Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Personal Statement for Sorbbone university Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

For Sorbbone university - Personal Statement ExampleIt has always been my priority to make sure that I fulfilled my parents expectations, and I can say without a doubt that seeing my father become a successful man that he is right now, I feel the urge in me to embrace his footsteps and make my name in the field of law as well. His achievements have had a great impact on me, and influenced by his success, I in like manner want to move law as a career.I believe that Sorbonne University is the best place to pursue law as a career because I am confident that Sorbonne would develop in me the skills that are essential for me to follow my passion with a renewed and a consistent vigor, and the international scene that I will fulfill during my studies at Sorbonne will be incomparable to any other place. Therefore, it is my utmost ambition to land at a place in Sorbonne, because I believe that studying in such a reputable university will equip me with an experience that will help me grow not sole(prenominal) academically, but also professionally. Hence, I will be grateful to the university to grant me a place in this university so Im able to pursue my goals and thrive in an environment conducive to the achievement to those goals.Moreover, the international exposure that will be follow once I acquire the Paris-Sorbonne degree will not only add to my knowledge and learning but will also take me places in terms of chances of cosmos better employed than my peers. And I believe that this degree in law will bestow on me a competitive edge on me in the face of cut-throat competition, and it will be because of the latter that I will hopefully be able to make the most of my university education. Apart from my keen interest in building a career in law, Im also interested in class period and knowing about politics. For this, I read political books as a hobby and watch the word regularly to keep myself abreast of all changes occurring in the political world. Secondly, Im a lso vehement about hunting, the regal art of

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