Saturday, April 27, 2019

Letter of complaint Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Letter of burster - Article ExampleHowever, they did not arrive in time, causing a lot of inconvenience to me. Moreover, the point that they arrived after a few days in a damaged condition has caused major doubts in my mind regarding your reputation as a leading furniture dealer. I hope you actualize the gravitation of the situation.I would be grateful if you would take up this matter seriously and resolve it. I had called your divine service many times to settle the matter amicably, but to no prevail so far. I am forced now to send you an official complaint. If you fail to take action on the basis of this complaint, I am afraid I will have to move to the next step and file a case for damages. I would like to pursue the good relationship with you and order more furniture from you in the future if you would maintain the trust I had in you so far. Otherwise, I will be left field with no choice but to take a legal move against you. It is my personal interest to revoke such an incid ent if it would be possible at any cost. I hope you will understand my good intentions and resolve this issue without causing further damages to me.

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