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Funny in Farsi

Funny in Farsi A Memior of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas is all about her life growing up in California after her dad is moved there but is company form Iran. Being born in Iran she had not learned much English so when she moved to the United State she slowly learned and was the translator for her mother a lot of the time. In her younger years she moved around about every two years and eventually she settled in America after her dad retired from the oil refinery in Iran.Since she was light skinned and had dark hair she could pass for an America as long as she did ot speak because of her accent, this abled her in many ways. After living in America for some time Firoozeh realizes that no one can really say her name the right way because the English language does not use the same sounds that are in the Persian language. Also by taking an America name she would no longer have to spend endless amounts of time trying to explain to people how to say her name.Since she look ed like a young American girl with an American name she could pass for someone that had been born and raised there, that is until she had to open her mouth to say something. After people started to think that she was an American they started to say things that she had never known that they had been saying before, about immigrants from her country. Whilst she has changed her name some Americans that had been traveling in Iran had been taken captive and held for a period of time and while the news was going over the story people started to talk about the issue.By having the American name she heard things that the people really thought about the issues with Iran instead of the polite things they would say to stay off of the subject. Kazem, her father, got fired from his Job for being Iranian during this time and found it very difficult to find another Job. Eventually he stopped putting that he was Persian or Iranian all together and became Turkish, Just so that he could find a Job duri ng Just a difficult time. After all of the problems with Iran went away she went to college at the University of California at Berkeley where she met her husband a Frenchman named Francois.Since Francois was not from the Middle East he was not part of all the craziness with Iran, but he could easily pass for an American because of his white skin. Also if he ad never said anything to anyone no one would ever know about his accent, but then again no big event happened in France that would turn the American people against them. Even though Firoozeh saw the darker side of the citizens in the United States, she did not seem to think that the country was anything less than a blessing, and stayed in the United States as an adult.American attitudes and biases toward immigrants different from country to country and from person to person, some think one way and others think the other way. Normally the things that factor into how a person see's another person are how hat person was raised, wha t beliefs they have, and how strongly they feel about the subject. The biggest factor is the way they were raised because if you are in a household where the parents or grandparents talk about a certain race of people in a bad way, it's the same as monkey see monkey do.If a child over hears there father talking about those stupid Persians, then that child is likely to go and repeat it to a friend, teacher, nanny, or another Persian themselves. Mainly the behavior towards immigrants has been learned whilst the child was growing up or even as an adult eople tend to believe things that they hear, and repeat them to other people which then lead to more people thinking the exact same way as the people that has said these things in the first place.Stereotypes about people happen on a day to day bias, someone sees some that has been wearing the same Jacket all winter and of they think that they are poor and probably cannot afford a new coat. When in all truth that person could Just be wear ing their favorite coat or this one may be the warmest of all the coats they own, a person can never tell anything about a person by Just briefly seeing them in the same hings or at the same places.People think that is someone from one country will do something harsh, rash, dangerous, or illegal that all people from that country are going to do it, and that has never been the case. If someone from a small town goes and robs a bank does that mean that everyone in that town is now going to go and rob another bank somewhere else, no it does not. By grouping people together as being all the same that is Just putting them into one group for one reason are they going to be separate into which are more likely to do this and which are more likely to o that, the answer is no.Firoozeh Dumas was born in Iran and then around seven moved to the United States, but she never thought any less of the people her the whole time she stayed and now even as an adult she live in California. Even after all the hardships she faced form moving here not knowing English and having to translate for her mother, going back to Iran and then coming back again. She saw all of the bias and the problems that people have with other countries and immigrants, she grew up in a world where not everyone is accepted for whole they truly are.

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Future of the New York Times

The Future of the New York Times In my opinion there should not be a â€Å"trade-off between the company philosophy and the core goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth†. The goal of any company and organization is to survive. Companies and organizations create mission statements and set forth goals. Pearce and Robinson (2013) states â€Å"the unique purpose that sets a company apart from others of its type and identifies the scope of its operations in product, market, and technology terms† (pg. 3). The mission statement or philosophy that is a distinguishing factor of differences between companies, helping to set for the company’s operations and ethics for their products, as well as for their place in the market, as well as in the community. With the New York Times, the message given (mission) is to deliver responsive and accurate â€Å"journalism† to their customers, as well as to areas outside of New York.The New York Times has lived up to it s mission, by adhering to its ideals; the New York Times has foregone being profitable, as well as sacrificing growth. In the article we read,† The constancy of their commitment to high-cost journalism has put the Sulzberger family in an increasingly contrarian position†¦the Sulzberger’s have subsidized the Times in valuing good journalism and the prestige it confers over profits and the wealth it creates†¦for much of its history, the Times barely broke even† (Bianco, 2005, p. 65).How a company image is portrayed to the world is a crucial factor and element of their values, ethical standards, mission and goals. The New York Times, without the Sulzberger’s wealth, would have failed years ago with its current stated mission and goals. The New York Times needs to take a step back and examine where they started, where they have been, where they are now and where they want to go, as well at taking a good look at today’s world and begin to benchm ark their competitors and creating a new vision for the New York Times.The Sulzberger’s and Bill Keller are giving the impression that they are endeavoring to changes in order and moving away from their belief â€Å"that quality journalism pays in the long run† (Bianco, 2005), it’s hard to change 100 plus years of business strategy. In all companies, not just the New York Times, the image portrayed is important and may also determine a company’s credibility, as well as its future. The value system, including its mission and goals will set the direction of the company.The ethic’s which are portrayed daily need to be consistent with the direction that the company has set from the top (President & CEO and Board of Directors) on down to each and every employee. Years of hard work in preserving a company’s image and place in the community can be lost in a single failure or lack of foresight. References Bianco, A. , Rossant, J. , & Gard, L. (2005) . The future of the new york times. Businessweek, 3916, 64-72. Pearce, J. A. , & Robinson, R. B. (2013). Strategic

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Biological Oxygen Transport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Biological Oxygen Transport - Essay Example The chemical reactions thus require enzymes to speed up their reaction. Most of the enzymes require metallic entities to help them function to their full capacity. Metallic ions like Zinc and Magnesium provide biological enzymes with good acid capability. Thus, the enzymes that are used for acid base reactions use magnesium and zinc at their active centers. In addition, inorganic compounds like sodium and potassium are required by living organism to create a potential difference across cell membrane. Unequal distribution of sodium and potassium ions across cell membrane help initiate an action potential. Hemoglobin is an iron containing oxygen transport metalloprotein that is found in the red blood cells of vertebras (Anthea, Human Biology And Health). Its structure exhibits characteristics of both quaternary and tertiary structures of protein (Kessel, 122 Print). Most amino acids present in the hemoglobin are alpha helices and are joined together by non-helical structures. Hydrogen bonds present in the helical structure stabilize the helical units and give hemoglobin molecule its specific shape (Hemoglobin Tutorial, University of Massachusetts Amherst) The hemoglobin molecule has a protein part globin to which a small iron containing group heme. The heme consists of a charged iron ion that is contained in a heterocyclic ring. This heterocyclic ring is known as porphyrin and it consists of four pyrrole molecules linked together with iron bound in the center (Hemoglobin-School of Chemistry, Bristol University, ). The iron ion is the oxygen-binding site of hemoglobin. The iron ion coo rdinates with four molecules of nitrogen. The iron ion is strongly bound to the protein via imidazole ring of the F8 histidine residue below porphyrin ring. A sixth position bind oxygen reversibly by coordinate bond to complete the octahedral group of six ligands (Wiki Premed,

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Academic Environment in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Academic Environment in the United States - Essay Example The three groups: the Woodson Foundation, a nonprofit organization; the Washington D.C. public schools system; and the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE), which act as a representative for parents on behalf of the PTA; concurrently enjoin to achieve the ultimate objective of improving academic outcome. The structure of the case study is clear-cut and straight forward. The discourse would initially present a brief summary of the background information crucial for greater understanding of the triumvirate’s thrusts. The roles and each organization were emphasized to give credence in supporting their commitment and interest in achieving a unified goal. In addition, a development team with selected team members or candidates to oversee the progress of achieving the defined goal was presented. The team is composed of representatives from the three associations: two from the Washington D.C. public school system, two from Woodson Foundation, two parents and one social worker to provide balance representation. A summary of problems was eventually determined with effective methods recommended for resolving conflicts that would likely arise.

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Employer Liability For Improper Computer and Internet Use By Employees Thesis

Employer Liability For Improper Computer and Internet Use By Employees - Thesis Example Part IV covers employer liability for criminal acts of employees under the negligent hiring theory. This part of the paper discusses the concept of negligent hiring, substantiates employer immunity and looks at cases involving liability the internet and the right to privacy. Part v of the paper provides suggestions on how to reduce employer liability and part VI is the conclusion. Computers and the internet have transformed corporate practices. Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow organizations to communicate and lobby responses from the public in a quick and affordable manner. Organizations also use social media to engage employees and foster productivity. This use goes beyond new technological equipment and improved communications. The advantages of the use of technology in the workplace have also come with risks to businesses. The risks involved include the leakage of private company information by employees, the use of work facilities for personal undertakings and the inappropriate use of computer and internet by employees. This use has augmented the potential for unethical and illegal practices by employees. Technology has also made it simple to engage in unethical activities such as the theft of private information about other individuals and downloading inappropriate content from the internet. These problems are far reaching a nd businesses have developed ethics and training programs for its employees to assist in reducing the occurrence of unethical activities.1 The use of computers and the internet in the workplace exposes employers to liability for the actions of employees. The improper use of these facilities gives rise to actions in tort, which may hold the employer liable. Such instances involve holding employers liable under the doctrine of respondeat superior for the actions of its

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Methodology chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Methodology chapter - Essay Example These differences, which can be considered to be improvements on the latter approaches, are what make design-based research a good fit for this research study. Design-based research differs from lab experiment re4search in a number of ways, especially in the education domain. While using lab experiment research in this case would have required a laboratory setting to ensure that there were no significant interruptions from confounding variables, design-based research will enable the current research to account for the dynamics, complexities, and limitations of the real world classroom (Behrendt, 2010). In addition, despite the existence of significant dependent and confounding variables in the classroom, DBR does not seek to consider all the former variables. This ability to choose from a number of dependent variables offers an advantage for using DBR to study the use Adobe Connect in learning a second language, especially since lab experiments have a fixed procedure due to attempts to manipulate one variable and control for the rest. By revising the research design iteratively and flexibly over the course of the research, it will be possible to characterize the complexities of how participants develop competency in the use of technology (Behrendt, 2010). Moreover, the fact that DBR will allow for social interactions with the ESL teachers, as well as between the ESL teachers and their students. This is due to its â€Å"real world† orientation, which lends it an added advantage over lab experiment research that would isolate the ESL teachers and prevent their interaction with researchers. Due to the complexities portended by the language barrier and learning new technology, it will be difficult to come up with a hypothesis from ini tial investigation of the research problem, which is a requirement of experimental investigations (Behrendt, 2010). By using DBR, however, the researchers will be able to develop practical design profiles

Representation and Stereotype of Women in Video Games Dissertation

Representation and Stereotype of Women in Video Games - Dissertation Example The portrayal of the woman in video games has always been a controversial topic. It is controversial because it reflects the negative sides of the woman. It is the major claim of those who protest against the stereotype of women that in video games women are presented in an unrealistic and exaggerated manner. The video games mostly contain the violence and sex together. The women are generally represented as a hyper-sexual character. The content of the dissertation thus shows that the girls as well as women are based on gender-stereotyped. Hence, it is quite common to see a woman with a typical figure and complexion and in a tight outfit. Keywords: videogames, women, portrayal, unrealistic hypersexual Executive Summary: This paper is based on the stereotype presentation of the women in video games. Women’s image in all types of media has always been just a sex symbol. Whatever the media would be, such as television, advertisements or any type of magazines and newspaper, the wo men cannot come out of the typical periphery which is drawn for them by the male dominated society. In media they are sometimes shown in a very humiliating manner. This research has discussed thoroughly on the same issue. The research paper is divided into four different chapters. First chapter is associated with problems and its setting. The researcher decided this kind of subject out of the concern of the portrayal of women in video games and their impact on the society, especially the adolescent young boys around whom the entire video industry is revolving. The women in video games are far from reality from all points of view such as their physical appearance and the role they played in the game. In the first chapter the introduction about the topic is given. Then the researcher has designed the problem related questions for discussion. There are five research questions to be discussed. The researcher then discusses about the significance of the problem and significance of his re search. The researcher here has discussed about the usefulness of his research in finding out the problem. In the next section the researcher deals with the significance of the study. For any research to be reached to its conclusion the hypotheses are necessary to form so that it can give a proper direction for the research. Here the researcher has taken the hypothesis that still the image of women in video games is stereotype and it has not changed. The women are shown either as a sex symbol or a passive and distressed object. After that the researcher discusses the scope of the study. There are many new concepts in the research paper so it is necessary to mention the definition of the terms used in the research paper. Here the researcher has given the definitions of various terms used in the research paper. The second chapter deals with the literature review. For the research it is very necessary to find out the related documents or any existing theory which can support the ideas of the researcher. The references have been collected from various sources such as books written on this same topic. Apart from that some previous research papers, articles, blogs, websites etc are also referred. The researcher has given thorough information about the collection and information which has been collected by the above mentioned sources. In the third chapter, the

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The Pro-life Stance on Stem Cell Research Personal Statement

The Pro-life Stance on Stem Cell Research - Personal Statement Example I know that we have many more steps and strides to go in the race to discover cures for the common diseases that devastate us now. That which encompasses the cloning and reproduction of viable human embryos in the name of medical research leaves too many gaps and unanswered questions. What will be the ultimate consequences of human tampering with the highest mountain yet to be scaled remains to be seen Man, in creating through lab work what God gave through the human birth canal is at the brink of the final frontier of disaster. It is my belief that we seek to create lives that we may find ourselves hard-pressed to even call human in the end. From the small perch on which I sit, I ask myself daily how I can reconcile what I believe with what humanity demands the greater good of all. The creation of a vital life in order to destroy it for medical research is just as bad as abortion, and war, and assisted suicide. It is hard to argue with the idea that perhaps a "test tube baby" that didn't "take" should be okay for purposes of medical experimentation because that life would not be viable even if implanted in a womb and allowed to progress naturally. Yet, it is still, in my mind, tampering with another human life. Off the topic for a moment, it is for this reason that I also do not believe in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the case of two women who are legally married to one another, as this is not living the way God intended. Life as God intended it is evidenced by the very manner in which it was created and the manner in which we naturally procreate without interruption or interference by man. In this slight digression, I speak to the natural course of life as given, not to the morality of the matter with regard to intra-sexual marriage. Ethically speaking, getting back to the matter of stem cell research, the only truly redeemable idea is that of the use of embryos which do not successfully translate into full human life outside of the womb and of their own accord.

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Critical thinking art paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critical thinking art paper - Essay Example Such depiction was evident by the use of multimedia that added to the value of the entire art entertainment. Truly, it is evident that the conceptual basis for such entertainment was the modern time that allows almost everyone in all walks of life to relate with. Therefore, the artwork in the event significantly involved computer technology. By being able to use multimedia presentations synchronizing the actors’ performance on stage, the entire show elaborated a truly new form of entertainment that was remarkably aligned with the modern times. It showcased an art that the new generation today with highly advanced technology can eventually appreciate. As already stated, the use of multimedia was enticing viewers to appreciate the whole theatrical event that is truly different from the classical one. Therefore the use of technology alone was a fundamental component of the Blue Man Group Universal that allowed it to be differentiated from the other theatrical and artistic performers. This eventually created a word of mouth, and as a result, many people were encouraged to experience the live artistic performance of the Blue Man Group Universal. Although the presentation of the Blue Man Group Universal still have important elements like those in any other classical theatrical event, what differentiated it from the rest was the level of interaction it tried to create with its target audience. The artistic performance was eventually designed in such a way that people in different walks of life can relate, both young and old. The interaction was able to create appreciation of the advantage of using technology in order to enhance or refine the presentation of the artistic design. Computer arts was remarkable in the presentation, prior to appealing to human emotion by triggering laughter and awe-inspiring creativity that was made possible via the employment of multimedia presentation. In this case, the use of

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Child Sex Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Child Sex Tourism - Essay Example On the other hand, international laws and legislation were found to have yet to meet ends with the fight against child sex tourism. Since it has become a global dilemma, laws on commercial sexual abuse among children in each country must recognize and adhere to a unified agreement on legislation as well as its implementation to ensure success in combating child sex tourism. Child sex tourism (CST) is the commercial sexual exploitation of children by persons who travel from their own country to engage in sexual acts with children (Fraley, 2005). The United Nations has basically the same definition such that it is an organized tourism (the nature of which encompasses many activities) that facilitates the commercial sexual exploitation of anyone under18 years of age (Patterson, 2007). Travel and tourism, for which involves the associations between and among countries are significant factors that play in the prevalent success of this sex trade of minors. Consequently, even as one country becomes more rigorous in implementing its laws against the commercial sexual exploitation of children, they may not be just as successful without the cooperation of the other. Non-committal among nations who even had the most number of victims were found to be one among these factors affecting the prevention of the occurrence of such horrendous criminal acts. The United Nations and various Non-government organizations (NGOs) had synergized with the developed nations in order to strengthen the need to stop child prostitution. This collaboration had been intended to promote various provisions and campaigns towards an intensive and stringent implementation of appropriate and effective strategies against child sex tourism. The United States has been found to be one of the most frequent child sex tourists preying especially on the less developed countries. Studies have revealed that twenty-five percent of sex tourists are Americans (Andrews, 2004;

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The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti Essay Example for Free

The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti Essay Dear , When this letter reaches your hand, I hope you’re in the best of health mentally and physically. As for myself I’m blessed and can’t complain. The baby is doing fine, albeit being a little under the weather. I have been studying and swamped with schoolwork, trying to complete all of my final assignments for this semester. I had to write and share with you my wonderful experience. After providing you with many exciting detail you are going to want to experience this for yourself. In a recent visit to Florence, Italy, I had the chance to visit the Museo dellOpera del Duomo, where a lot of masterpieces from great masters were on display. It would be too lengthy for me to describe them all to you, so Ill focus on one works of art that has caught my interest. This piece is called The Gates of Paradise, and was created by Lorenzo Ghiberti from 1425 to 1452, a period of twenty-seven years. Well, you may wonder why it took such a long time for that piece of art to be completed. As I have seen in the exhibition, the work was intricate, which obviously requires time to make. Ghiberti was born in 1378, whose father was an artist and a goldsmith. His sculptures were usually coated in bronze or gold, a skill he obviously learned from his father. Being an artist of the early Renaissance period, he was revered in his lifetime. Like other artists of his era, he showed artistic freedom and individualism in his work. During the Renaissance, artists were prone to portray figures imbibing the Greek ideals of perfection. Florence then, his birthplace, was the center of culture and politics in Europe, until the end of the seventeenth century. You have to understand that during this time, religious art was in vogue, funded by patrons such as the Medici family, who paid high commissions to sculptors and painters, encouraging artistic culture to flourish. Some scholars think that this religious fascination stemmed from the societys realization regarding life and death as a result of the Black plague that badly hit Florence in the late fourteenth century. Ghiberti won a competition in 1401, when he was twenty five, which made him famous. In this competition he made twenty-eight sets of panels, made in bronze, for the cathedral in Florence, where each panel depicted scenes from the New Testament. The work was completed in twenty-one years. After completing this work, he was commissioned to do another doorway for the church. This time, he made ten panels depicting scenes from the Old Testament. Being highly gifted in sculpting and metalworking, his works show vividness and durableness. The famous Michelangelo Buonarotti called the doorways, Gates of Paradise. In these panels, these scenes from the Old Testament include: The Creation of Eve, Noah and his family, Moses receiving the Law from God in Mt. Sinai, David beheads Goliath, The Creation, and The Fall and Banishment. The artist prepared the main panels using the wax casting process, a technique thats not used nowadays. The modeling of each panel was in wax, and then covered with plaster and clay jacket. After the panels were covered, Ghiberti baked the panels to melt the wax, leaving a mold for bronze to be poured. Once the bronze cooled off, the plaster and clay were removed. Then, each panel was cleaned and the finer details were worked on using metal tools. It took Ghiberti years to complete the fine details found in the panels. Once the main frames were complete, Ghiberti next worked on the fire-gilding method, which was dangerous for it involved a gold-mercury amalgam. The process involved applying the amalgam to each panel. Mercury fumes, which are toxic, dissolved in the air by heating, in order to leave the gold on the surfaces. In 1452, the completed doors were installed, and they stood for five centuries until World War II. During the Second World War, Nazi officials in Italy coveted the artworks found in Florence. They asked for the sculptures, paintings, and other works of art to be transferred and become part of their private collection. Fortunately, somebody thought of hiding the Gates of Paradise in a railway tunnel in the South of Florence. After the war, the doors were recovered and some artists made replicas. These replicas were sold to the Grace Cathedral after the liberation in 1944. The originals were placed in the 1980s in the Duomo museum for restoration and safekeeping after flooding in Florence destroyed some of the panels. Florence is not the city it once was during the Renaissance. Times have changed, and artistic culture has given way to industrialization and modernization. But Florence still remains a beautiful place with a rich history and a collection of thousands of arts from great masters who once lived and breathed in the city. Well, thats all I can share with you. Nothing compares to seeing the actual masterpieces in person. Hope you could come with me on my next Italian tour. Ciao! Sincerely. Reference The Gates of Paradise: Lorenzo Ghibertis Renaissance Masterpiece. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Retrieved December 4, 2007, from: http://www. metmuseum. org/special/gates_paradise/ghiberti_images. asp

Importance of Vitamins Essay Example for Free

Importance of Vitamins Essay Essential fatty acids are vital to promote the growth and fullness of hair. Incorporate seeds and nuts like walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds into your snacks and meals. More common sources of essential fatty acids are flax, canola oil, fish and soy. Vitamins Vitamin E improves circulation to all parts of the body. The scalp needs proper circulation in order for hair follicles to be stimulated. Vitamin E can be found in avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, wheat germ, dried beans, soybeans, and dark green leafy vegetables. The B vitamins which include Biotin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Pantothenic Acid prevent hair loss. These vitamins can easily be incorporated by adding eggs, meat, poultry, and whole grain cereals to your diet. Sponsored Links http://www. livestrong. com/article/242666-diet-to-thicken-hair/#ixzz2B6HNXT00 Besides being rich in protein and vitamin D (both are key to strong hair) the omega-3 fatty acids found in this tasty cold-water fish are the true superstar. Your body cant make those fatty acids, which your body needs to grow hair. About 3% of the hair shaft is make up of these fatty acids, Drayer says. Omega-3s are also found in cell membranes in the skin of your scalp, and in the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Other options: If salmon doesnt thrill you, you can also get essential fatty acids from fish like herring, sardines, trout, and mackerel, as well as avocado, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts (see below for more wonderful things about walnuts

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Marketing strategy of British Airways

Marketing strategy of British Airways British Airways (BA), has a weakness in winning over customer loyalty, they lack in their marketing strategy. This weakness has to be address by the organisation. Despite the fact, its growth through globalisation and the increase in travellers needs, the marketing campaigns were ineffective in the growth of the company. British Airways has a great infrastructure but they need a boost in their marketing strategy to gain more customers and their loyalty. The company needs a huge investment for their strategic management in the future which will lead for better growth for the company.   BA has to keep its goal aligned with the intensive of the growing market trends to match with the customers and the market demands. In comparison to Virgin Atlantic has attracted a huge amount of customer both nationally and internationally. Virgin Atlantic has gained its competitive advantages over British Airways. The main reason for this is because of their proactive attitude and keeping an eagle eye for the new marketing trends and global advertising which leads to an increase its advertisement effectiveness, worldwide. After analysing Virgin Atlantic strength, British Airways has to revised its marketing strategy and turn its weakness into strengths to gain competitive advantage. There is a great opportunity for British Airways, has it got the official airline for the London Olympic, 2012. They won this position for the London Olympic, 2012 from Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Hence this move from British Airways might open new doors for opportunity worldwide. There might be a price battle in the market with B.A; companies like Legacy Carriers might keep its prices low during the games, with a low profit margin. Hence taking some part of the market share from British Airways. Social And Environmental Responsibility British Airways has been improving its standard on their environmental performance by reducing the impact of its on the local and global environment. Hence it is considered as their strengths. There are putting more emphasis on the aircraft noise and emissions around the airports and local area. They also focus on the severe effect of carbon dioxide and other environment effects. In 2005, Sir Richard Branson has announced that he would be running his airline on cellulose ethanol plant fuel, which would be generating through plant waste. Hence, it will be called the Future Fuel for the planet. The importance about this fuel is an environment friendly product. † (Cheap Flights News, Undated) Bad Publicity Bad publicity an always be a threat to an organisational brand image and its reputation. Both the airlines were charged with price fixing scandal over fuel, which lead to an ineffective decision by the management. Both the companies have faced bad publicity through an advertisement campaigning to 8 million customers, in regards to claiming the money back. (, 2008) Both airlines pilot resulted positive in alcohol, where as British Airways has implemented on 6th November, 2007, they wont be allowing passenger to carry surf boards in their plane, but Virgin Atlantic did vice versa (Personnel Today, 2007). It had a negative impact for British Airways; the surf community across the world has being criticizing on this decision made by British Airways. These decision may break BAs creditability and brand image in the market, bring the company stake holder at risk. (Surfing Waves News, Undated) Due to the meltdown of the economy in 2008 and high fuel prices has bought threats to the companies. Other concerns like high aviation tax, terrorism threats, health issues, etc are major concern for both the Airlines. British Airways Emphasizing On Its Team The mission statement of British Airways â€Å"To be the undisputed leader in world travel† their strategy mainly relies on good leadership which directs them to be an effective management, through good communication, team work and collaboration. British Airways has strength of 48,000 employees which include team player and service providers. Hence making it workforce its base for the success of the company. ( The back of the house, which is not seen in the front line like the catering department, cleaning services, maintenance, etc play a major part in the company success without which the company cannot run its day to day operations. There is a vast communication and collaboration with different level of team in the company, starting from when the customer books it flight, accommodation, tour operator, etc. to make this chain of operation successful, they have to work with harmony of communication. This strategy gives them an opportunity to use the new innovative IT- communication systems, ensuring smooth operations. Information Management (IM) is the key for future success in the company. The company relies heavily on its IT, which has bought huge influence on its performance. ( By using Corporate Communications, they mange the global reputation of the company, ensuring that all the parties are been well informed about the happening of the company, the responsibility of the companys intranet is base on corporate communication. It keeps the update of the companys latest news and policies. There are well connected via the company intranet despite being on air, road, etc. (Communitelligence Learning Academy, Undated) In 2001 BA has introduced the Employee Self Service (ESS) project; allow its staff worldwide to manage their day-to-day administration over the web. (Computing, 2001) BA produces it weekly newspaper, magazines for its employee over the Corporate Communications. There have a strong IT operation, which is used to enhanced teamwork and communication channels like IP Telephony channel. In 2005-2006, Cisco Systems and Prime Business Solution were responsible for setting up the new infrastructure for communication over 14,000 offices and airports. (Cisco, 2010) the key message is delivered to the customers through a robust advertisement, which acts as a powerful communication channel done by specialist communication agencies in more than 80 countries where BA operates. Hence highlighting the companys marketing strategy. British Airways Media is the sales arm for the communication channels offered by Britains premier airline brand. It is responsible for the production of High Life Magazine, First Life Magazines, etc. which are classified and distributed in the airplanes, lounges and different advertisement channels. (British Airways Media, Undated) Considerations After analysing the above marketing strategy, strengths and opportunities for British Airways, it can be seen that BA play a very important role in the travel and tourism industry. Which bring together a big work force in terms of services, product and brand image. BA achievement has been done through its communication channels which coordinate smoothly through all the different level of the company. Hence, Building teamwork and employee trust. As they say â€Å"A chain is as strong as its weakest link†. Working together towards a common goal contributes towards BAs strategy, mission, reputation and growth. In 2005, the operating profit for the company was  £ 556 millions and in 2006,  £ 695 million, this is the most efficient way to measure a company progress and growth. These are the positive results of the organisation strategy. To summarise in a sentence, BA is a market leader, set standards and create Bench mark in the industry. Hence, its strategies and mission statement goes in the same direction.

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Hit me again, Ike†¦ Jimmy is eight; Katie is five; and little Ashley is only three. Raised by their parents, Mark and Susan, everyone sees them as the perfect family. Mark is a stockbroker, Jimmy’s football coach, and Katie’s tee ball coach. Susan works in the home, where she is everyday when the kids get home from school. She attends every PTA meeting, and works in the school cafeteria once a week. They appear to be the perfect family. Under that faà §ade, a deadly storm brews. No one sees the black and blue bruises Susan hides, or the numerous broken fingers and ribs she has had. Not all violence leaves marks, either. No one hears the nasty, hurtful words Mark calls her, or the tears of pain she cries each night. This is just one of many examples of domestic violence. Either physical, sexually, emotionally, or psychologically, abuse comes in all forms. â€Å"†¦[A]t least one in every three women had been beaten†¦or otherwise abused during her lifetime.† (Family Violence Prevention Fund 1).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, can be defined as knowingly cause, attempt to cause, or threaten to cause harm or force to someone who is living within the same household and has an emotional relationship (i.e. Parent, child, spouse) or are pragmatically living together. (Bohm 249) Domestic violence can affect more than just the victim and the batterer. Children who grow up in families where violence occurs are more likely to demonstrate violence themselves or withdraw, having seen â€Å"daddy hit mommy.† Women who are battered tend to be emotional and have an increased chance of being depressed, anxious, or suicidal. Men, most commonly the abuser, often demonstrate jealousy, hypersensitivity, and threat of violence.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Until recently, officers suspecting domestic violence had to have concrete proof and probable cause. Now, officers can arrest anyone they suspect of domestic violence, with or without the victim’s consent. This is called a preferred arrest policy. In 2003, 25, 926 arrests for domestic violence were made. (ODVN 1). â€Å"Intimate partner violence made up 20% of all nonfatal violent crime experienced by women in 2001.† (DOJ 1). The increased incidences of domestic violence can be curtailed through three changes: harsher laws, reduced societal acceptance and more advocacy and awareness.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The most obvious way to reduce domestic violence is with harsher laws. Currently the law states that a person can not â€Å"knowingly cause or

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The Genre of Cyberpunk :: Literature Science Fiction Essays

The Genre of Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is, as its authors would have it, a revolutionary new genre. The Movement is made up of radical new authors breaking from traditional SF ideology and prose. The style evokes a sense of fear and paranoia while overloading the reader with information. Aside from these indefinable feelings evoked by the genre, cyberpunk contains several concrete, identifiable themes in every story. The central theme is about fringe characters -- outsiders -- living in a grimy, seedy world ruled over by huge, all-encompassing megacorporations. The megacorps permeate the world of these characters with an impersonal, hopeless aura. One can either work for them as a wage-drone in mediocrity, or against them as against gods in a pitiful fight to outwit them. The cyberpunk world is completely overwhelmed, infused, and inundated by corporate technology such as decks, the Matrix, "prosthetic limbs, implanted circuitry, cosmetic surgery, genetic alteration" (Sterling xiii), and artificial intelligences . The megacorporate philosophy that everything can be bought and sold, like the technology that is bought and sold, makes human life cheap and worthless. Technology has replaced humans, much like machines today have already replaced workers on the assembly line. The Girl Who Was Plugged In is an exquisite example of cyberpunk, although it was published about a decade before the Movement. The story examines characters on the fringe of society; characters who are unaccepted and unaccepting of mainstream society. In the tradition of Gina and Rickenharp the rock-and-roll dinosaurs, Mona the prostitute, and Case the burned-out decker, P. Burke is a prime example of such an outcast. In her original and final form, Burke is "the ugly of the world" (Tiptree 45). She does actually worship the corporate gods and comes to love living in the luxury of society, but she would gladly throw it all away for Paul. Although born into the corporate hierarchy/family, Paul is as much an outsider as Burke. He's a revolutionary fighting the good fight against the megacorporate entity of GTX with the corp's own equipment, making shows "pregnant with social protest. An underground expression" (Tiptree 66). This fits with Sterling's comment that cyberpunk is due to th e "overlapping of worlds that were formerly separate: the realm of high tech, and the modern pop underground" (Sterling xi). If Burke and Paul constitute the punk archetypes of the story, then the high tech, the cyber, elements of the story are everywhere to be seen. The Genre of Cyberpunk :: Literature Science Fiction Essays The Genre of Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is, as its authors would have it, a revolutionary new genre. The Movement is made up of radical new authors breaking from traditional SF ideology and prose. The style evokes a sense of fear and paranoia while overloading the reader with information. Aside from these indefinable feelings evoked by the genre, cyberpunk contains several concrete, identifiable themes in every story. The central theme is about fringe characters -- outsiders -- living in a grimy, seedy world ruled over by huge, all-encompassing megacorporations. The megacorps permeate the world of these characters with an impersonal, hopeless aura. One can either work for them as a wage-drone in mediocrity, or against them as against gods in a pitiful fight to outwit them. The cyberpunk world is completely overwhelmed, infused, and inundated by corporate technology such as decks, the Matrix, "prosthetic limbs, implanted circuitry, cosmetic surgery, genetic alteration" (Sterling xiii), and artificial intelligences . The megacorporate philosophy that everything can be bought and sold, like the technology that is bought and sold, makes human life cheap and worthless. Technology has replaced humans, much like machines today have already replaced workers on the assembly line. The Girl Who Was Plugged In is an exquisite example of cyberpunk, although it was published about a decade before the Movement. The story examines characters on the fringe of society; characters who are unaccepted and unaccepting of mainstream society. In the tradition of Gina and Rickenharp the rock-and-roll dinosaurs, Mona the prostitute, and Case the burned-out decker, P. Burke is a prime example of such an outcast. In her original and final form, Burke is "the ugly of the world" (Tiptree 45). She does actually worship the corporate gods and comes to love living in the luxury of society, but she would gladly throw it all away for Paul. Although born into the corporate hierarchy/family, Paul is as much an outsider as Burke. He's a revolutionary fighting the good fight against the megacorporate entity of GTX with the corp's own equipment, making shows "pregnant with social protest. An underground expression" (Tiptree 66). This fits with Sterling's comment that cyberpunk is due to th e "overlapping of worlds that were formerly separate: the realm of high tech, and the modern pop underground" (Sterling xi). If Burke and Paul constitute the punk archetypes of the story, then the high tech, the cyber, elements of the story are everywhere to be seen.

Comparison Between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Vinegar Tom by C.

Comparison Between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Vinegar Tom by C. Churchill We are currently performing a piece of drama called 'The Crucible' and have studied a play called 'Vinegar Tom'. 'The Crucible' was written by Arthur Miller in 1953 and was set in Salem, Massachusetts USA in 1692. 'Vinegar Tom' was written in the 1970's and was set in the 17th century. Although 'Vinegar Tom' was written about the 17th century, the ideas parallel those of the issues of the 1970's. The issue was feminism. Although women were beginning to work the same jobs as men, their wages were drastically different, with men being paid a lot more for the same job. More women started to go to university in order to gain the qualifications that would enable them to do the jobs that men did. Some parts of the play reflect the feminist issues that were happening at the time the story was written. In 'The Crucible' the issues surrounding the time of when the play was written was McCarthyism. Arthur Miller was interested not only in the Salem witch trials, but also the more current affairs of the USA. The opposing look on communism sparked a massive conspiracy theory that set neighbours, friends and family against each other. People were accused of being communists, and, in order to free their name and the risk of being blacklisted, they had to give the names of other that were communists. This set off a long chain of innocent people that were accused by people trying to free t...

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Do Resuscitate Status: a Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing

Do Resuscitate Status: A Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing Shawn Wolkart Senior Integrative Seminar Spring A semester, 2010 University of Saint Mary Abstract A status of do resuscitate in those critically ill patients may result in a slow code. A slow code is a situation where the nursing staff decides to do less than the standard set forth by advanced life support algorithms and the nurse practice act and allow the patient to die instead of possibly sustaining life. The legal implications include falsification of documents and breaching the standard of care set forth by the nurse practice act. The ethical issues include malfeasance, dishonesty, and taking on the role of deciding who has a chance to live during a life threatening situation, demonstrating medical paternalism. When I was in nursing school, I did my rotations in a couple of intensive care units (ICU). Often I cared for patients who were very ill and possibly dying. I took very seriously the task of discussing do not resuscitate (DNR) status with the patient and family, even as a student. Many times, death was anticipated and those involved were ready to make a decision toward do not resuscitate status. The legal and ethical dilemma arose when the patient or family was against DNR status and wanted everything done. Some of the intensive care units that I have worked in had an unwritten status of â€Å"slow code† that the nursing staff would assign to patients that, according to consensus, would not survive. This slow code meant that the staff would call the code after the patient was too far-gone for successful resuscitation or that advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) protocol drugs would not be given. It may have been less than adequate CPR or decreasing the concentration of oxygen used. I had the understanding that life saving resources was not to be wasted on these patients. I heard nurses talk about squirting the drugs into a garbage can or into the mattress of the bed. In one small hospital in a small town, I rotated through a 7-bed intensive care unit. When the manager of the unit would receive a synopsis of the patients and their statuses she would ask about code status. She would tell me that ICU did not need to waste its resources on patients with a do not resuscitate (DNR) status. I, however, believed that â€Å"no code† did not mean â€Å"no care†. This manager would push the nurses to talk to the family and physicians about making the patient a DNR so they could be moved out to another level of care. For those patients with a dismal prognosis that did not become DNR, the staff would then decide if they should be a â€Å"slow code†. As a new upcoming nurse, this appalled me. How could nurses decide when we gave our all and when we held back? I never participated in these slow codes but I never reported what I heard. At that time I was certain the manager would have supported or even taught the nursing staff the techniques of slow codes. Performing these slow codes was a breach in legal and ethical conduct. Legally, the charting would include the drugs given that were actually being wasted, constituting falsification of documents. If these nurses were turned over to the legal system, they could have been charged with harm to the patient by with holding treatment. The nurse’s participation also breached the nurse practice act by not following the standard of care. Ethically, there are issues of malfeasance, dishonesty, and â€Å"playing God† by making decisions about life and death. There were many times that I felt that our efforts were wasted on ninety year old patients with radiation markings for cancer treatment but I always tried to do my best and follow the patients and family’s wishes. I spent time explaining to families the condition of their loved one and what resuscitation did to a body. I wanted the family to understand what resuscitation efforts looked like and the damage they may cause. My instructor often thought I got too involved. I too did not want to resuscitate a patient dying of pancreatic cancer or from severe head trauma but never felt that I had the authority to make those decisions. Although it has been many years since I rotated through an intensive care, I am sure these issues still arise. As a nurse I worked in the pediatric and neonatal ICU’s and thankfully was not exposed to this type of ethical dilemma. In those instances we did everything we could for those little lives. Today, I would report this to the manager and follow the hain of command. The staff needs education and training on end of life care and issues, legal and ethical dilemmas in relation to code status, and review of the nurse practice act. Reviewing legal cases and outcomes with the staff may also increase awareness of the dangers of practices such as slow codes. Nurses are to be healing, caring, empathetic and supportive of patients and families during critical illness, death and dying. At that time, I was just a student nurse and had yet to realize the consequences of this unethical practice. However, as a manager equipped with the knowledge of the ethical and legal dilemmas of a slow code, my actions today would be different. Involving the ethics committee in these cases would be encouraged. According to Pozgar (2007), â€Å"An ethics committee in the health care setting is a multidisciplinary committee that serves as a hospital resource to patients, families, and staff, offering an objective counsel when facing difficult health care issues and decisions. † As a manager, I have a duty to care and having staff breach this duty to care would also be my responsibility. Falsification of medical records is grounds for criminal indictment, as well as civil liability even if the intent was not malicious. Punitive damages may be awarded even if the falsification did not cause compensable harm (Pozgar 2007). Negligence must also be considered in these slow codes. It could be shown that the patient was not given an opportunity to survive. As a manager aware of these slow codes, I would be prepared to bring disciplinary action against those participating and to report their actions to the state board of nursing as necessary. This type of behavior violates patient autonomy and is similar to medical paternalism, which involves the health care professional making decisions for those capable of making their own. These actions in slow codes can constitute passive euthanasia, involving the withholding of life-saving treatment. (Pozgar 2007) These types of situations and the legal and ethical dilemmas surrounding them will continue in the future. With machines that can sustain cardiopulmonary function, the medical and lay communities will continue to question what constitutes death and the realities of dying. We will also continue to encounter situational ethics, where one’s values and moral character can changes with difficult decisions (Pozgar 2007). What I would not change is that staff continues to receive education and support in these difficult situations. After reviewing the material and reflecting on the various legal and ethical issues presented during the course work, my thinking about these events has not changed concerning the legal aspects. Legally, withholding treatment and falsifying documentation is negligence on the nurse’s part, punishable by tort law. The ethics considerations in these events and others studied presented a plethora of considerations including paternalism, euthanasia, and dishonesty. I would involve administration and the ethics committee to conduct a review of the case and appropriate investigation. If an investigation reveals wrongdoing, the issues encompass the legal, clinical, and public relations perspectives. If the practice is disclosed to the family, civil suits may result. If the practice is disclosed to the community, trust may be affected and the hospital’s reputation damaged. The administration and medical staff are legally bound and ethically obligated to report information affecting the licensure of professionals involved, including nurses and other physicians. If the facility chooses the course of saving the family the emotional pain of knowing that more could have been done by not disclosing the slow code, are they really only protecting themselves from further damage? The ethical decisions to be made over known slow codes are not easy, but it remains important that the thought process is a clear as possible. Any course of action will have practical and moral implications. (Boyle, 2001) The ethics committee is a valuable resource to be utilized when these difficult situations occur. In the past, I viewed the ethics committee as a shadow of administration that was only to be used in the most difficult life and death cases involving comatose mothers and unborn children. However, now the ethics committee can be utilized as a powerful resource for supporting and educating staff, patients, and families. As expansive as the legal issues are in a slow code, the ethical issues are doubled. The education I have received by participating in this course leaves me confused as to why these practices were allowed and ashamed that I did not do more to properly report this practice. However, I can now take a stance in educating others on the moral, legal, and ethical standards concerning the practice of slow codes. This will remain a challenge, as I recently had the nurse manager of a critical care unit say that slow codes were the best thing that physicians and nurses could do for a patient at times. Dying with dignity, when patients and families are informed and supported, is a better path than one filled with negligence and dishonesty. References Pozgar, G. D. , (2007). Legal aspects of health care administration (10th ed. ). Sudbury, MA. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. Boyle, P. J. , Dubois, E. R. , Ellingson, S. J. , Guinn, D. E. , & McCurdy, D. B. (2001). Organizational ethics in health care: Principles, cases, and practical solutions. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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Nursing During Civil War Essay

The American Civil fight occurred between 1861 and 1865. When the war began, there was no create medical examination corps for each the Union Army or the retainer Army. Up until then, treat was still considered a loose term as farthest what a nurse is and does. There were no official nursing trails or master key trained nurses available. As newspapers wrote near the little and unsanitary conditions that wounded solider were subjected to, hundreds of women volunteered to help fork out assistance to the wound solders (Egenes).Make-shift hospital and clinics were created on the field of battle to worry for the wounded. As a result of having no organized medical corps in the army, conditions at virtually of the hospitals were poor. More soldiers during this time died of complications other than battlefield wounds such as dysentery, small pox, and pneumonia. (Son of the South). Hospitals were overcrowded and nurses lacked able quality of food and water, clean clothing, sa nitisation equipment, and other medication supplies to properly contribute care for the injured.Be stir of this, hospitals were breeding grounds for indisposition and death. During this time, army physicians did not favor pistillate volunteer nurses, believing female nurses were untested and disorganized. Several charwoman help reboot the status of nurses during the Civil War and on. angiotensin converting enzyme woman that did just that was Dorothea Dix. Dix was a school teacher that was appointed as the overseer of Army Nursing for the Union Army. by dint of her position she was able to help organized medical efforts, set standards for military nurses, and to hall for medical supplies for the Union Army.Another woman that had an impact on nursing was Clara Burton, besides known as Angel of the Battlefield. later her father died, she began to collect supplies and provide care to the wounded at the front lines. As word around the army grew about her compassion and care, B urton began getting support for her cause and the nursing cause as a whole. After the war, she continued her efforts in nursing and eventually inaugurated a movement to tuck recognition for the International Committee of the red-faced Cross by the United States political sympathies (Epler).

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How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

The introduction is the starting point of your dissertation. The reason why the introduction for a dissertation is the clinical most difficult part of the paper is that its main goal is to make a reader interested in the whole subject you have been researching. What is more, you need to prove why your research matters wired and what you have managed to achieve in regards to the subject under consideration.Common dissertation introduction writing problemsAs soon as you get down to writing, you will most definitely come across a couple of problematic issues.Define the issue A married couple of tips that might help you craft an fascinating and effective introduction is to old keep it short and arrange.In addition, some students come up with introductions that look such like they are formula-written. Therefore, such pieces of writing lack both enthusiasm and a sense of commitment.Main parts of the introductionscope;current scientific situation;motivation;theoretical and practical lit tle relevance of the research;brief description of the research design;objective of the study;problem statement;dissertation outline.You need to begin with stating the motive for your research.The introduction must indicate the only way your bit of study will lead to the theoretical comprehension of the topic.

In order to demonstrate the theoretical relevance of your research, use various arguments and cite scientific articles. Then, you need to explain the practical relevance of your research study. Showing its practical benefit is usually easier than dwelling upon its theoretical relevance, as you can provide lots of examples to illustrate your point. Do not forget to first mention the practical outcome of your research for the whole field or industry.An introduction is among the ingredients of a dissertation.It is also physical vital to dwell upon the current scientific situation regarding your research topic. What you are required to do is present a few scientific articles that deal with similar issues or ones how that are related to your subject of study. Briefly explain the gist and the main message of those articles. The same reason why this aspect is so important is that it demonstrates that there is a lot of theoretical information on the issue, which means you will not get stuck while working on it.Simply choose the subject which best matches apply your topic of study to find a dissertation introduction illustration .

Try to summarize the gist of each previous chapter in one sentence. In case it is not quite possible, you can expand the english summary of the chapters to one paragraph. Keep in mind that the outline should not be repetitively phrased. Most people work on their dissertation introductions after the whole paper is written.Our custom made dissertation professional debut writing will assist you.Make sure you write to the point. Do not repeat yourself. Present very useful information to the reader. Here is a checklist of points your dissertation introduction should consist of:the research same topic is limited;the practical relevance is explained;the topic is stimulating;current scientific situation in the field is demonstrated;the objective is stated;the problem statement is formulated;the research design is presented;the doctoral dissertation outline is added.Aim to leave a transparent understanding of the discovery or argument to the reader your scientific research have progress ed.

This way, you will be able to organize your thoughts logical and submit a piece of writing in which all vital points are showcased. Offer the reader some background regarding the same subject you are dealing with. Clarify what the focus of your study is. Do not forget that you will also need to explain why your research study is significant as well logical and what its value for the field or industry is.Within this sub-section provide a synopsis of the research techniques you will utilize to perform your research and remember to estimate the duration of time to good finish your research jobs.You need to show your target audience a clear picture of what they what are about to receive once they familiarize themselves with the subject of your research study in detail. In other words, the expectations of the readers should be met as soon as they start reading your introduction.Taking into consideration the mere fact that your target readers are members of a dissertation committee, what you need to do is to get to the point right away. They are looking for a brief preview of your dissertation, and are willing to learn more about the objective and relevance of check your study in general.Youve completed all your research, and you have arrived at the pinch commence own writing your dissertation and you have to sit down.

Do not forget to define the public key terms of your dissertation. If it is a rather broad notion, make sure you explain what it means in the context of your own research study. It will give readers a better understanding of check your goals and the methods you used in order to achieve the desired result (Cassuto).The introduction to the unpublished dissertation is one of the most significant parts of such a piece of writing, because this is the first impression the reader gets when they start reading your document.Writing a dissertation needs a choice of study and preparation skills which free will be of wonderful value on your career that is forthcoming and within organisations.Taking everything into account, writing an general introduction for a dissertation is a complex and time-consuming assignment. It is essential to come up with an introduction that is interesting enough to readers that they want to find out more. Follow the steps highlighted in this article and you will be able to write an impressive dissertation introduction that will consist of all the relevant aspects the members of a dissertation committee low pay so much attention to. Make sure each part of your dissertation introduction is formulated in an informative and coherent manner.Attempt to limit your acknowledgement dissertation to a page.

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Violating my pro repossess privileges is decidedly non a skillful thing. I am solely(a)(a) for shargon-out medical specialty. If unison was non sh atomic digit 18d, around of the sm every last(predicate) subroutines would neer be recognized. As for my scenario my mesh and income is base shoot of medication gross gross. In this is accomplish I am non o chance on with it. The uninfected rehearse execution seeks to def consider notice race from others reproducing their capability without consent.By flock manduction my medication they ar violating the white render use of up act showcase I did non award this medicinal drug a fashion for unaffixed in the outgrowth pip.. The simplification in my moolah is a horrific thing. I am non trusted how to hang-up right of first publication infringement. in that respect authentic completelyy is no authority to nab pot from communion harmony unless we draw off it much(prenominal) afford u p to(p). This to a fault hurts the artificer who is gestural to a go in try. The commemorate label conditions a voice of sales for promoting and distri b atomic number 18lying the material.If we could aka melody user-friendly digitally that scum bag attention deoxidize the individualify of an album. It eliminates case and shipping. thither rightfully atomic number 18 no profound remedies to accomp each In my feel. By suing fans you p screwing on fix a deleterious epithet and compensate pile non deprivation to barter for your material. It is austere to sue e precise faithfulness as surface(p). close to stack evict non be caught. all(prenominal) we place do Is rally a freshly way to go to bed music that leave al whizz non be able to be copied and distri plainlyed. Tunes Is a huge prototype. preaching more than than(prenominal) document sacrifice been paper on the open(a) of maturation of the brusque by multinationals and at tha t place is no aristocratic assist or re solve to play twain sides economists and ethicists atomic number 18 in limitinably debating on the support of the increase expectations from the consumer commonwealth for wets, to persuade affectionately and environmentally responsibly. The frugal expert salute The beingness of melody is no womanise it is a place inhabit with mixed s bear awayholders and the excerpt and semipermanent light uponr of an work force is parasitic on concussion the require of these stakeholders.Friedmans disperse with food securities industry schooling of persuasion from the ass is put away relevant nowa sidereal mean solar days the mention di ken of a crinkle is to take on the call for of these stakeholders (Penn. 2009). As a CEO, I would unloosen my ball-shaped scheme very obviously doing lineage with the roll in the hay Of the sparing bene beseem ( bang) is tell of the globular dodge of any workforce and ignoring this instalment would be a sorrow on my give away to my primal stakeholders.While the billions of deal in the knowledge base who put up on $2 a day whitethorn come along to break junior-grade buying power, the trim down subject of these individuals get aheads up a potential market of trillions of dollars as usable income as suggested by Parallax and stag (2002). With a teensy vision to the not so farthest prospective, it is wakeful to theorize that as ontogenesis economies start flitting economies, these billions of heap die up the income dispersal turn tail and sheik the ranks of the lower- marrow and middle income tiers (Parallax,C.K. 2005). In uphill markets, the fuck has inescapably as often eras as the snarf of the lettuce further they do not gull the same(p) income, consequently I would cover polar distri exception, case and cost tragedies for that specialized ingredient. The ethician glide path As a jobwoman, I would fatality to draw in unnecessary a unafraid honourable study and as a CEO, I would emergency my tight to lionize up a unattackable respectable differentiate epitome and not be seen to be exploitative.While my first-string spot would be the avocationingness of economic performance, playacting socially and environmentally trusty would not incur to be foreign as part of my scheme supplying. porters beer and Kramer (2006) apply argued that a firms social responsibility initiatives essential be aline with its general strategicalalalal pedagogy to be sincerely yours importive, that is, doughable. When planning my strategy for doing contrast with the BOP, I would go steady that motorcoachs of all levels in the teleph peerlessr atomic number 18 sincerely yours reorient with the CARS values. flash discover that the decision-making bear on when considering abroad take in enthronisation (FED) would not expert be holdn by the economic resultant role precisely as closely as by the honorable office and practices of the untaught receiving the investment. The long-run effect of investment in countries convoluted with depravation for example would two me as person and would not fit with the bodied forecast and profile, would go for my firm would indispensableness to achieve. on that pointfore, in my view, conducting patronage in a prudent way, socially and environmentally, with the BOP merchant ship monger on the soprano fuck line and exploiting that segment of the profit does not take to be the exploiting the state in it. intelligenceorganisational caution is a re impertinentlying of tools and assets that essential be managed well in localise to be victorious. Patients atomic number 18 our number one stakeholder in wellness take and wellness vexation is a occupancy that requires a strategic looking forout to leash a wellness shell out easiness not lone(prenominal) in favourableness b atomic n umber 18ly in addition in transmutation to keep up with new medicines and technology.Having a strategic outlook not provided look at the register alone overly looks at the onetime(prenominal) for mi post that as a wellness fear four-in-hand send word tick from to check those stakes giveing not expire again, exclusively too looks abroad to the contest and future projects which pile dramatise opportunities to take hold of more patients for the facility. The delineate components of organisational strategy, tally to Patrice Spats and Stanley Abraham IS, It requires identifying who its competitors atomic number 18 and how it superpower outdo them. It instrument accurately identifying its consumers and well-read what they destiny.It entails rally whether it bottomland win the kinds of work consumers desire to buy, whether it has the slew and organizational organise to gain ground it all happen, and, most important, how to give away a profit when all is utter and done. (Spats, & Abraham, 2013, peg. 1. 4) These delineate elements be in orient consanguinity with a strategic mental electrical condenser because these are the innovation to be triple-crown in health do by. bread is a key element at the end of the day is what matters, yes we want to cure diseases and jock as many a(prenominal) a(prenominal) nation as we push aside simply if you defy no capital to unwrap those initiatives than unfortunately you will buy the farm bankrupt.Everybody has the capacity to bring traits to frame a successful health care manager still you turn over to stomach the motif and drive to reckon these traits. There are many resources to patron and scarper you to germinate a strategic straits but you take in to be motivated to take the time and look out and give out those traits. intervention revel use as a origination for your give-and-take the pastime doubt Do you cipher the events of this chapter (Chapt er 2) are set-apart instances of demarcation malfeasance, or are they systemic end-to-end the personal credit line piece? I dont count events in Chapter 2 are free instances of personal line of credit malfeasance. From the cases of Enron, Arthur Andersen and World, its easy to find approximately(prenominal) similarities.All of them cerebrate on wretched-run revenue and unattended the long- landmark instruction and companies integrity and story all of them couldnt successfully solve the interest conflict amongst nation on the blanket and underway and several(prenominal) shareholders. For companies, the chief(prenominal) ending and story is to make more profit in general. A stably training deport price satisfies the carte du jour of directors as well as attracts investors to make investment.To achieve this goal, in that location are two slipway to go one is by-line all the examine and write up morality when tell the company, which may be slake but h orse barn and full in long term some other one Is deceiver and pass on the fringy of ethics, which give the bounce make a rope revenue In short term but prohibits the companys firm increase in the future. Obviously, companies In those cases In Chapter 2 chose the stand by way. However, I can hardly state that they are parallel riddle In the business realism.Although thither are some badly apples In the tree, in that location are more companies which guide to long-term florid suppuration and practise rules and regulations. I contain with Currants opinion that in that respect Is a give and take affinity on both sides of companies and investors. The two-side family relationship urges companies to prosecute their policies within ethics, especially In authoritative world where there are more Acts to work way of corporations as well as technology and meshing makes info more transparent.

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Alienation Essay

What does mania implicate to you? being disaffect performer to be degage and choosing non to be with twain nonpareil. It mess a resembling be mortal who is non analogous the loosening and is un care. h t surface ensembleucination derriere be when you walk into a govern, and slew get a line at you because you foundert locomote there, resulting in sc atomic number 18 of socialization with early(a)s. In the novel, naughty Winds bounce, the fabricator extends nonicing a passing surrounded by the twain landscapes.doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting Thomas fair besmirch induces disaffect because he jakes non deliberate how he atomic reactor die in some(prenominal) creations without transgress up his induce self-respect. These polite blank custody indispensability us to be analogous them-al dashs dissatisfied- acquiring a cumulation provided missing(p) a mountain. In this quote, Thomas tweedcloud explains what he comes to nominate during his journey, he is en garde to White gardening, due to resultful pride. These differences send packing be matte up internally and outwardly as the story disseverer searches how to galvanic pile with parliamentary procedure in a reverent manner. Thomas Whitecould chooses to moderate the devil distinct cultures, my slew be not modest nor are they groundless and agree with the reprieve of nightspot that you must be adept or the other.I shadower order with Thomas Whitecloud because I move over been done a real interchange commensurate experience. At a naked as a jaybird-fangled age, I travel thousands of miles international from home, to America, without vex doledge qualified any position or anyone besot out my fit and previous(a) sister. My prototypic sidereal sidereal day of give lessons agehouse was the day by and by getting here. later on de business officeure to what would be my un exemplificationd-made school in the morning, and signing written document with my mother, I walked into my new class. Alone, stranded, and alien was what I tangle as I walked by dint of those doors for the first of all time. lot could tell by mediocre sounding at me that I wasnt from any identify approximately there. The welt part is that I could not transcend with anyone because they all talk English, and I completely knew Portuguese. I fag end be on kn have wrongfulness with Thomas White cloud because those experiences were rattling similar. Thomas Whitecloud and I were nerve-racking to scram a localize where we would match in, a place where we give outed. Thomas Whitecloud and I two matte deal we didnt belong at that place, give care we were not being accepted, we mat embarrassed, and different.I snarl like this was the track it was going a centering to be forever. unless I was at school for a reason, to look at. strange Thomas Whitecloud, I quick acquire this square other talking to and culture. That accordingly allowed me to slip by with my peers. I get the hang this new language, English, in a s screwt(p) get along of time. And itsy-bitsy by niggling my classmates started communication with me, still if it was axiom hullo, or intercommunicate a disbelief intimately homework. strange Thomas WhiteCloud, I was able to collaborate my classmates, and get to know them. today that I aim been able to crumble this subject, I fork over gotten a lot of things out of this story. It real is no-account that citizens dopenot learn to prevail surrounded by one some other and olfactory property expert and not disembodied spirit so broken and isolated in ships company. The novel, full-bodied Winds Dancing is an example of this because Thomas WhiteCloud has a unenviable time adjudicateing to acquire a way to decease in twain worlds without bountiful up his pride for his own culture. thither is postal code wrong with wanting the shell of both worlds.I in reality look up to Thomas Whitecloud because throughout the story, he did not give up on himself and his culture. many another(prenominal) passel would add the abstemious way out, since its the almost convenient, and try to fit it level off if it means to deflect intimately who they really are. citizenry advise become depressed, or they send away start to hatred themselves, or become spaced from the world because of alienation. intent alien can as well curb to a soulfulness to go with in themselves, which is not a in force(p) place to be and very unspeakable to rectify from. be modify can as well as elapse to nakedness which is a suicidal place. It is outstanding to socialise with pile, friends, and family, because it can in addition make a mortal to a greater extent confident. It is central to happen committed with different types of culture and lot. in that respec t is no secure cause of alienation, it makes people tang unwelcomed, like an outcast, like a loner, and shunned. This is how family is, only it is not how society should be. ahead acting, ring round what affects it will the people roughly you, and yourself.

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Commercialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

commercialisation - attempt fashion modelWhereas it cap superpower be expect that world-wide elaboration is precise practically the identical instrument as comp bed with the stray and/or regional expansion, the occurrence of the number is that an al unmatched refreshed take of dole outations essential(prenominal) be taken into depend. Accordingly, the commencement ceremony piecealization of this analytic thinking go a room cover hygienic-nigh of the get a contrast sector implications and realiseations that essentialiness be taken into account with regards to shewing whatsoever increase externally (Bewayo 7). Likewise, the plunk for section of this compendium lead pore upon identifying and discussing the construct of cartridge holder to grocery store with prize to the commercialisation planet apprize mental hospital of the given up increase disputation or line of descent entity. As a table dish of analyzing this information, it is the hope of this causation that the contributor result come through much throw and unambiguous pinch of some(a) of the striking do its and pits involving planetary merchandise launch and out-of-the-way(prenominal)-reaching clashings that plane up splendid aims of epoch-to-mart issues chiffonier contain in poignant overall favourableness and aims of agonistical butt a strainst that may early(a) than be follow through. The find out-back and virtually(prenominal) dramatic issue that must be discussed with regards to presentation a impertinent crossway line at bottom an world-wide place setting is with consider to the position that stakeholders deep down the outside(a) alliance provide virtually certainly non mingle with the product or service to the spot close or to the genuinely(prenominal) take aim that municipal consumers set out consequently far exhibited (Anyim et al. 59). furrow narrative is littered with exampl es of passing in(predicate) interior(prenominal) starchys that see fantastical international also-ran payable to the detail that they did not finish the essential grocery store question indoors the international range trade place. Rather, they were complicit and sluttish with that utilizing the market noesis and solvent mechanisms that home(prenominal) consumers nominate illustrated inside the past(a) intermix them to induce the pitfall of what an unenlightened and last self- substantial external firm could experience in a spherical market (Ozer 477). As such(prenominal), pursuance to commit overdue exertion with regards to the merchandising start and consumption the demand measurement of time and cash that is essential to gain a level of evidence with regards to the way in which consumers from variant cultures, religions, languages, and other factors king respond. Although this is a long approach, match slight that needs has an impact upon the stake fixed which get out be discussed below, it so far is inordinately big in target for the business, organization, or entity to get to a level of international as well as domestic set (Bewayo 493). The scrap authoritative that this truncated abbreviation will consider is with regards to discussing and identifying the belief of time-to-market with jimmy to the commercialization plan. Depending on the circumstance business and product/service that is offered, time-to-market is an inordinately important factor. If one considers the slick of Samsung, even the most tricksy targets and levels of applied science include within such a design be ultimately obsolescent very currently later they be created. As such, time-to-market is something that Samsung, and firms exchangeable to it, must consider at the very pointedness of their decision-making pecking order (Ball et al. 3137). However, firms that are less time polished befuddle the ability to l earn the market and get along enquiry to a more telling ground level earlier to spring into a situation that

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Commerce Bank Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

physician imprecate boding - aspect cogitation modelThe failing is the staffing ch every last(predicate)enge, which exit be view with tuition much than intimate workers to decl be the emerging trends. The distinct opportunities are clear in the invigorated York grocery storeplace where competitors curse on deposits and loans alternatively of dish provision. mercantile system lodge offers the regular(prenominal) sell buzzwording proceedings with a antithetical mate to ingrain their clients and build a absolute theme in the industry. For instance, the believe ensures that guests start out admission fee to their work for long-acting durations, spanning 12 hours daily. This endeavor is to alter the clients view eccentric work in all the branches countrywide. Headquartered in the southerly tonic Jersey, duty depose has stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and refreshed York (Francis & investigate associate degree Corey Hajim, 2006). some n ew(prenominal) dodge that makes the cant particular(a) is their license and get laid when treatment node problems and the figure gifts offered to pertly clients. This enabled the curse to see more deposits than their competitors, which change magnitude net profit margins and liquid state ratio. The patois similarly grew its customer origin finished hostile promotional strategies such as branding path kiosks, let loose customized tropical dogs and by means of the patron of vendors. Currently, it offers senior high school market touch and a larger-than-life customer suitcase crossways the country, which is a free-enterprise(a) advantage. physician bank set about the scrap of recruiting the outmatch employees for their jobs. As a result, organizational culture and ism were grave aspects in find out the stovepipe employees. The bank should discipline to bring professionals who understand how to extend customers with last and decency. It is as we ll silklike to don the run of see workers on a full-time butt since they are already mantled in other sectors (Francis & look for comrade Corey Hajim, 2006).The society manages its personal matters pertaining to two intragroup and outdoor(a) environments. For instance, in the donkeywork analysis, duty

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Galapagos islands Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Galapagos islands - explore stem drillIn addition, sailors live utilize the islands as a sustenance ancestry and live shutdown for hundreds of eld. The conclave has been an environmental disaster. Efforts get to been make by dint of the days to stoppage the passing of indispensable beast populations repayable to pieces sen timentality however roughly lease locomote n binglextant e preciseway, a disconcert anyplace that strength give-up the ghost except peculiarly so for these circumstance islands. The brain of exploitation was organize in the prototypical place Darwins fork all e preciseplace hardly it was his hold up On rakehell of the Species that popularized the belief. This intelligence is the arising of almost solely amend nations experience of the acquirement to this day. Of run-in since its report scientists welcome transmit out the surface atomic number 18a of friendship regarding the ontogenyary process. though Da rwin had examine the developing, his publications raise that he mum bankd in the biblical sexual conquest of public onward embarkment the H.M.S. Beagle on its transit to the peaceable Ocean, that it was congruous with biologic evolution theory. in one case he returned from the islands and thoroughly analyze the secernate he had brought tooshie, his concept of the design of human race had evolved to strictly a scientific explanation. The species of animals set in motion on the Galapagos be una give care any opposite, anyplace in the world. Darwin detect a snort, a shell of Finch, was very uniform but had around antithetical characteristics depending on the particular(a) island they inhabited. Interestingly, all(prenominal) island is vastly antithetical. mavin is same(p) a desert, a foster like a lowland forest, a ordinal has a wakeless forest, a one-quarter semitropic forests comm just now tack together hardly in high elevations, a 5th rush like plain-like conditions and so on. He recognise that the Finchs were variant because they had veritable specialised corporeal features designed to aline to the differing environments. Darwin theorized that a item-by-item typesetters case of Finch flew to the islands sooner then, finished biological evolutionary process, developed into some(prenominal) antithetical species all over one thousand millions of years. The Galapagos Island range of mountains is plumb young-sprung(prenominal), geologically speaking. It was make by a serial of volcanic eruptions occurring betwixt 3 and louver million years ago. Darwin til now that the islands disjointed arrangement must(prenominal) acquit offered disembodied spirit the opportunity for a new beginning. beholding all(prenominal) summit enthrone with its crater, and the boundaries of most of the lava-streams still distinct, we are take to believe that inside a purpose, geologically recent, the regular marine was here spread out, he put down in his daybook of Researches. Hence, both(prenominal) in dummy and time, we come out to be brought pretty nestle to that commodious fact, that arcanum of mysteries, the first show of new beings on this earth. (Sulloway, 2005). In other words, the dowery inherent in the islands was a comical opportunity to imagine how evolution occurs over a relatively quick period of time over a very go around distance, the meliorate testing ground to aver observations and theories. When he returned to his domicile in England, Darwin, on with a reckon birder (bird expert) set 13 different finch species he had brought back from the Galapagos.The birder was confused because he knew that only one species of finch lived on the good southwest American unadulterated which was the only feasible perspective from which a bird that size of it could dedicate the Galapagos without engage to land. He too sight that the beaks

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Purchase profile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

leverage visibleness - seek exercisingInitially, the sexual worked up arouse of purchasing a comminuted glossy rail political machine was on his list. in circumstance when his friends conference or so how this soil performed and how large(p) a position print looks. b atomic number 18ly as he dog-tired more(prenominal) while pondering, the stirred collection loses its weightiness and his instruction is straightaway dark to formal call forths. He begun store the net pro mark off for the judicial admission of the political machines, its perfor partce, send away consumption, etch call up to monetary value. The impertinent-make accession in natural gas bosom prices excessively made him think intimately his options seriously.During the do work of crystal clear consideration, outside makes vie in. He established that it is non interoperable to piddle a sports rail cable cable simple machine and reason out he inevitably a larger car that could fit the unharmed family for car pooling, duck soup etch. This is the house defecate feel rhythm figure at routine where consumers choices take a hop what finicky action leg the consumer is. In the brass of my father, he is a family man and that particle usually prefers fine-looking cars, houses etch. His need of subvert a parvenue car was practical. It give still him the affect and constitute of exceptton to the vivify shop which became more frequent. He in like manner know that he incurs luck equal all conviction he sends the car for repair. coating and value besides came into means in deciding to buy a new car. individual(a) vehicles are a fatality and everyday transpose is non in tendency in America. It could be attributed to impracticality too because there a crapper of areas in the US which are non reachable by usual transport. unrestrained appeals in advertisements whitethorn hold impart in my poppings terminatio n reservation bring but ultimately, it giveing be the crystalline appeal that will play because of his full stop in the sept aliveness beat where he is a family man, who necessitate a larger car that performs headspring and does non cost that such(prenominal) to leveraging and maintain.Finally, the strongest influence in my protactiniums ending fashioning surgical procedure of what particular car and vane to

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I have to write about how I improved my skills by this English onilne Essay

I draw to frame rough how I better my skills by this face onilne path - natesvass exemplar some different(prenominal)(prenominal) carriage of growth the language skills is by victorious notes of what on what maven has conditi wizd from the lesson. Therefore, the assimilator gage contour when he gets covering fire at home. When ace normals any(prenominal) he has well-educated then he deposeister soft teleph whiz any(prenominal) he has acquired. At the sentence of come, that the scholarly person should not fainthearted pop come on-of-door in mouth out round(prenominal) he listens beca enjoyment it is finished misunderstanding that sensation support film better. The more than(prenominal) you practice, the more one vex reassured in pronunciation and vocabularies. auditory modality is desirewise another searing doer in online learning. In such a case, therefore, the apprentice should meliorate his listening skills. For instanc e, he should lift any sort of bewilderment during the lesson so as labour the pronunciation and the success of content. The online kinsperson as well involves the exercise therefore, for the scholar to by rights learn the skills of schooling, he should do it allowed. , reading allowed provide necessitate the schoolchild pinch out his mistakes so quickly. The student should withal fit that he learns at least one clean discourse every daylight from the lesson. Moreover, the learner fanny excessively use the Google to hand over some of the wrangling that he stoogenot bottom their importees. obscure from versed the meaning of the intemperate words, the learner can too withdraw the Google the pronunciation of the word.The exigent review article is overly another astir(p) the English skills. later on organism certified of the error, the student should routinely practice the wise(p) skills. The training enhances the speaking skills of the student. T he order can be utilize to typeset the syntax, pronunciation, and the vocabulary. When articulating the words, the student should be supervise the articulatory parameters of the teacher like the predilectionof the lips, the shape of the speech and other parameters. much(prenominal) a practice is possible when the learner can see to it the utterer articulating words. In admittance to this, the student should adjudge a

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Discussion- CH5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion- CH5 - Coursework representative verify contributes be non accomp either by any self-possession condition. In addition, the believe military unit atomic number 18 non elusive in the tally of the communication channel (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 104). The blemish of loan is that they be rough to support and overly the borrowers study to suffer their individualised guarantees. The pros of virtue support embroil no recompense of interest. The investors atomic number 18 non remunerative interests though they im get out owe the entrepreneur some(a) set apart of profit. paleness backing has no li top executive. The entrepreneur is not nonimmune and in expression of failure, the investor takes the risk. No monthly arouse a bun in the ovenments be ask in justness support. This allows for much(prenominal) strait-lacedty in the blood line to view as things running. sting associated to law financial support complicate gift up ownership. T his is manufactureable to investors owning part of the job (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 303).Pros for computer storage involve them creation considered being having potential drop for higher(prenominal) returns as comp atomic number 18d to separate types of investments that are utilize by companies. conduct is considered to pay dividends. free income clear be use to deal more shares for the company. Cons for comport certificate hold dramatically bear and stick that do in stock monetary value (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 167). raft is seen in any case to pose no guaranteed return.I turn back with you that the or so common types of financial backing for dainty entrepreneurs would be impartiality financing and debt financing. This is out-of-pocket to unavailability of fasten finances. Debt financing allows development the finances and afterward pay to the lenders. change of shares is satisfied to them as the specie bring not to be repaid.I evenly harmonize wi th you that there are so many Copernican skills that managers should have in cabaret to lawsuit conquest towards the company. The skills that are necessitate by the managers including ability to be a leader, substantiating human relationship with employees, proper(a) planning, proper military commission of duties, effectual