Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hotel management questions(answer each questions with few sentences) Essay - 4

Hotel management questions(answer each questions with few sentences) - Essay ExampleAlso, cashiers are in charge of devising transactions between different currencies.Some precautionary steps that employees can aspire include checking that the billhook has been signed, when the expiration date occurs, and ask for some form of identification if it is felt to be necessary. Additionally, employees can deposit sure that documents containing information about a payment card number only include subroutine of it for surety campaigns.The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is designed to combat estimator breaches, payment card fraud, and also report identity theft. This is critically important because it adds an extra layer of security for cardholders. It applies to all merchants who accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment. there are severe penalties for merchants who choose not to comply.A second-party check is made out to the guest presenting the check , epoch a third-party check is made out to someone who thus signs the check over to the guest for presentation. The reason why many properties choose not to accept these types of checks is that if the writer of the check stops payment then it can be difficult to recover any funds.When accepting personal checks, a space should take into account whether the check is for the room and taxes only, food and beverage purchases, and will a check need to be verified after each subsequent transaction. Also, the property must decide whether or not checks from inappropriate bank accounts are acceptable, and will other types of checks, such as money orders, be okay.If necessary, a property should inform a guest that their credit will be denied, although it should be done in a nice manner so as to respect the guest. Ideally, the guest should be taken aside and assured of their credit problems. All efforts should be made to cater for the guest, including allowing them to investigate the probl em on their own.Incomplete or illegible guest registration records can pose a problem because it

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