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Choosing Good Annotated Bibliography Topics

Choosing Good Annotated Bibliography Topics Among the members of the church announces at the close of the service that he'd like to have the church come back to his home to eat, so many individuals visit the dinner at his residence. As a consequence the schools worry that they're hiring professors with minimal experience and spend more cash on the present faculty to keep them happy. Such statistics include murder prices, concealed-carry permit prices, and assorted others. If you're investigating a topic for the very first time, cause'' may be too hard to pursue, even when you are extremely interested in it. Where to Find Annotated Bibliography Topics Record the right information for your bibliography from every source you find. Moreover, it doesn't matter what the distinct subject area you want, but your annotated bibliography ought to be laconic and right to the point. While an abstract also summarizes a guide, book, Web site or other sort of publication, it's purely descri ptive. An annotated bibliography might be a part of a bigger project or it may also be a stand-alone assignment. The concept that you place into your paper could be paraphrasing the original info or it might be an immediate quotation. Sloane's work will act as my principal supply of information. Project topic on business management lists will allow you to choose what you would like to study. While the majority of the formatting styles are quite alike, there continue to be some differences, which ought to be taken into consideration. Studying greeting cards which are already on the market will provide you with a feel for what consumers and greeting card businesses are interested in. 1 approach to organize information from resources is to produce a notecard for each idea you wish to incorporate into your paper. Your school library website ought to have a list of databases you are able to access. Additionally, students may also obtain different version of a book on our site. The One Thing to Do for Annotated Bibliography Topics You are able to accordingly make extra research and gather knowledge that has not yet been published in the current papers. As a part of corporate social responsibility, the help of on-line bibliography are provided at zero cost to students who cannot afford to cover generating the citations. In reality, an annotated bibliography provides a student the opportunity to dig deeper into the subject of this issue and locate an informational foundation for the research undertaking. It is u sually assigned to students who are conducting a particular type of research, or are searching for a better understanding of a particular topic. To let readers know when you achieve the close of the summary, place a parenthetical citation at the end of the material. Gather the exact same amount of evidence for each side of the argument in order for your article is not going to appear biased. As soon as you enter a specific topic on the site, it will become possible to understand regarding several factors, which can be helpful for the research. It's mandatory on the portion of the student to compose the assignment free from any plagiarism, meaning the material or content shouldn't be copied from any other sources. Annotated Bibliography Topics: the Ultimate Convenience! Being a complete variant of the references page, the Annotated Bibliography is an all-inclusive collection of literature employed in the essay or research paper intended to show the author's point. In the event you're not confident about the several formats like APA, MLA Chicago etc. use a web-based annotated bibliography generator to simplify the approac h. There are lots of standardized formats of APA bibliography which can be found the internet but it's still recommended to check for the precise style and format with professors. The summary is likewise very great. Tape record and take notes to make certain you get every detail down. If you're writing an annotated bibliography with several sources, it might be beneficial to divide the sources into categories. Locate the documents and articles linked to the chosen city and produce a brief annotated bibliography. Both are necessary to compose a well-rounded discursive article. As you probably are aware that it is crucial to incorporate a citation whenever you're quoting from a research supply, it's just as important to incorporate a citation when paraphrasing or summarizing. Proper citations help defend you from committing plagiarism when you compose a paper and apply the ideas from another source you have researched.

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The Caretaker Of Rosie s Heart Essay - 856 Words

The Caretaker of Rosie’s Heart The freckles on her cheeks looked as if a tiny fairy had left a single tea-stained kiss there, then decided that the first one looked lonely, and placed another beside it. Their skin pressed together while the light pushed through the blinds. His eyes opened to see the trees shed their first dying leaves across the road. He felt safe next to her. The soft chime of metal woke her. Her plush, tawny lips parted, exposing porcelain teeth. He brushed the hair back from her forehead and kissed her on the nose. She bubbled with laughter. All bright eyes and rosy cheeks. He left for work, the house seemed smaller when he returned. Rosie’s depression is like a rolling dice, she’ll never know which side of it she’ll get. All 6 sides hold different dangers and emotions. Rosie doesn’t get to choose. Each time he opened the door, he was greeted by a different Rosie. Some days he is acquainted with colder, stiffer, darker Rosie. Her eyes full of hidden truths, reflecting clouds to distract from the secrets of the earth. Rosie stacked all of her past lives into storage sheds. Today he was there on the day she remembered. He stood behind her, holding each of her hands in his, and whispered in her ear. â€Å"Rosie?† he spoke softly. Her eyes were hard beneath her smudged makeup. Her hands shook as she reached forward and took him in her arms. She was limp, lifeless, and cold. So cold. A part of her was gone. She wanted to take everything back. Make it so he didn’tShow MoreRelatedVernon, Or Vern, By His Mother Inherited The Blackstone Farm1322 Words   |  6 Pagesgrandmother, Rosie Armstrong. When his maternal grandfather, Bob Armstrong died in 1958, his mother inherited the Blackstone farm. As a consequence Vern became a farmer and person of note on the lake. He was a colourful, controversial and a larger than life character with a â€Å"twinkle in his eyes†. He also loved to play the fiddle. There are many stories but the following illustrates a bit of this interesting farmer, backwoodsman and above all pragmatic figure. Vern was the second caretaker that the LenihansRead MoreIndo Anglian Literature3627 Words   |  15 Pagesrefers to the body of work by writers in India who write in the English language and whose native or co-native language could be one of the numerous languages of India. It is also associated with the works of members of the Indian diaspora, such as V. S. Naipaul, Kiran Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri who are of Indian descent. It is frequently referred to as Indo-Anglian literature. (Indo-Anglian is a specific term in the sole context of writing that should not be confused with the term Anglo-Indian). As a categoryRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pages Strategic Marketing Management Dedication This book is dedicated to the authors’ wives – Gillian and Rosie – and to Ben Gilligan for their support while it was being written. Acknowledgements Our thanks go to Janice Nunn for all the effort that she put in to the preparation of the manuscript. Strategic Marketing Management Planning, implementation and control Third edition Richard M.S. Wilson Emeritus Professor of Business Administration The Business School Loughborough University

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Mechanical Behavior Of Geopolymers After Exposing

The Mechanical Behavior of Geopolymers after exposing to High Temperatures Name University Supervisor Due Date: Executive Summary This paper reviews the mechanical behavior of geopolymers after exposing to high temperatures. The review begins with a brief overview of geopolymers and examines the extant literature on the mechanical behavior of geopolymers after exposing to high temperatures by artificial intelligent techniques. The final and compressive strength of geopolymers is also discussed. Finally, this review examines studies on genetic programming as a technique of modeling the performance of materials and in particular, geopolymers. This paper focuses on the general and specific aspects of genetic programming on geopolymers, and summarizes its importance. Further, this review features genetic programming as applicable to geopolymers as a method of predicting the effect of temperature on their mechanical behavior. From the review, it emerges that geopolymers that resist the action of loads that tend to reduce their sizes, exhibit high compressive strength. Table of Contents Executive Summary ii Chapter One: Introduction to Geopolymers v Chapter Two: Review of Literature vi ï‚ § Summary vi ï‚ § Mechanical Behavior of Geopolymers after exposing to High Temperatures by Artificial Intelligent Techniques vi ï‚ § Final Strength of Geopolymers after exposure to High Temperatures ix ï‚ § Compressive Strength xi ï‚ § Genetic Programming (General) xv ï‚ § Genetic

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Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges or Not

Question: Discuss about the Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges or Not. Answer: In this essay, it has been analyzed whether system thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges or not. Business is all about change. It is about renewal, innovation and developing new methods to develop things. Lam and Law (2016) stated that in present ear, business has become imbued with a strand of ethical behavior and its underlying values. Companies have to take care of both environmental and social issues. At the same time, they have to be concerned about wellbeing of people, cultural diversity and their future generation. Robinson (2012) stated that in order to bring change in the behavior and outlook of doing business ethically, it is required to understand what change is and how change comes. Robinson (2012) had identified five major myths about change. According to Robinson (2012), people will change 1) if the learn the correct facts 2) if we sell the case harder 3) if they feel enough pain 4) if they are shocked into action and 5) if rewards ar e high enough. Robinson (2012) had developed theory of change management named A good enough theory. According to this theory no theory is can work perfect in the complex real life situation. However, a theory can be useful if it provides good ideas, wicked problems, human element and entropy. Sustainability has become an essential part of business in the present era. It can be considered as the long-term commitment of a company to change the way it conducts business. It helps to recognize that a business is a part of complex system and it is interdependent with social, environmental and economic issues (Noori et al. 2015). Awareness and management has significant impact on business sustainability. In this essay shifting to more renewable sources of energy has been selected as the wicked problem related with sustainability. Masini and Menichetti (2013) stated that there are three major dimensions of sustainability can be found in a business they are such as vibrant economy, healthy environment and equitable society. The selected wicked problem belongs to the environmental sustainability of an organization. Importance of this issue and development of appropriate solution to solve this issue has been discussed in this essay. Lam and Law (2016) stated that energy is essential part of life. Without energy, millions of people would leave hungry and cold. It has been found that major source energy is fossil fuels. Industries of most of the developed and developing countries use fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and natural oil. Rodriguez-Ubinas (2014) mentioned that, low cost of converting natural resources to energy is the major reason behind using conventional energy sources by companies. However, in the last decade fossil fuel consumption had been increased by double. Sheth and Sinha (2015) stated that, at this rate the total amount of natural oil will last only 20 more years. In future, it will increase the price oil, which will affect all type of business. According to Tejeda and Ferreira (2014), it will possibly lead to international economic crisis (EIA). There are various ways to convert energy without using fossil fuel such as nuclear energy and geothermal energy. Many countries and industries have striated to shift from traditional energy sources to renewable energy sources. However, they are still not used in full potential. Norgaard (2017) stated that, in order to maintain sustainability of business in future, organizations have to think about shifting fully towards renewable energy sources from traditional sources. It will help them to become prepare for the situation when the supply of fossil fuel will not be adequate. It has been considered as wicked problem for two major reasons. They are such as increased amount of population and growing demand of developing countries. Li et al. (2014) stated that, for the last thirty years, the world population is increasing drastically. It in term increases the amount of energy consumptions. If the population rate keeps increasing as the same pace, fossil fuels will not last more than 20 years. Industries of developing countries are consuming more energy than industrialized countries as they are in the process of development. Doci et al. (2015) stated that, most of the companies of developing countries are still able to reach their peak efficiency rate. Hence, it increased consumption and waste development rate. For this reason, it has become utter necessary to shift towards renewable energy for business operation. The unconventional nature of the issue has made it a wicked problem. In order to solve this wicked problem, it is required to develop systems think ing. Three major questions need to be answered using systems thinking. They are such as 1) what are the major challenges that company might face due to the shift towards renewable energy source 2) what are the major advantages that a company can get from the implementation of renewable energy? Is it worthy enough? and 3) what strategies a company can implement to shift towards renewable energy and achieve sustainability In order to shift from conventional energy sources to non-conventional energy sources, it is required for company to find out what are the major challenges that it has to face during this shifting. These challenges are such as infrastructural issues, lower cost efficiency rate and high cost of maintenance. Stoeglehner et al. (2014) stated that, in most of the case, development renewable resources need huge amount of initial investments on infrastructure. It includes factors of prospecting, permitting and marketing. All these factors increase the price of development of renewable energy. For this reason, Most of the companies are unable to use the renewable energy due to its high price. It can be describe in terms of cost efficiency as well. Figure 1: Cost effective source of energy (Source: Norgaard 2017) It has been found from this graph that for 1 MWh energy, a company has to pay $396 for using Solar photovoltaic energy source, $257 for solar thermal and $ 191 for wind- offshore energy sources (Larcher and Tarascon 2015). All these are non-conventional energy sources. On the other hand, a company has to pay $140 for using natural gas, $130 for using coal and $120 for using hydroelectric power sources to get energy of 1 MWh (Fritsche et al. 2014). All these are traditional or conventional energy source. These figures indicate that it is profitable for any organization to use conventional energy sources rather than non-conventional one. In addition, a company has to make some necessary amendments in order to shift from traditional energy sources to conventional energy sources. It can cost extra money to the company (Hinrichs-Rahlwes 2013). For example, in order to use photovoltaic energy, the company has to install solar plates, which is very costly. In addition, it requires high main tenance. Along with that due to the small amount of energy generation (for one or two factories only), the cost of energy production is high. These are the major challenges that a company might have to face while shifting from conventional energy to renewal energy. Now the second question occurs. The second question is that despite of all challenges why a company should shift towards renewable energy sources. The answer is that, in future when all fossil fuels reach the verge of ending, renewable energy source will become the only option for all countries and all industries (Finn and Fitzpatrick 2014). From the usage rate of fossil fuel, it can be assumed that at the pace fossil fuels will last 50 to 100 years maximum. After that, all companies will be forced to use renewable energy sources. From the above discussion about change, it has been analyzed that this is the condition that will lead company to change. Kaldellis and Kapsali (2013) stated that if all companies do not start to shift towards renewable energy source then in future their sustainability will be lost failure is inevitable. Companies should not ignore the huge potential of renewable energy sources as well. According to European Photovoltaic Industry Association, solar energy h as the ability to provide energy to more than 1 billion people within 2020 (Norgaard 2017). By 2040, solar energy will be able to meet 26% of the total energy demand. In terms of cost efficiency, it can be stated that, although it is lower than conventional energy sources, dramatic increase of efficiency can be observed by increasing the amount production. Hinrichs-Rahlwes (2013) stated that by increasing the production to double, the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells can be increased by 26%, which is huge increment. There are also some other advantages as well. As solar photovoltaic energy, wind energy and tidal energy are renewable, hence they are sustainable as well. Management of an organization of organizations never has to worry about running out of energy anymore. It can also bring economic benefit. The renewable energy sources produce little or no waste products. Hence, a company does not require to spend huge amount of money for waste disposal anymore. It will save huge amount of money for an organization. It will also have less impact on the environment as well. Overall, it can be stated that shifting towards renewable energy source s can really be a major step of a company towards sustainability. Now, the third and the last question occurred. How or what are the strategies a company to use to shift towards renewable energy sources. Before developing strategies, it is required to remember that one or two companies cannot get much success or profit by implementing renewable energy in their plants. Multiple entities are associated in this course of transformation. They are such as equipment manufacturers, suppliers, bank and other financers, installation providers, maintenance providers, subsidy providers, regulators and validators. They work together, even take help from the government to shift towards sustainable green energy. Six major strategies that companies can take together with government agencies to implement sustainable renewable energy. They are such as 1) assessment of resources 2) reduction of cost 3) development of market channels 3) improving policy and regulatory initiatives 4) arrangement of proper financial instruments for green energy 5) proper human resource development through training in order to use renewable energy properly 6) strengthening government policies related with renewable energy use. A matrix has been given below to show the priorities of every initiative. Figure 2: Priority Matrix (Source: created by author) Now an implementation plan has been given below in another table. Figure 3: Implementation plan (Source: created by author) In conclusion, it can be stated that shifting towards renewable energy has some major issues. These issues can be identified using systems thinking. It can also found that despite of all the challenges, implementation of renewable energy can make a company sustainable. Management of a company never has to think about running out of energy anymore. However, companies need to work together with government to make successful implementation of renewable energy. For that purpose, some strategies have been developed along with appropriate implementation plan. These strategies can make a company successful in long run and make it sustainable. References Doci, G., Vasileiadou, E. and Petersen, A.C., 2015. Exploring the transition potential of renewable energy communities. Futures, 66, pp.85-95. Finn, P. and Fitzpatrick, C., 2014. Demand side management of industrial electricity consumption: promoting the use of renewable energy through real-time pricing. Applied Energy, 113, pp.11-21. Fritsche, U.R., Iriarte, L., Jong, J., Agostini, A. and Scarlat, N., 2014, May. 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Stoeglehner, G., Baaske, W., Mitter, H., Niemetz, N., Kettl, K.H., Weiss, M., Lancaster, B. and Neugebauer, G., 2014. Sustainability appraisal of residential energy demand and supply-a life cycle approach including heating, electricity, embodied energy and mobility. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 4(1), p.24. Tejeda, J. and Ferreira, S., 2014. Applying systems thinking to analyze wind energy sustainability. Procedia Computer Science, 28, pp.213-220.