what Huntsville considers because it serves as groundwork for a successful future life for the children since majority would try to copy their parents actions. Certain members of Huntsville claim that, parents only have the responsibility to bring up children until they are either two or three years old. However, such community members break away to forget that parents and guardians have a huge part to play in not only growth, exclusively also in the development of a child. This is so because children require guidance, principles, and strength in order to traffic pattern their future accordingly. As such, if they happen to lose parental figure, their chances of having a diso riented development and future are high. In view of this vein, I stand to advocate for childrens legacy by pointing out that children need parental guidance and support until they are at least eighteen. The first five years from their stemma are truly cognitive therefore, parental intervention at all times is also very pragmatic. I have heard some parents in this community speak of influence of other real problems on children. They indicate that, no matter how they try to take responsibility for the development of their children, other pregnant problems crop up. As a result, they happen to lose sight of their overall goal and role in their childrens development and future accomplishment. Nonetheless, I would like to prove to you and the rest of the community members that such claims are just philosophical and aid to nothing when parents become keen on their childrens development and success in the future. Attributively, parents can bring out a positive influence on children and their development even when there are other remarkable problems in their lives. Overly, the quality of relationship shared between and among a parent, child, and the community is very important when compared to any other parenting practice. Hence, in order to ensure that other significant problems do not interfere with the development of a childs development and his or her subsequent, future success, it is vital for parents to understand that successful parenting style involves insightful and thoughtful decisions

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Surreal (subject is hair and make up) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

dreamlike (subject is hair and make up) - Essay ExampleThis unorthodox machinationistic air is applied to a lore of how hair trends may be in the future, but the distortion and exaggeration incorporated into the hair style is an attempt to drive the viewer beyond what is traditional and familiar. The viewers sentiment may lam anywhere from surprise or delight, to perplexity and even confusion, and in the extreme even a blind drunk dislike or disgust. This type of artistic style is disturbing to many, and not a few bequeath decide that they find it unacceptable and for being vulgar and boorish.Many famous artists are not comprehended during their lifetimes their creations are mocked and derided, and this is not difficult to imagine in the case of Modigliani and other avant-garde artists. People could not understand the artists vision and his concept of reality, at least during his lifetime, because contemporaries are unresolved to the same environment, and being exposed to the same context, the normal expectation is to perceive things in the same context. However, a good artist is ahead of his time, and he sees things beyond the context of his contemporaries.In most cases, visionary art is ignored during the artists lifetime, but appreciated by succeeding generations, so it is only after(prenominal) the artists death and when many of his works have been destroyed, baffled or scattered, that the pieces of art croak valued, even priceless. It is thus a pity that while the artist lives, his philosophy conveyed through his art and modus vivendi are lost to oblivion, only to resurface later on and accorded the value it truly deserves.It is this timeless component part of Modiglianis distortion and exaggeration that I wish to capture and translate to a fashion financial statement for the future. The distortion and exaggeration works to enhance that element in the artists vision that escapes and is lost to the everyday observer, and the emphasis is to draw the ordinary persons

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Components of Interpersonal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Components of Interpersonal Communication - Essay showcaseVerbal skill is important for establishing race (Key, 1980). According to Key, in a hunting society relationship is based on ones ability to hunt but in a proficient society communicative skills replace hunting skills. This only implies that interpersonal communication has also evolved over time. It is gather that the environment and human experience change the course of interpersonal communication which is evident on how the verbal skill has become so important in establishing relationship in contemporary society.Message has to be spoken clearly in sight to understand it. A preacher for instance has to read the departure in the Bible, but it is not enough. He has to elaborately discuss it in detail based on his meditation. It is the only way in which a certain passage from the Bible can be clearly understood by the people. Thus, a preacher is required to have excellent verbal skills in come out to convey the message or information successfully. People are expecting something more from him and that is to be able to light upon insights. One way a preacher can be able to address the spiritual unavoidably of the people is through effective communication through excellent verbal skills as anointed by God.On the other hand it is not only enough to focus on verbal skills in order to effectively communicate, but on that point are also non verbal skills that need to be taken into account. The American culture for instance values handshake as important part of being polite and moment business at some point. The Japanese culture places more emphasis on body spark as an act of politeness and loyalty. Body gestures therefore are integral parts of communication passage because they convey specific meanings or symbols.There are different cultures around the world which means there are different non verbal communications that need to be clearly defined and they are categorized as technical,

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BFS 3430-09D, PRINCIPLES OF FIRE BEHAVIOR (BFS3430-09D) - Essay ExampleBe sure to divert the spilled can away from the cockpit or cabin and take extra precaution against any possibility of send away check out, set up a safety border within the region of the nonessential site (Union County prototype Operating Guidelines n.d.).3. For fire related incidents, full protective gear must be worn including SCBAs and range towards the fire from the windward side. If no hazardous materials or explosives are present, go about the procedure as a flammable liquid fire (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines n.d.). Foam must be utilize in fire fighting when Jet A fuel is involved. If foam is not available lead use of a semi-fog stream to push the fire away from the cockpit or cabin. Make sure that the fuel spill and fire does not flow back behind you while protecting the crew and move on towards the fire as this may trap you (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines n.d.).4. If the fire involves hazardous and explosive materials, bond the Hazardous Materials resources guide for the product involved, and set up a safety perimeter around the incident site (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines

Women and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women and development - Essay ExampleThis is loosely the case in African countries and countries of the philia East. Unlike their American counterparts, most women in African countries and the Middle East face difficulties and are subjected to victimization by men. This paper seeks to compare womens economicalal conditions in an undeveloped society in Africa with the conditions in America. Some of the aspects that the paper will explore include education, economic conditions, family structure, as well as health. In addition, the paper will give an explanation of the factors that contribute to the differences among the two cultures. There exist differences between the levels of women empowerment in both the United States and Africa. The economic conditions of women in most African countries are based on troth in agriculture. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the involvement of women in the economic activities is based on informal labor. Women in sub-Saharan Africa can be rega rded as guardians to their children and are the sole providers of the childrens material needs. Women are expected to cater for their children in terms of food, health needs, as well as education needs. This burdens women, and they cannot be said to seduce benefitted from the numerous advancements in engine room with regard to the improvement in machinery recitationd in agriculture (Nallari, 2012). On the other hand, women in the American society can pride themselves of improved economic conditions. For example, in the United States, women economic conditions can be termed as separate than the economic conditions of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. American women have an opportunity to absorb personal credit line in formal work settings where they receive competitive salaries, just like their male colleagues. American women do not have to bear the burden of child rearing since they have high salaries, which they can use to cater for all the needs of their children. This explains w hy women play a key role in the economic development of America. Compared to women in Sub-Saharan Africa, American women do not experience need. Women from sub-Saharan Africa are subjected to poverty since their ascension up the social ladder is hindered by men. Sub-Saharan Africa women have to do household chores and withal engage in meaningful employment in order to provide for their families (Thompson, 2013). In terms of education, women do not get equal opportunities like men in Sub-Saharan Africa, and this has hindered women from career advancement. While the male child child is highly regarded, the miss child is only allowed to gain basic education and their efforts to get high education are threatened by men. For example, few women have outstanding academic credentials since they cannot irritate university education (Fallon, 2008). On the contrary, women in America have an opportunity to study with a lot of quench and get as many academic degrees as they want. This is an advantage to women since with academic credentials they can gain employment in reputable organizations and improve their status (Thompson, 2013). With little education, women cannot take advantage of numerous job opportunities that present themselves as compared to men. Since high income jobs are a preserve of the well educated, the governments in Sub-Saharan Africa have to the realization that women should also be accorded equal education rights with men. In the recent past, women empowerment has taken ticker stage in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of which the society has been challenged to educate the girl child. Consequently, the girl child has started experiencing success in life since education is a regarded as key to a better life in the contemporary world (Mikell,

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Most important change issues facing health care organizations Essay

Most important change issues facing wellness deal out organizations - Essay ExampleThese health c atomic number 18 issues must be strategically managed through support employees establish relationships and systems that can address their social, technical, and financial dimensions.Changing client characteristics equal healthcare provision because these differences nurture implications on their perceptions of health care, as well as their beliefs, values, practices, and access to health care, that affect their different uses of health care services. Demographics are significant drivers of the size and characteristics of the future health workforce, while demographic trends have recondite implications for the future of the health care industry. The U.S. subdivision of Health and Human Services, together with other health care institutions, presented their 2003 report, Changing Demographics Implications for Physicians, Nurses, and Other Health Workers. The report provided the foll owing main findings 1) the aging is increasing in number, which affect their demand for health care services that are specific to their needs and concerns 2) a high state of aging citizens increases the burden on the health care system because they will be dependent on Medicare and Medicaid programs 3) increase in population among minorities signifies increase in health care services demand, while their racial, ethnic, cultural, and phantasmal differences can shape their use of health care services 4) though more and more bulk are living in urban areas, many citizens still live in rural areas where nurses and physicians are in shortage and 5) a great number of minority groups are living in hapless or low-income communities where there are also shortage of health care staff and services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services i-iii). In essence, the demographic trends mean that the clients have changing characteristics because of the racially and ethnically diverse patient population, as well as the growth of aging citizens.

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Personal Statement for Sorbbone university Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

For Sorbbone university - Personal Statement ExampleIt has always been my priority to make sure that I fulfilled my parents expectations, and I can say without a doubt that seeing my father become a successful man that he is right now, I feel the urge in me to embrace his footsteps and make my name in the field of law as well. His achievements have had a great impact on me, and influenced by his success, I in like manner want to move law as a career.I believe that Sorbonne University is the best place to pursue law as a career because I am confident that Sorbonne would develop in me the skills that are essential for me to follow my passion with a renewed and a consistent vigor, and the international scene that I will fulfill during my studies at Sorbonne will be incomparable to any other place. Therefore, it is my utmost ambition to land at a place in Sorbonne, because I believe that studying in such a reputable university will equip me with an experience that will help me grow not sole(prenominal) academically, but also professionally. Hence, I will be grateful to the university to grant me a place in this university so Im able to pursue my goals and thrive in an environment conducive to the achievement to those goals.Moreover, the international exposure that will be follow once I acquire the Paris-Sorbonne degree will not only add to my knowledge and learning but will also take me places in terms of chances of cosmos better employed than my peers. And I believe that this degree in law will bestow on me a competitive edge on me in the face of cut-throat competition, and it will be because of the latter that I will hopefully be able to make the most of my university education. Apart from my keen interest in building a career in law, Im also interested in class period and knowing about politics. For this, I read political books as a hobby and watch the word regularly to keep myself abreast of all changes occurring in the political world. Secondly, Im a lso vehement about hunting, the regal art of

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Retaining the HR Function Essay Example for Free

Retaining the HR Function tryIntroductionThis incubate is to the executive directors and will be outlining the importance of retaining the HR bring inwardly the stemma. I will be explaining how HR activities subscribe to the organisations strategy and how HR professionals support line managers and their staff. HR is substantial to the smooth running of the business. HR is there to ensure that the conjunction do not piss a high turnover of staff and that training is presumptuousness to employee. HR is essential to help the attach to flirt its targets, and ensuring that the company complies with legal requirements including Health Safety. How three HR activities support the organisations strategyRecruitmentRecruitment is co-ordinated by the HR incision and is a major factor on how your business recruits the right type of volume to carry out the tasks required. HR will in this instance start from the beginning and advertise for the positions to be applied for, HR will also screen and interview the right type of candidates required and whence Induct them once the candidateis successful in getting the position. This is a term consuming antic which the department that HR are recruiting for will not have time for and can spend their time concentrating on their departments. HR are trustworthy for sending out the necessary letters and paperwork to the candidates.Disciplinarys / GrievancesDisciplinarys are usually completed due to a employee mis conduct or absence related. The HR team usually monitors all absences and would enunciate the line manager of any concerns. HR support the line managers by attending these disciplinary meetings and advise on the best course of action to be taken, HR are also responsible for ensuring the necessary paperwork is completed for the disciplinary to take place. Grievances are dealt with by the line managers also and again HR is responsible for ensuring that grievances are dealt with fairly and equally.InductionT he HR department are responsible for inducting all sore employees who enter into the business. Inductions are quite important in how the new-fangled employee fits into the business and responds with the demands and the business strategy. All new employees should be inducted with the practices, policies and procedures and the culture that the company operates in. This will allow the new employee to familiarise and settle into their role with how the business works, this should help keep the employee retention level quite low. The certainty process done effectively reflects the employer brand and the determine the organisation is promoting. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the induction process reflects the values and culture of the organisation (CIPD, 2014)Three ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff Performance focussingThe HR function here will provide you with the best way to maximise the potential of your employees. If you have underperforming employees HR will be able to help you get the maximum out of them. The process is motion management during this period the employee will go through a set of meetings to discuss their performance shortfalls. if by and by reviewing theshortfalls the HR department are able to advise of the further necessary steps to take e.g. disciplinary, warnings etc. HR are there to support the managers carrying out the meetings and advising of the best way forward.LegalThe HR function for the business in a legal matter would be to ensure that the organisation activities are complying with legislative requirements i.e. pay extend, working time regulations. HR would have to know the employment law to a arcdegree in this way HR would act as an advisor for the company. We whitethorn also be qualification a decision on some occasions depending on the circumstances surrounding the issue or speak to the line managers on further training. more importantly HR are responsible for retentiveness records e.g. disciplinary, absences, training, as these good records can afford real protection for employers and managers who may need to defend their actions at a tribunal or In other courts (Martin and Whiting, 2013). If the company fails act accordingly to the legal requirements they could perhaps face claims, and also the last instance close down the companyTrainingHR is responsible for the training aspect of the business, if a department identifies the need for a training requirement they will notify the HR department. The HR departments responsibility would be to find how the training is going to be given out, i.e. away or internal If external training is required HR who have to find a company who deliver the training and find out the necessary information. This may include costs, venue, duration. HR would also heave up the relevant training contracts so that the company would not lose out financially if the employee was to convey once they had received the training.ConclusionTo conclude the above points which I have mentioned, the HR department is an organic part of the organisation and is essential in meeting the business strategy. As you can trance from the report without the HR department the business cannot function properly, by reducing the size of the HR department you may ultimately affect other parts of the business and the strategy aswhole. This may lead to an increase in employee retention and legal costs in the form of claims, tribunals etc.The examples of the parts of the business given above where HR is essential are a few and many more functions within the business need the HR department. The HR department are also their to support employees and for them to come and see and speak to someone in private and confidential nature this helps with employee relations. With the help of the HR department employees within the organisation are being given the necessary training. These employees who are given the opportunity of progress with the compan y are more devoted to meeting the business need and most of all the strategy.REFERENCESCIPD. (2014). What is an Induction. Available http//www.cipd.co.uk/hr-resources/factsheets/induction.aspxlink_2. croak accessed 04th December 2014.Martin, M. and Whiting, F.. (2013). Human Resource Practice. 6th ed.. CIPD.

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The administration of Theodore Roosevelt Essay Example for Free

The judicatory of Theodore Roosevelt EssayTheodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth President of the United States. Roosevelt, who was 42 when he became President after the assassi area of William McKinley, was the youngest man ever told to build that office. Teddy or T.R., as he was called, was one of the nations most dynamic and shot Presidents, remembered perhaps as much for his spirited personality as for the accomplishments of his administration (Pringle, 2006).Roosevelt had tremendous energy and big interests. He was a patrician and a reformer, a cowboy and a scholar, a big-game hunter and a conservationist, and a soldier and a Nobel Peace prize winner, As President, he promoted progressive reforms and a powerfully nationalistic and expansionist foreign policy. A popular writer and forceful speaker, Roosevelt coined many phrases that are skill quoted.He denounced the malefactors of great wealth and sought to curb these powerful businessmen by a motley of means. Antitru st legislation was enforced (trust busting, as it was called) the Food and Drugs Act was passed and conservation laws were enacted to keep the nations natural resources out of the hands of private exploiters (Beale, 2004). His domestic program was called the Square Deal, from a saving in which he said he wanted to see to it that every man has a feather deal.Speak softly, carry a big stick, and you will go far, was another of Roosevelts sayings. He oft applied it in his conduct of foreign, as well as domestic, affairs. When negotiations to acquire the Panama Canal were at a standstill, Roosevelt recognized a rebel government in Panama, made a treaty with it for a canal zone, and authorized digging the canal. When a crisis with Japan seemed close, Roosevelt spoke softly but sent the dandy White Fleet around the world to leaven the new naval might of the United States. downstairs Roosevelt, the United States became a major soldiers and commercial power and gained an influence in world affairs (Mowry, 2004).Roosevelts administration saw the beginnings of 20th-century social legislation. Since the Civil struggle, big business had become monopolistic, operating in total disregard of the public interest. Roosevelt wanted square deal, no more and no less for everyone and his administration began a campaign of trustbusting, aimed at curbing the abuses perpetrated by big business. In 1902, Northern Securities Company, a force trust, was sued by the government under the Sherman Antitrust Act. Eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court held the trust to be illegal and staged it dissolved. The Elkins Act, passed in 1903, banned secret rebates to favored shippers, a monopolistic practice that had been much criticized.In 1902, when owners of hard coal coal mines refused to accept arbitration to settle a long strike, Roosevelt menace to use the army to hunt down the mines. The owners back down (Harbaugh, 2005). In 1903, the president pushed through Congress a bill to cre ate a new executive departmentthe Department of Commerce and Laborwhose purpose was to promote industrial reaping and improved working conditions.In addition, encouraged by endorsement at the polls, Roosevelt became more clearly a champion of progressivism. His progressivism, however, was aimed more at the correction of immediate abuses that at any radical change in American ways of life. He urged enactment of workers compensation laws, a graduated federated income tax, and federal revenue enhancement of inheritances to curb what he viewed as the menace of swollen fortunes (Blum, 2006).He, as mediator, succeeded in bringing to an end the Russo-Japanese War with the Treaty of Portsmouth in 1905. For this accomplishment he was awarded the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize. He also helped to arrange the Algeciras Conference, called to settle differences mingled with Germany and France over Morocco. Roosevelt urged use of the Hague Peace Conference failed to deal with limitations on armaments, he sought Congressional thanksgiving for a naval building program he felt necessary for the security of the country (Pringle, 2006). To demonstrate the nations preparedness, Roosevelt sent the entire America battle fleet, called the Great White Fleet, on an around-the-world cruise.Furthermore, in 1913, Roosevelt visited South America and explored Brazils jungles in search of a tributary of the Amazon called the River of Doubt, which he found and explored for 900 miles of its course. During the trip, he contracted a tropical fever and begged his party, including Kermit, to leave him, as starvation threatened them. When they refused, he insisted on pushing on. The exertion probably undermined his health.When World War I started in Europe, Roosevelt urged military preparedness and an international tribunal backed by force to execute its decrees. When the Lusitania was sunk, he urged a barter embargo against Germany, assailing Wilson for weakness. In 1916, the Progressive party again nominated Roosevelt for President, but he withdrew when the Republicans nominated Charles Evans Hughes (Blum, 2006). university extension1. Beale, H.K. (2004). Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of America to World Power (Johns Hopkins University).2. Blum, J.M. (2006). The Republican Roosevelt, 5th edition (Harvard University).3. Harbaugh, W.H. (2005). The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt, rewrite edition (Oxford University).4. Mowry, G.E. (2004). The Era of Theodore Roosevelt, 1900-1912 (Harper Row).5. Pringle, H.F. (2006). Theodore Roosevelt a Biography, revised edition (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).

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OCR Psychology Assignment Essay Example for Free

OCR Psychology Assignment EssayThe article Fashion compeverys shock tactics in the agitate against size cypher appeared on the Daily Mails Website on Tuesday, September 25th 2007.1. AssumptionsThe first psychological impudence is that the work of shock tactics by way of an image portraying a bare-ass anorexic woman leave jolt the fashion industry into action over the problem of anorexia. The article suggests that the use of strong consternation appeal will be enough to provoke behavioural change and an sense of the disease. A fear appeal is a technique used to persuade an audience into behaving in a particular way by arousing a fear of the consequences of not following the message given. The effect of fear appeals was studied by Janis and Feshback (1953).The min psychological arrogance is that the fashion industry and the obsession with stick- debase size zero models is to blame for the increase in cases of anorexia. The article therefore suggests that people outsid e of the fashion industry perchance idolise models who appear to be rewarded with fame and fortune for being stick-thin. It assumes people imitate these models behaviour in the fancy of being like them. Research into vicarious scholarship was conducted by Bandura (1965) who consequently formed the social learning theory.The tercely psychological assumption relates to the billboard designers decision to use a picture of a feminine anorexic and presumes that the majority, if not all, of anorexic sufferers are distaff. A study that explored the prevalence of anorexia among males and females was performed by Kjels et al (2003).2. evidenceEvidence opposing the first assumption was conducted by Janis and Feshback (1953), who studied the motivational effect of fear rousing in health promotion communication. The entire freshman class of a Connecticut high prepare was divided into 4 stems, 3 of which were given 15-minute lectures on tooth decay and oral hygiene, while the fourth acted as the control group. Each lecture had a different strength of fear appeal, and results showed that although strong fear resulted in greater immediate anxiety, the minimal fear group showed the largest changes in behaviour. The minimal fear group showed 36% behaviour change, whereas strong fear only showed 8%. This therefore opposes the view of the article that the image of the naked anorexic woman will cause the fashion industry to take action against the illness and, although it will have some effect, a minimal fear approach would be most successful.Evidence that supports the second assumption was wind by Albert Bandura (1965). Bandura showed three groups of children tapes of a man being aggressive towards a doll. The first group saw the man being rewarded for his actions, the second saw him being punished and the third were not shown any consequences. The children were then placed in a room with a similar doll and observed. Results of the study showed that children were s ignificantly more likely to imitate aggressive behaviour when they had observed the model being rewarded. Bandura labelled this phony vicarious leaning.This forms part of the social learning theory suggesting that behaviour is learnt through observation and imitation. This supports the second assumption as people observing models within the fashion industry witness them being rewarded for being thin with fame and fortune, and subsequently imitate their behaviour in order to gain the same rewards. They try to be as thin as the models by starving themselves and consequently become anorexic, as the article would suggest.The evidence that challenges the third assumption is given by Kjelss et al. They studied 1026 female and 934 male adolescents using DSM-IV and DSM-III-R criteria to establish the prevalence of eating disorders in both genders. Each participant was asked to complete a questionnaire, and results showed that while 17.9% of female participants had suffered anorexia at some point in their lifetime, 6.5% of males had also. The study concludes that although prevalence of anorexia nervosa is higher in females, males are also capable to the illness. The image of the female anorexic on the billboard therefore does little to raise awareness of the illness among men and perpetuates the stereotype that eating disorders are a female disease.3. ApplicationsIn relation to the first assumption, Janis and Feshback would lay out that instead of using shock tactics a more effective way of bringing close a change within the industry would be to provide people with development on the disease, and duty tour measures. Leaflets and posters containing this info could be distributed to people within the industry itself, and perhaps to the public in order to provide awareness to the majority. This may however have little effect, as there is no guarantee that the information would be listened to by an industry out to gain profit.Banduras theory and study suggests that people learn anorexic behaviour from seeing underweight models in the media. Therefore, in relation to the second assumption, the number of anorexic cases could be decreased by ensuring that no model within the fashion industry is below certain measurements for example, by preventing the use of size zero models. If people are exposed to healthier-looking models, people may develop healthier eating habits. This however assumes that size 0 models are ill, and could be perceived as discrimination against rose-cheeked individuals. There may be resistance against this motion from the fashion industry and models themselves.In relation to the third assumption, Kjelss et als study suggests that males are also susceptible to anorexia. Therefore people need to be made aware of this to increase the perceived susceptibility, especially in males. Health promotion could include information on male anorexia, and contain pictures of male sufferers who are willing to share their stories. If awaren ess of anorexia in males is raised and the stereotype of it being a typically female disease scrapped, then the number of males who seek alleviate will increase. However if males do not perceive themselves susceptible they are unlikely to choose to fill the health promotion in the first place as they believe it to be a female disease.

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Matt Cruse Essay Example for Free

lethargy Cruse audition complete essays botnet Free sample essays for human be Skip to content * Home Free Essay on Nuclear Weapons And Defense Free Essay on Airborne (Book) Posted on June 11, 2011 by Essay fuhrer bot Free essay on Free Essay on Airborne (Book) found Airborn Joseph Campbells theory is used in this essay to fructify that Matt Cruse is the hero in Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.Kenneth Oppel has developed the main character, Matt Cruse, very well apply Joseph Campbells theory on the archetype of the heros journey. The novels main character, Matt Cruse, is a hero because of his call to destiny, his journey in the book, and the return, reward and reintegration in to the society. Firstly, the evidence that proves that Matt Cruse is a hero in this book is the fact that he was called to his destiny. There are two evidence that suggestion up to Matt Cruses destiny.The two evidence are when he rescued Benjamin Molloy and when Benjamin was more or less to die, Benjamin Molloy said about magnificent creatures that he saw but Matt passed those predictions as the ravings of a dying man. The second evidence that proves that he was called to his destiny is the fact that Kate De Vries, second female character, comes on scorecard the aurora and tells Matt that the man that Matt saved a year before was her grandfather, Kate trusts Matt plenteous to let him see her grandfathers diary.Matt reads about what Kates grandfather saw and gets astonish and starts to believe that the creatures really exist. Matt rescues Benjamin Molloy, Kates grandfather, in the first chapter where all the characters are introduced and the superior asks matt to go in an arm that is aboard the aurora and rescue the damaged man in the hot air balloon. Heros are always brave and so is Matt. Mr. Cruse, I advert at you, and of all the men, youre the one who shows not the slightest hint of fear. Am I right? Yes, sir. I have no fear of heights. Matt said

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Sonnet 16 - John Milton Essay Example for Free

Sonnet 16 toilet Milton EssayJohn Milton is considered to be the most significant English author after William Shakespeare. Although his chief take a leak is Paradise Lost, he also wrote other wonderful poems, prose, as well as sonnets, in which he tackles a number of subjects which range from religious to political. Rarely is one piece of writing special to one or the other of those fields. Among all the sonnets, Sonnet 16 is special beca occasion it refers to Miltons blindness.It was written before long after the poet became blind and starts with a mood of discouragement and grief When I consider how my light is fatigued but ends in a none of resignation for the situation occurred They also serve who notwithstanding theme and waite. The sonnet has four main themes. One of theme is limitation. Milton believes that his blindness will leave him with few chances to office his creative skills as he once did. Without his sight, writing verse becomes more difficult for hi m.It is perhaps not accidental that similar limitations affected other personalities, such as Beethoven, who, as composer, lost his hearing, Michelangelo, who as an mechanic lost also his sight, or Jorge Luis Borges, whose blindness didnt prevent him from writing. The next theme is light, strongly think with the theme of limitation. Light represents what can be perceived with the eyes, but it also has the meaning of spiritual light. The poet expresses his licking at being prevented from serving beau ideal the way he desires to.In Miltons opinion, a poet is baseless when he loses his sight. Though, his burning desire to serve God urges him to write more than ever. Milton understands that if he buries his talent to use it at a later date, it might become hidden forever, and the poet will be cast into Gods darkness. Miltons message is that although his life has not expired, his life of poetry has vanished. The other themes present in Sonnet 16 are duty and submission. The poet fee ls that it is his duty to make use of other talents, other than poetry and he wonders if God allows him to do that.The answers to his questions come from Patience, who tells him that God has many who hurry to do his bidding, and does not really need mans work. What is really valued is the ability to bear Gods nuts yoke . Milton makes the reader understand that, according to Christian faith, rather than being an obstacle to accomplish Gods work, the loss of vision is part of this work, but only on the condition that the impaired person understands to live patiently with his impairment. It is a lesson Milton himself learnt, since he wrote Paradise Lost after becoming blind.Milton had a deep knowledge of Scripture (that is how he was able to write Paradise Lost), and in this poem, you can conceive the influence of his faith. The central meaning of the poem revolves around what Milton is about to complain to God Doth God contract day-labour, light denyd. The word day- diddley in Mi ltons opinion is a suggestion that the labourer works only in the daylight, in the presence of light, therefore the poet does not know whether God would accept a labourer for whom the light is denied.The complaint is asked fondly (which means foolishly, unwisely), but even so, the poet is prevented from stating it by Patience (personified by Milton), who explains to the poet what the temper of God is. God is absolute and does not need mans work. Who best / bear his mild yoke means the people who are most respectful to Gods will. However, God judges humans on whether they labor for Him to the best of their ability. Therefore, even if one person becomes severely disabled, he remains worthy in the sight of God. For, as Milton

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French and Indian War Essay Example for Free

cut and Indian War EssayThe French and Indian war has modify the relationship between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. The three main ways their relationship had been altered were politically, ideologically and sparingally. After the French and Indian War the British passed a series of laws and taxes that the settler didnt agree with. As a result of these laws and taxes being passed the settler began to rebel against British rule. This rebellion would make uptually lead to the Revolutionary War which would allow Americans to gain independence. Ideology is the combination of ideas that affects goals, actions or expectations. After the French and Indian war American ideology greatly changed. Before and during the war Britain had a lot of funding from the American colonies. This is shown through archive B as George Washington a typical colonist at the time was willing to support Britain in the war. As the war continued the ideals that the colonist lived by beg an to change. The colonist started to feel that Britain wasnt doing enough to help them out. This is seen in document D, where colonist began to feel that they were debarred denied English liberties even though they were English citizens. This causes the British to begin to lose the support of the American colonist.Economics is the effects of money on a country. At this point in time the colonies were salvage under control of British rule and their money went mostly to the British government. During the war Britain went into debt and expected the colonist to repay the debt. Britain would make the colonist pay through taxes like the mix up act. The colonist strongly voiced their opinion on the stamp act even though they remained loyal to the British government, as seen in documents G and H. Although the colonists were against the taxes forced on them the British government continued to find different ways to raise taxes against them, as shown in document F.The French and Indian war was greatly influenced by political involvement. All of the groups involved felt they had rights to north wolframerly American land. The first of these groups that felt that they should control the land were the Native Americans this is shown through document B as a native chief arguedthe natives rights to the land. After the war the British had overwhelming control over conglutination America as shown in document A. Even though the war was over there were still conflicts west of the Appalachian Mountains that led to the proclamation of 1763 which banned the colonist to settle on the land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonist did not support this they felt they deserved it subsequently they helped defeat the French and Indians in the French and Indian war. This is shown in document E.During and after the French and Indian war ideological, political and economic views between the colonist and the British would greatly change. This change would eventually cause the colon ist to rebel against British laws and taxes. The British would try to take control of the colonist and to make sure the colonist listened Britain passed the intolerable acts. This brought more than anger among the colonist and would eventually lead to the revolutionary war only 12 years after the French and Indian war ended.

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The relationship between censorship and student publications Essay Example for Free

The relationship between censoring and assimilator takes Essay move the limits of give up speech communication and then killing it is not an uncommon theme for todays educatee press. Civil noncompliance and censoring of disciple publications has been a hot-button issue since the 1960s and remains a crucial, yet under-examined argona of step down speech. In an assumed tolerant democracy which flaunts philosophical ideals like a surrender merchandise of ideas, censorship laws have undermined the essential function of student newspapers as an come shiplet for challenging, insightful and investigative journalism. The following analyse seeks to examine the relationship between censorship and student publications by specifically drawing on the Rabelais case. Accordingly, this study further attempts to explore the legal and philosophical reasoning behind censoring student newspapers.In 1998, the overflowing Court of the federal Court handed down its first decision wh ich directly involved the adept to governmental communication of a student publication1. The court held that an article advocating theft bring oned in the La Trobe University student publication, Rabelais, instructed in matters of offence and was not protected by the implied constitutional freedom of speech.2 The appellants four editors of the publication argued that the article addressed issues of wealth distribution in a capitalist society and constituted governmental communication.3Prior to Rabelais, Australian courts have never squarely confronted policy-making communication in relation to the bailiwick Classification Code.4 Whilst the Federal Courts decision to uphold the findings of the Classification Review Board generated another proponent of master on the boundaries of semipolitical communication, it simultaneously limited the journalistic scope of student publications in challenging the virtuous and political patterns of society. The implications of Rabelais ha ve since posed an explicit threat to the autonomy of student publications by which student journalists are left confined within the legally permissible censorship system.5A common principle pass restrictions on free speech is balancing. In the case of Rabelais and similar articles in nature published in other student publications, striking a reasonable balance between political material and Australias censorship laws fosters the argument that the security measure of political communication is not absolute. Judicially-considered concepts underpinning political communication6 is oft subject to the maintenance and protection of the system of representative government.7 By strict adherence to this generalization, virtually all political protest and complaisant disobedience is then liable to interfere with the maintenance and protection of the government system. Heerey J8 provided further insight, claiming this relationship to fit out an imbalance in which the protection of represen tative democracy overrides the protection of dissent9 by student publicationsIt should be say that Anarchist theory extended from non-violent writers and political leaders like Tolstoy, Thoreau and Ghandi to Proudhon (property is theft) the Anarcho-Syndicalists whose creed was that unions should become militant organizations commit to the destruction of capitalism and the state.All this may be in one sense politics, but the innate freedom of political communication assumes indeed exists to support, foster and protect representative democracy and the rule of law. The advocacy of law breaking falls outside this protection and is antithetical to it. 10However, the argument brought forward by his Honour is severely flawed. The knowledge needed to draw political comparisons from the works of Tolstoy, Thoreau and Ghandi lies in the mere occurrence that the writings of these revolutionaries were not refused motley, but available to the public for debate and reflection. In this inst ance, measuring competing interests on the understructure of political ideologies in power would easily translate into banning all commonly dissenting student publications.11 The classic role of student publications in discussing socio-political affairs beyond the bounds of moral and legal civility is one which indeed supports, fosters and protects the system of representative democracy.This lends itself to another critical failure in determining classification of student publications. In refusing classification of Rabelais, the Review Board directly addressed the legal aspect of inciting crime, conciliatory the publications implied rightfulnesss to political communication.12 It did so by appraising the article in isolation from other writings of political nature, published in the same edition.13 Setting aside possible constitutional questions, the approach in reviewing student publications does not distinguish between student and mainstream media. If a student press is to functi on as the dutiful outlet of alternative and challenging thought in society, then such definition should allow for olympian free speech privileges.To give further reference to the limited interpretation of the role of student publications in Australia, there is a high probability that the article in question would have been permissible to publish in other countries, particularly the get together States. Not only does the existence of a U.S. Bill of Rights pronouncely protect the rights of individuals to free speech, but an implicit rule applied by U.S. courts entitles student journalists to the highest level of counterbalance Amendment protection to sustain the traditional libertarian function of student publications. 14 The rule that student publications enjoy separate exemptions of restrictions underlying the First Amendment emanates from legislation based in the state of California, which expressly duplicates First Amendment rights to college and university students. 15 hots hot can hardly ignore the advantageous effects of a similar law being apply in Australia. Like the United States, it is widely maintained that student publications in Australia should remain wide-open free speech zones, where every form of speech is permitted and censorship controls are turned off.16 However, the recent introduction of the intended Student Unionism bill17 before parliament has additionally threatened the agenda of student publications. Although the bill, which traces back to 197418, sets out to render universal student unionism voluntary, it could potentially be the first law that directly undermines students right to free speech by defunding Australias student press19. The Western Australian (WA) VSU model, which came into force in 1997, has cut bills directed to all student publications in the state, while other student advocacy bodies were lost completely.20In conclusion, although Australia has a robust commitment to freedom of speech, on a practical level, th is commitment is too often regulated by prevailing moral and legal protocols. As evidenced by the legal implications brought forward by the Rabelais case, there remains little conscious acknowledgement of the significant function of student media in challenging dominant viewpoints. Given the undoubted importance of the court in interpreting political communication, the process in determining such can only be rendered valid and objective if the historical and philosophical principles underpinning student media are taken into consideration.The burden here is not only on the narrowed definition of political communication, but the lack of an accountable and tolerant classification system. Similarly, the Rabelais case reawakens the time-worn argument of implementing an express free speech right in Australia. Given that student publications are dedicated to political dissent and civil disobedience, and and then vulnerable to legal ramifications, it would arguably seem fair to grant stude nt media the privilege of special free speech rights, over and above all the general speech rights Australians enjoy. A law similar to that of the United States would allow society to recognize the doctrine of academic freedom and protect and maintain the free market of ideas in a representative democracy. As Parsons once said The creative writer should enjoy a latitude greater than would be of proper to the journalist and newspaper published who deal with fact.211 brown v Members of the Classification Review Board of the Office of Film and Literature Classification (1998) 154 ALR 67 (hereinafter Rabelais)2 The article provided a step-by-step guide on how to shoplift. Pursuant to the Classification (Publication, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995, publications that describe, depict, express or otherwise deal with matters of crime will be refused classification3 railway line 1. The Federal Court upheld the decision of the Chief illegalize to refuse classification (i.e. ban) of Rabe lais. The charges were later dropped.4 Clayton, M. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 24/05/2005. stop also Classification (Publication, Films and Computer Games Act) Act 19955 Boey, H. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 19/05/2005. Duncan, J. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 19/05/2005. Fomiatti, L. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 19/05/2005. Belford, A. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 19/05/2005.6 For example, in Australian Capital Television v The Commonwealth (1992) 177 CLR 106, six members of the High Court acknowledged the implied freedom of communication in government and political matters. Other judicially-considered cases in Rabelais, include Theophanous v Herald Weekly Times (1994) 182 CLR 104 Lange v Australian publicize Commission (1997) 189 CLR 520 Levy v The State of Victoria (1997) 189 CLR 5797 Pearson, M. (2005). Interview. Interview with Chris topher van Opstal, 23/05/20058 French J and Sunberg J were the two other judges in Rabelais9 Heerey J refers here to dissent as writings which advocate breaking the law or anarchy10 mark 1 (Heerey J). By contrast, the appellants council argued that advocating theft was an appropriate means of reallocation of resources of political dissent or as a central tenet of Anarchist theory. The same argument is brought forward by Des Clark, Chief Censor of Australia. Clark, D. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 26/05/200511 Clark, D. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal 26/05/2005. Clayton also points out that a publication which incites crime must be banned under regulations by the OFLC, even though the publication may be of political nature. Note 4.12 Note 4. See also Clayton, M. 1998 Censorship, Free Speech and the Rabelais Case, Legal Date, Vol. 10, No 1. Clayton, M. and Borgeest, T. 1998, Free Speech and Censorship after the Rabelais Case, Medi a and Arts Law Review, Vol. 3 at 19413 Note 1. The Rabelais edition also discussed political issues of death penalty in the United States and pending execution of a former black activist, Mumia Abu Jamal14 Goodman, M. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 23/05/200515 Pursuant to s 76120 of the California procreation Code, the governing board of a community college shall adopt rules and regulations relating to the exercise of free expression by students. See California direction Code Section 66301.16 Boey, H. (2005) Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 19/05/200517 Higher Education Support Amendment (Abolition of Compulsory Up-front Student Union Fees) Bill 200518 Aldrich, F. (2005). Interview. Interview with Christopher van Opstal, 27/05/200519 Note 13. If impending VSU is passed by the Senate in July, it will be necessary to cut funds to the printing of student publications. This will result to the disappearance of most student publications.20 Ha stings, G. (2004) VSU Legislation Experiences in WA, Victoria, and Federally, NUS Research at 521 Pollak, M. 1990, Sense and Censorship, Reed Publishers, Sydney, at p. 284

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Holocaust Museum Essay Example for Free

final solution Museum EssayThe scary and historic final solution museum in the United States gives a memorable and unforgettable lesson in the fragility of freedom. During World struggle II,where the time of which the Nazi Germany operate and murdered all European Jews because of their finger of racial inferiority. The word holocaust derived from the Greek word meaning sacrifice by fire. In January 1933, the Nazis came to lead the Germany. And they used different toll to hide the true nature of their crimes. Moble violent death units also called Einsatzqruppen operated mass murder to European words,Roma and Soviet disk operating system and communist companyofficials through mass shootings. The wars ending Europe with the unconditional surrender of German arm forces in 1945. final solution museum prevent mass killing, promotes leaders, and strengthen democracy. It is used for educational activities and global outreach program. which headed and supported by pubic partner enra pture and federal support. final solution museum with its unique power and authenticity its educate millions of state regarding the dangers of precise strong dislike and the need to prevent mass killing. It encourage to act and develop a sense of moral responsibility among e real citizens so that they will react to themonumental challenges to face the world. The horror of Holocaust was the unforgettable memory of Ameri bottomland people. The site of Auschwitz,Dachau ground wet because of the rain and another(prenominal) death camps,shards of ivory and layers of ash work their way to the surface. This process is at work in the memory of the Holocaust. The national governance condition in a well known location near to the National Mall in Washington, DC is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is supported by the government of United States by well-favored funds for the constructiion of the building and for the continous operations of themuseum. Jewish movie director S teven Speilberg contribute lot for the museum. It is located in the Raoul Wallenberg Place, after the Swedish diplomat who saved 100,000 Jews in Hungary during World War II. The land which the museum was build was own by the United States Department of Agriculture and which the two of the three annex buildings of this prosperity was demolished in order to build a museum whose design was patterned or more about holocaust. Progressively more, sexist measures in Nazi Germany led many Jews and others targeted by the Nazis to try to leave their country. amid the 1933, Nazi party lead and 1939, more than 300,000 Jews migrated from Austria and Germany. However, for many, finding a safe haven proved difficult. westbound nations feared an influx of refugees, oddly in the wake of the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass, November 9-10, 1938) pogroms. Although 85,000 Jewish refugees reached the United States between March 1938 and folk 1939, due to American immigration Evian Conference re strictions on the number of immigrants this level of immigration was far beneath the number seeking refuge.At the 32-country convened in 1938 to consider the plight of refugees, no country except the friar preacher Republic was prepared to increase immigration quotas. In 1939, both Cuba and the United States refused to admit over 900 Jewish refugees who had sailed from Hamburg, Germany, on the St. Louis. The ship was Progressively more, discriminatory measures in Nazi Germany led many Jews and others targeted by the Nazis to try to leave their country. Between the 1933, Nazi party lead and 1939, more than 300,000 Jews migrated from Austria and Germany. However, for many, finding a safe haven proved difficult.Western nations feared an influx of refugees, especially in the wake of the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass, November 9-10, 1938) pogroms. Although 85,000 Jewish refugees reached the United States between March 1938 and September 1939, due to American immigration Evian Co nference restrictions on the number of immigrants this level of immigration was far below the number seeking refuge. At the 32-country convened in 1938 to consider the plight of refugees, no country except the Dominican Republic was prepared to increase immigration quotas. In 1939, both Cuba and the United States refused to admit over 900Jewish refugees who had sailed from Hamburg, Germany, on the St. Louis. The ship was forced to return to Europe where, ultimately, many of the passengers putrefied in concentration camps or killing centers forced to return to Europe where, ultimately, many of the passengers putrefied in concentration camps or killing centers. EXPERIENCE IN THE MUSEUM As I went in on the museum ,I felt so emotional because I cant commit that in the old generation,they can kill as many people as they want I felt sympathy to the Jews. I cant understand why they have to kill the people, because for meas a Christian believes that God our creator is the only one who have the right to get back our lives. I was also impressed because as the years passed by ,many historical buildings can be take supervise and supported by the government and the citizens of our community. And as I went out of that museum,theres a hope that as a new generation comes,life would be meaningful and all of the people would respect the life of each other . It will serve a big lesson to each and everyone who think negative to others. It shows how it was happened and the unjusticed action of Nazi for the Jews.Because of this,it helps individuals completed that there is no good effect in having a negative perception to other people it may caused war and violations . Always think positive ,communicate well to others and avoid any inferiorities. In preventing Holocaust museum in the present time gives a big contribution specially in the teen agers mind, they can avoid violence and know how to show kindness to other people. It can build a proportionate relationship to each other . And they can act as good human beings ,with fear to GOD and business concern to the feelings of others. This historical museum is a very good symbol toend wars and to avoid violence. It is very impressive that American government support the funding for the museum in order to preserve ths documentary and historical event that is very useful in showing to people the importance of human relationship and useful value of this Holocaust museum. It is a very good place to visit by different schools for their educatinal activities and their outreach programs.BIBLIOGRAPHYShandler Jeffrey,1999 While America Watches Televising the Holocaust,New York Saidel,Rochelle G. ,1996 neer Too Late to Remember The Politics behind New York Citys Holocaust Museum, New York

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Sampling and Data Collection Essay Example for Free

Sampling and Data aggregation EssayFor Jose Cuervo to stay ahead of the game, qualitative and quantitative entropy must be collected to condition the new tequila production line and stay ahead of the competition. Collecting quantitative data on the tequila is relatively easy, whereas pile up qualitative data, on the other hand taking a significantly larger and more precise effort.To collect such data a canvass was conducted to determine whether or not Jose Cuervo should introduce a new tequila line specializing in the women market. A convenience method was use because the sample was made up of one hundred women who were easy to reach at various locations. A series of four straitss regarding the likes and dislikes of tequila was made. From the data collected Jose has decided to analyze the data as fol humbles. If, 65% of the individuals gave positive feedback then Jose Cuervo would accept and souse the new tequila line Reina de la Noche.According to the data the one of the highest scoring questions showed that 85% of the population waded likes to tope tequila. Furthermore, 95% of these individuals hurt confidence that they would bedevil tequila if it were fruity in flavor. It is also very important for Jose Cuervo when introducing a new product that the value and consumption of the current high quality tequila does not weaken. Jose Cuervo believes the high stacks in these categories reinforces and confirms the hypothesis. However, there are a number of challenges as it relates to the validity and reliability of the look for question, the data collected, and compend.Challenges to validity and reliabilityThe results from the survey help confirm the validity and reliability of the product. Because, each experiment allow for not generate the same results unless we have the same size population and sample size.The first survey question asked to the women was do they like tequila? 85 women said that they liked tequila, whereas the other 15 wome n that took the survey did not. The sanction question was as a woman would you drink tequila if it were more focused to what appeals to women? 95 women said that they would drink tequila if it were more appealing to drink than the original tequila, whereas 5 said they still would not drink tequila.The ternion question was what is your age? This question was divided into four categories 21-25, 25-35, 35-45 and 45 plus. Out of the one hundred women that took the survey 45 were between the ages of 21-25. 30 women were between the ages of 25-35. 15 women were between the ages of 35-45 and ten women were age 45 and over.The challenges to take in the validity throughout the entire research were less. The research question has to be reworded to gain the specific answers the research need from the sample. This also did affect that data from which the sample may be miss lead or confuse by the miss wording. Jose Cuervo has to found the error without rewording parts of the research question . The fourth question was would women like this drink and how do they like the new low calorie tequila consume each workweek? This question was divided into three categories zero-three, three-six and more than six. Out of one hundred women, 35 women drink zero-three drinks per week. 55 women drink three-six drinks per week and ten women drink more than six drinks per week.Steps to minimize challengesThe first shade would be to take a collection of individuals to test the new liquor out. They will participate in the questionnaire with their given responses on the Jose Cuervo. The feedback will be what we need to get results from the gathered data according to what the individuals used to sample recorded. This will give us some accurate figures as to whether our line of Jose Cuervo will come after or fail in the industry with the selected targeted individuals that we have chosen. We will then find another group of individuals to use for the test and give them the same information to receive their given responses.Their feedback will be compared to the base A responses. This will give us even more accurate results that we can use to exhaust our intended targeted information. This is called the test and retest measure for accuracy to find out if what we are doing is the right thing. The results or findings are reinforced to ensure that the hypothesis will be accepted. Without this replication of results, the experiment and research will have not fulfilled the requirements to make this a testable event (Shuttleworth).Order of PowerOnce the surveys were collected, each category was assigned a numeric value. By sorting the data using numeric values, the responses could then be evaluated using a nominal scale. Furthermore, by using this method the data was able to be study statistically and allowed for the sample to be projected to a broader population.ConclusionIn conclusion, the information research and analysis is used so that Jose Cuervo can be assured that the investment of launching a new tequila line will be successful. Furthermore, this information will help with the marketing and product analysis for this new low calorie tequila beverage. Since, the results concluded that 85% of the women that took the survey liked tequila and 95% agreed that they would try tequila if the flavor changed, Jose Cuervo feels positive that the new tequila line Reina de la Noche would be successful.ReferenceCooper, D.R. Schindler, P.S. (2011). Business research methods (11th ed.). New York, NY McGraw-Hill/Irwin.Shuttleworth, M. Validity and Reliability. Retrieved from www.explorable.com

Succession Planning Essay Example for Free

date Planning Essay1. IntroductionAll round the globe there be two main opinions about talent management. One that states that talent send away be developed by itself through the e genuinelyday work. On the other hand another teach states that a talent moldiness be discovered, nurtured, grow and retained. In the fast growing business creative activity especially in last 2 decades many issues appeared that emphasise on taking a keep going whether to follow the evolutionary theory or to follow the successiveness cookery and management. Sometimes a beau monde facet a challenge if a severalize short letter worker disappears for any reason. For example taken by a head hunter, retirement or death. A bunk is va brookt and to fill this smirch it would take maybe months. Not mention the amount of knowledge that was lost as this key employee was gone. As the competition increases in the business world there is no to a greater extent trustyty, both from the company and t he employee.To face those challenges big geological formations must develop a plan not just to solve these situations but besides to avoid them in the first place. This plan is a complicated touch on that requires the dedication of everyone compound.Its success can be measured by the people that affects. (Palma, M 2009, Succession Planning, PA Times (American club for Public Administration, March, vol.32, iss. 3, pp.10-11). This report aims to explain and both theories from varied vintage points. This paper has three sections. The first is the description of succession be after(prenominal). The next is examples of the evolutionary theory. The third section is about talent teaching as a result of sustained efforts to countersink the leaders of tomorrow. At the end Ill briefly discuss my destruction and give my preachation.2. Why Succession thinkSuccession planning has been defined asA bureau of secernateing critical management positions, st deviceing at the levels of project manager and supervisor and extending to the highest positions in the government activity. Succession planning besides describes management positions to provide maximum flexibility in lateral management moves and to ensure that as individuals achieve greater seniority, their management skills will broaden and become more generalized in sex act to total organisational objectives rather than to purely departmental objectives.( Rothwell, W. J., 2010. Effective Succession Planning. Fourth edition ed. New York AMACOM American instruction Association.) excessively it is the identification and development of potential successors for key positions in an organisation, through a opinionated evaluation process and training.Un standardized replacement planning (which grades an individual solely on the basis of his or her past performance) succession planning is largely predictive in judging an individual for a position he or she might never name been in.( www.businessdictionary.co m) It is a component of good HR planning and management. It understands that staff will not be with an musical arrangement forever and it provides a plan and process for better the situation that will occur when they yield. It must not focus on the senior positions only, but similarly on all the crucial key positions in all levels. Succession planning is a process of create talent to meet the needs of the organisation now and in the future.Every time a manager makes a work assignment, he or she is preparing someone for the future because he or sheis expression that workers ability. Work experience builds competence, and different kinds of work experience build different kinds of competence. (Effective succession planning, William J. Rothwell, 4th edition, p371) organizational leaders need to think about aligning their staffing and leadership needs with the organizations future strategic objectives. If they do not take action to establish an effective SPM program, they are li kely to go down victim to the so-called like-me problem, in which people are biased to pick other people like themselves, viewing them more favourably.Given the tendency to want to clone line of products incumbents for successors, organizations must take locomote to counteract that built-in bias, for the simple reason that the job incumbent of today, while perhaps perfectly suited for the business environment now, may not be suitable for the business environment of the future.( Rothwell, W. J., 2010. Effective Succession Planning. Fourth edition ed. New York AMACOM American Management Association.) 3. The Evolutionary Process of Talent Developmenthither are some examples of real life companies using the evolutionary process 3.1 Mohamed Ibrahim OpticsThis company was established in 1972 and the owner Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim at this time about 35 years old. By 1999 there were more than 25 branches around Egypt. After more than 40 years its the time for him to retire because health iss ues. He has 3 sons and because he was always managing the process he is assuming that one of his sons would be his successor in the business, but neither had he identified which of them would be the best successor, nor he tried to develop them. The stirred up factor and the notion that he was going to stay at home and would not be the C-executive howling(a) Mr. Ibrahim. Now one of his sons who is not interested in the business is running the operation and the employees are not happy with the new manager which affected their performance. 3.2 Rizkallah appliancesThis is an example about a CEOs maneuvering to continue the succession process. After 2 decades of running Rizkallah for electronics, the time has come for Mr. Essam to start planning for retirement. The board was self-confident that Mr. Essam was the best one for the position. He has the experience and the knowledge. Putting his retirement plans in one hand and the schema he wantto follow in the other hand made him procr astinate the succession process. He became hypercritical of all potential candidates. Also compare his performance with the performance of the new candidate. For Mr. Essam he was losing his job. The key to successful succession planning is to stop viewing it as a zero-sum game with one success and one loser. It should be regarded as a natural progression in the health of an organization. (Baldoni, J 2008, devising a Success of Succession Planning, CIO Insight)3.3 Masr for insuranceThis is about a CEO who would not leave his position due to economic factors. The recession in Egypt make Mustafa think twice about release his position. Also the recession made it very difficult to start a systematic succession planning in the organisation. Pulling off a CEO transition is never easy, especially during a recession. (The art of succession, By Boyle, Matt, BusinessWeek, 5/11/2009, Issue 4130) In his mind he thought that he must be the only decision making person. Holding all the keys for m aking a decision in his hands.Regardless he was about 59 years old he never thought of choosing a successor or investing in a succession plan. During the revolution Egypt in 2011 he was exposed to the gases and because of his age and medical condition he could not tolerate the gas and he suffocated to death. More than 6 months passed by and his position was still vacant and no one dare to fill his place. Those 6 months were very tough and the firm missed lots of opportunities as in this period many companies changed their policies to coop with the different situation.4. Succession planning and management ArgumentFrom the previous examples we understand that succession planning is indispensable in any big company. SPM program is needed so the organisational leaders align their staffing and leadership needs with the organisations future strategic objectives. Another reason why SPM program is needed More and more organisations are experiencing the effects of aging workforces that are putting them at risk of losing their most experienced workers to retirement. Also terrorism increases the need for SPM program to ensure that key workers have back up in exemplar they are needed. (Effective succession planning, William J. Rothwell, 4th edition) I Use everything that happens asa teaching experience to fixate my staff to stretch in the future.Everyone takes experiences at a different level they dont all derive the same kinds of lessons from those experiences. What I try to do on a daily basis is turn everything into a leadership learning session. (Chief learning officer magazine, The CLO Succession Plan, March 2008 issue) According to Peter F. Drucker The question of tomorrows management is, above all, a concern of our society. Let me put it bluntly-we have reached a point where we alone will not tolerate as a country, as a society, as a government, the insecurity that any one of our major companies will decline or collapse because it has not made suitable pro visions for management succession. (Harper W.Moulton and Arthur A. Fickel, Executive Development Preparing For the twenty-first Century (New York Oxford University Press, 1993), p. 29. Every enterprise is a learning and teaching institution. Training and development must be built into it on all levelstraining and development never stop. Peter F. Drucker5. Talent development is a result of a sustained effort to prepare leaders of tomorrow Another good example from a friend of mine who was working as human resource manager in Prizma Securities Company. 5.1 Prizma SecuritiesIn the company they were using a 6 key steps model which used in many large organisations worldwide. They were using market-driven approach to integrate strategic plans with succession plans where necessary talents are required to deal with competitive pressure. 1. Formulating a mission statement It describes the map of a program or the reason for its existence. 2. Identify key areas and positions Gap analysis may identify key areas. Also Review key positions periodically because they may change over time, depending on changes in Government direction and the introduction of new technology. 3.Identify force for key areas and positions Employees who believe they are growing and developing professionally, learning new skills and gaining experience are more productive, have higher morale, and are more loyal than employees at organizations that dont emphasize talent development and knowledge management (Moskal, Planning for Succession, Baseline, October2008, iss. 89,pp. 12-14.)This was achieved by assessing knowledge, skills and abilities or competency profile. 4. Find interested employees and assess them against capabilities exploitation Talent review meetings 5.Develop and implement succession and knowledge alter plans Using stretch assignments, acting assignments, formal training, mentoring and coaching and Job rotations those procedures would help in transferring of knowledge and not remai n with certain people. Effective succession planning and talent retention nurtures those employees responsible for the organizations future vision, strategy and success. It assures a sequence of qualified, promotable people as the boomers move on. (Moskal, Planning for Succession, Baseline, October2008, iss. 89, pp. 12-14.) 6. Evaluate effectivenessEvaluation was base on the Donald Kirkpatrick pattern which strains four levels customer satisfaction, program progress, effective placement and organisational results. Also the programmatic evaluation which examine the process against its stated mission, objectives, and activities.5.2 Adel Elkholy for shippingAdel Elkholy Company is one of the largest companies in Egypt. The total number of workers is about 800 employees. In a meeting with HR manager personally he explained briefly the program for succession he is implementing. The purpose of the program This step to clarify why the company undergoing this program. So the whole depart ments could be involved and participate. The measurable objectives of the program result must be measurable so they can measure the success of the program. Design a Competency model A competency model was established to link the organisation core competencies to job competencies.A present competencies identification for success in this step 2 categories are identified the exemplars and the fully successful performers. The way those competencies are measured using high technological software. The competencies needed for success in the future A scenario planning is conducted to discover thecompetencies needed in the future. The way the organization assesses potential using empowered individual potential assessment. Classify individuals by performance and potentialUsing the performance/potential 9 gridsNarrowing gaps Preparing and evaluating individual development plans and activities. Evaluating results Its carried out by outdoor(a) consultant. Then the results are presented to the o wner of the company. 6. ConclusionAlthough about one half of the companies do not have a succession plan as stated in Business Week Last year, the guinea pig Association of Corporate Directors found that 42.4% of companies had no succession plan at all. The economic crisis has exacerbated this problem as resources have diminished. (The Art of Succession. by Boyle, Matt, BusinessWeek, 5/11/2009, Issue 4130). But this does not mean that succession planning is not important for the survival of the organisation moreover its sizeableness is increasing year after year. Most of the organisations knew its importance even if they do not apply the plan.In my opinion, the previous examples show the importance of having a systematic succession planning and management program. That helps placing the in force(p) person in the right place at the right time. Having successors is not an easy job, if the SP Management Program is not aligned with the business strategies HR strategies all stockhold ers are involved, top management giving full support and the use of proper approaches and tools. It became also mandatory than ever for organisations to plan for future leadership and development of all workers at all levels. At the same time, all the activities in the market became more and more complex. Many functions now require elongated skills and knowledge.7. RecommendationsFor all the previous reasons mentioned in my report supported with real life cases, I strongly recommend leaders to understand that its critical to strengthen their talent pool through succession planning, professional development, job rotation and workforce planning. They need to identify potential talent and groom it.So, they must take proactive steps to plan for talent needs at all levels and implement programs designed to ensure that the right people are available for the right jobs in the right places and at the right time.References1. (A 2009 tune up your firms succession planning. Dominic Cingoranel li. Journal of accounting march 2009). 2. (Palma, M 2009, Succession Planning, PA Times (American Society for Public Administration, March, vol.32, iss. 3, pp.10-11) 3. Rothwell, W. J., 2010. Effective Succession Planning. Fourth edition ed. New York AMACOM American Management Association. 4. ( www.businessdictionary.com)5. (Baldoni, J 2008, Making a Success of Succession Planning, CIO Insight) 6. (The art of succession, By Boyle, Matt, BusinessWeek, 5/11/2009, Issue 4130) 7. (Chief learning officer magazine, The CLO Succession Plan, March 2008 issue) 8. (Moskal, Planning for Succession, Baseline, October2008, iss. 89, pp. 12-14.) 9. Harper W.Moulton and Arthur A. Fickel, Executive Development Preparing For the 21st Century (New York Oxford University Press, 1993), p. 29.