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Benchmarking - Amgen Corporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Benchmarking - Amgen Corporation - Case Study Example APQC gives Amgen a rundown of 40 potential benchmarking organizations from which Amgen chooses the best seven. Amgen gets an opportunity to visit four of the organizations while the other three are met via telephone. In the wake of scaling itself against these organizations, Amgen rebuilds its business preparing and improvement division. Subsequent to understanding the positive outcomes from the benchmarking, Amgen looked to utilize a similar idea to assess its method of development of the items from the creation stage to the end client. All the while, it has had the option to learn numerous exercises. For example, Amgen has discovered that one of the obstacles to successful benchmarking is an inability to make compelling usage of the scholarly ideas. Finding reasonable organizations ready to take part in the benchmarking is a test however APQC proves to be useful in such occasions. Through benchmarking, Amgen has had the option to make an achievement advancement in different parts of its activities. The best choice Amgen would ever have done was to start the benchmarking idea in their business. It would have been shocking for Amgen to proceed with their business activities and thoughts without estimating themselves against the top entertainers. Different contenders, who are performing better in human asset the executives, would have overwhelmed them. It is consistently essential to keep a steady assessment of qualities and shortcomings in all parts of business and afterward execute benchmarking to address the shortcomings. Amgen coordinated the benchmarking thought in the nick of time when it would have lost absolute command over the expanding number of workers. Absolutely, Amgen will keep receiving the rewards of benchmarking even in future. For any business to be fruitful, it needs to grasp the difference in occasions that are common in present day business conditions. Rivalry is on the ascent and just the most serious and sorted out organizations will stay in business.â â

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Terrorism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Psychological oppression - Assignment Example There are numerous Muslims who are exceptionally serene and don't bolster fear based oppression. Be that as it may, it is essential to tune in to the voices of the rare sorts of people who have been engaged with psychological oppressor exercises. Here it is critical to put a reasonable line between Islam as a religion and Islamic fanaticism. Islam as a religion advances harmony while Islamic radicalism advances the utilization of brutality for the sake of protecting Islam (Streusand, 2003). Krauthammer (2002) says that we can't disprove the contention by Professor Samuel Huntington that Islam has wicked outskirts. The genuine fomentation of the Muslims is that their religion is being overwhelmed by the West culture. Generally, Islam was a predominant religion and they utilized Jihads to force their way of life, qualities, and convictions on others. This isn't the situation today as the vast majority are presently adjusting toward the western culture. The Muslims have reacted to this by putting an outskirt between the western culture and the Islamic culture. This has even been done through savagery. In Nigeria when a writer distributed a hostile picture in the paper, the Muslims responded by murdering Christians, consuming the paper workplaces and giving an execution order for the writer of the article. The Muslims for this situation lay the fault on Christians for loss of Islamic qualities. There has likewise been delayed war between the Palestinians who are Muslims and Israelites who are the Jews. Another model is the September eleventh assault on the U.S.A; this was viewed as a biggest achievement in the realm of Islamic fanatic since they accept the United States is a key promoter of â€Å"satanic activities†. In nations where Christianity and Islam are drilled on practically equivalent levels there have been incredible strict clashes. This has been seen in Sudan where the Arab Muslims have done destruction crusades against the African Christians. In these nations there have been clear outskirts between the Christians and the Muslims. On the off chance that one religion lives in the west the different lives east or in the event that one dwells in the north the different lives at the south and clashes are normal between the two. This isn't simply constrained to Christianity; there were Pakistan-Kashmir fear monger assault against the Indian Hindus. From the abovementioned, it unmistakably shows that the Islamic radicals are greatly resolved to secure their religion. They will react with viciousness any activity that conflicts with the estimations of Islam. Nonetheless, some have utilized religion to ensure their severe systems. They do fear based oppressor exercises against different states asserting they are non-devotees. They would need to revitalize the Islamic world on their side so as to remain in power. Such systems assault countries that advocate for human rights or restrict their harsh systems. This gathering isn't genuin e and ought to be opposed no matter what. Those that should be tuned in to are the ones earnestly battling to ensure Islam. The significant inquiry here is that, by what means would this be able to be tended to? Notwithstanding the incredible distinction in culture and qualities between the West and the Muslims it is significant for the west to consider what the Muslims think. It is critical to regard their religion, culture, and convictions. Muslims put more confidence in Mohamed as their prophet. The west ought not deride Mohamed at all. The approach changes that are fundamental incorporate political, social, and financial strategies. The Islamic world doesn't despise the

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An offer can be made in oral form, written form or conduct

An offer can be made in oral structure, composed structure or direct Disclaimer: This work has been put together by an understudy. This isn't a case of the work delivered by our Law Essay Writing Service . You can see tests of our expert work here . An offer can be made in oral structure, composed structure or lead Question: How is an offer ended? If you don't mind give models and case law so as to help your answer. Offer, Acceptance and Consideration are the three fundamental parts to frame a lawfully restricting agreement. Also, before any agreements are being made, there must be sensible and legitimate methods for correspondence between parties. An offer is a positive and explicit guarantee made by the offeror to an offeree of which there is an expectation to be bound on explicit standing on the off chance that it is acknowledged. An offer can be made in oral structure, composing structure or by lead, noticed that it ought not be dubious yet distinct. So as to end an offer, there are five different ways to do so which will be demonstrated as follows: 1. Dismissal There are two types of dismissal to an offer. The principal structure is that the offer is just dismissed by the offeree for not ready to be limited by the condition s of the proposal through correspondence, this will forever devastate the offer. The offeree can't change his/her brain a while later and indicate to acknowledge the offer once more. For instance, Jean needed to purchase Peter’s vehicle and offered him a cost of $32,000. Subside then answered to state that $32,000 was beneath his desire. For this situation, Peter had dismissed Jean’s offer and the offer did not exist anymore. In this manner, Peter couldn't adjust his perspective and disclose to Jean that it was an error not to acknowledge the offer. In any case, at that point he would now be able to offer the vehicle to Jean by making another offer, and Jean is allowed to acknowledge it, agreement will along these lines framed. The second type of dismissal to an offer is that the offeree rejects the offer made to him/her by a counter offer. This counter offer will decimate the first offer and presents another offer. For this situation the first offeror may acknowledge or deny this new offer. As indicated by Hyde v Wrench (1840), where â€Å"A†, the offeror offered to sell a home at a cost of 1000 pounds, â€Å"B†, the offeror answered that he was happy to pay 950 pounds as it were. The offer was cannot, yet subsequently, â€Å"B† tried to acknowledge the underlying offer. It was held that the offer has just ended by the counter proposal of 950 pounds, accordingly no agreement could be made at the time â€Å"B† attempted to acknowledge the underlying proposal as it did not exist anymore. In any case, it ought to be noticed that a unimportant request about the provisions of offer to make the deal increasingly good, while he is happy to acknowledge the offer is definitely not a counter offer nor dismissing the offer. This guideline lied in Stevenson v. McLean (1880), where â€Å"A† offered to offer iron to â€Å"B† for money. â€Å"B inquired as to whether they could have 4 months credit. He has no aim to d ismiss the offer made to him. 2. Disavowal The offeror is allowed to pull back or repudiate from a proposal at whenever given that the offer has not been acknowledged by the offeree. Given that disavowal won't be successful until it is conveyed to the offeree. Correspondence isn't really made by the offeror himself gave that the offeree has been brought to notice of the renouncement through a dependable source.

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Choosing Good Annotated Bibliography Topics

Choosing Good Annotated Bibliography Topics Among the members of the church announces at the close of the service that he'd like to have the church come back to his home to eat, so many individuals visit the dinner at his residence. As a consequence the schools worry that they're hiring professors with minimal experience and spend more cash on the present faculty to keep them happy. Such statistics include murder prices, concealed-carry permit prices, and assorted others. If you're investigating a topic for the very first time, cause'' may be too hard to pursue, even when you are extremely interested in it. Where to Find Annotated Bibliography Topics Record the right information for your bibliography from every source you find. Moreover, it doesn't matter what the distinct subject area you want, but your annotated bibliography ought to be laconic and right to the point. While an abstract also summarizes a guide, book, Web site or other sort of publication, it's purely descri ptive. An annotated bibliography might be a part of a bigger project or it may also be a stand-alone assignment. The concept that you place into your paper could be paraphrasing the original info or it might be an immediate quotation. Sloane's work will act as my principal supply of information. Project topic on business management lists will allow you to choose what you would like to study. While the majority of the formatting styles are quite alike, there continue to be some differences, which ought to be taken into consideration. Studying greeting cards which are already on the market will provide you with a feel for what consumers and greeting card businesses are interested in. 1 approach to organize information from resources is to produce a notecard for each idea you wish to incorporate into your paper. Your school library website ought to have a list of databases you are able to access. Additionally, students may also obtain different version of a book on our site. The One Thing to Do for Annotated Bibliography Topics You are able to accordingly make extra research and gather knowledge that has not yet been published in the current papers. As a part of corporate social responsibility, the help of on-line bibliography are provided at zero cost to students who cannot afford to cover generating the citations. In reality, an annotated bibliography provides a student the opportunity to dig deeper into the subject of this issue and locate an informational foundation for the research undertaking. It is u sually assigned to students who are conducting a particular type of research, or are searching for a better understanding of a particular topic. To let readers know when you achieve the close of the summary, place a parenthetical citation at the end of the material. Gather the exact same amount of evidence for each side of the argument in order for your article is not going to appear biased. As soon as you enter a specific topic on the site, it will become possible to understand regarding several factors, which can be helpful for the research. It's mandatory on the portion of the student to compose the assignment free from any plagiarism, meaning the material or content shouldn't be copied from any other sources. Annotated Bibliography Topics: the Ultimate Convenience! Being a complete variant of the references page, the Annotated Bibliography is an all-inclusive collection of literature employed in the essay or research paper intended to show the author's point. In the event you're not confident about the several formats like APA, MLA Chicago etc. use a web-based annotated bibliography generator to simplify the approac h. There are lots of standardized formats of APA bibliography which can be found the internet but it's still recommended to check for the precise style and format with professors. The summary is likewise very great. Tape record and take notes to make certain you get every detail down. If you're writing an annotated bibliography with several sources, it might be beneficial to divide the sources into categories. Locate the documents and articles linked to the chosen city and produce a brief annotated bibliography. Both are necessary to compose a well-rounded discursive article. As you probably are aware that it is crucial to incorporate a citation whenever you're quoting from a research supply, it's just as important to incorporate a citation when paraphrasing or summarizing. Proper citations help defend you from committing plagiarism when you compose a paper and apply the ideas from another source you have researched.

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The Caretaker Of Rosie s Heart Essay - 856 Words

The Caretaker of Rosie’s Heart The freckles on her cheeks looked as if a tiny fairy had left a single tea-stained kiss there, then decided that the first one looked lonely, and placed another beside it. Their skin pressed together while the light pushed through the blinds. His eyes opened to see the trees shed their first dying leaves across the road. He felt safe next to her. The soft chime of metal woke her. Her plush, tawny lips parted, exposing porcelain teeth. He brushed the hair back from her forehead and kissed her on the nose. She bubbled with laughter. All bright eyes and rosy cheeks. He left for work, the house seemed smaller when he returned. Rosie’s depression is like a rolling dice, she’ll never know which side of it she’ll get. All 6 sides hold different dangers and emotions. Rosie doesn’t get to choose. Each time he opened the door, he was greeted by a different Rosie. Some days he is acquainted with colder, stiffer, darker Rosie. Her eyes full of hidden truths, reflecting clouds to distract from the secrets of the earth. Rosie stacked all of her past lives into storage sheds. Today he was there on the day she remembered. He stood behind her, holding each of her hands in his, and whispered in her ear. â€Å"Rosie?† he spoke softly. Her eyes were hard beneath her smudged makeup. Her hands shook as she reached forward and took him in her arms. She was limp, lifeless, and cold. So cold. A part of her was gone. She wanted to take everything back. Make it so he didn’tShow MoreRelatedVernon, Or Vern, By His Mother Inherited The Blackstone Farm1322 Words   |  6 Pagesgrandmother, Rosie Armstrong. When his maternal grandfather, Bob Armstrong died in 1958, his mother inherited the Blackstone farm. As a consequence Vern became a farmer and person of note on the lake. He was a colourful, controversial and a larger than life character with a â€Å"twinkle in his eyes†. He also loved to play the fiddle. There are many stories but the following illustrates a bit of this interesting farmer, backwoodsman and above all pragmatic figure. Vern was the second caretaker that the LenihansRead MoreIndo Anglian Literature3627 Words   |  15 Pagesrefers to the body of work by writers in India who write in the English language and whose native or co-native language could be one of the numerous languages of India. It is also associated with the works of members of the Indian diaspora, such as V. S. Naipaul, Kiran Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri who are of Indian descent. It is frequently referred to as Indo-Anglian literature. (Indo-Anglian is a specific term in the sole context of writing that should not be confused with the term Anglo-Indian). As a categoryRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pages Strategic Marketing Management Dedication This book is dedicated to the authors’ wives – Gillian and Rosie – and to Ben Gilligan for their support while it was being written. Acknowledgements Our thanks go to Janice Nunn for all the effort that she put in to the preparation of the manuscript. Strategic Marketing Management Planning, implementation and control Third edition Richard M.S. Wilson Emeritus Professor of Business Administration The Business School Loughborough University

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Mechanical Behavior Of Geopolymers After Exposing

The Mechanical Behavior of Geopolymers after exposing to High Temperatures Name University Supervisor Due Date: Executive Summary This paper reviews the mechanical behavior of geopolymers after exposing to high temperatures. The review begins with a brief overview of geopolymers and examines the extant literature on the mechanical behavior of geopolymers after exposing to high temperatures by artificial intelligent techniques. The final and compressive strength of geopolymers is also discussed. Finally, this review examines studies on genetic programming as a technique of modeling the performance of materials and in particular, geopolymers. This paper focuses on the general and specific aspects of genetic programming on geopolymers, and summarizes its importance. Further, this review features genetic programming as applicable to geopolymers as a method of predicting the effect of temperature on their mechanical behavior. From the review, it emerges that geopolymers that resist the action of loads that tend to reduce their sizes, exhibit high compressive strength. Table of Contents Executive Summary ii Chapter One: Introduction to Geopolymers v Chapter Two: Review of Literature vi ï‚ § Summary vi ï‚ § Mechanical Behavior of Geopolymers after exposing to High Temperatures by Artificial Intelligent Techniques vi ï‚ § Final Strength of Geopolymers after exposure to High Temperatures ix ï‚ § Compressive Strength xi ï‚ § Genetic Programming (General) xv ï‚ § Genetic

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Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges or Not

Question: Discuss about the Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges or Not. Answer: In this essay, it has been analyzed whether system thinking is critical in developing solutions to sustainability challenges or not. Business is all about change. It is about renewal, innovation and developing new methods to develop things. Lam and Law (2016) stated that in present ear, business has become imbued with a strand of ethical behavior and its underlying values. Companies have to take care of both environmental and social issues. At the same time, they have to be concerned about wellbeing of people, cultural diversity and their future generation. Robinson (2012) stated that in order to bring change in the behavior and outlook of doing business ethically, it is required to understand what change is and how change comes. Robinson (2012) had identified five major myths about change. According to Robinson (2012), people will change 1) if the learn the correct facts 2) if we sell the case harder 3) if they feel enough pain 4) if they are shocked into action and 5) if rewards ar e high enough. Robinson (2012) had developed theory of change management named A good enough theory. According to this theory no theory is can work perfect in the complex real life situation. However, a theory can be useful if it provides good ideas, wicked problems, human element and entropy. Sustainability has become an essential part of business in the present era. It can be considered as the long-term commitment of a company to change the way it conducts business. It helps to recognize that a business is a part of complex system and it is interdependent with social, environmental and economic issues (Noori et al. 2015). Awareness and management has significant impact on business sustainability. In this essay shifting to more renewable sources of energy has been selected as the wicked problem related with sustainability. Masini and Menichetti (2013) stated that there are three major dimensions of sustainability can be found in a business they are such as vibrant economy, healthy environment and equitable society. The selected wicked problem belongs to the environmental sustainability of an organization. Importance of this issue and development of appropriate solution to solve this issue has been discussed in this essay. Lam and Law (2016) stated that energy is essential part of life. Without energy, millions of people would leave hungry and cold. It has been found that major source energy is fossil fuels. Industries of most of the developed and developing countries use fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and natural oil. Rodriguez-Ubinas (2014) mentioned that, low cost of converting natural resources to energy is the major reason behind using conventional energy sources by companies. However, in the last decade fossil fuel consumption had been increased by double. Sheth and Sinha (2015) stated that, at this rate the total amount of natural oil will last only 20 more years. In future, it will increase the price oil, which will affect all type of business. According to Tejeda and Ferreira (2014), it will possibly lead to international economic crisis (EIA). There are various ways to convert energy without using fossil fuel such as nuclear energy and geothermal energy. Many countries and industries have striated to shift from traditional energy sources to renewable energy sources. However, they are still not used in full potential. Norgaard (2017) stated that, in order to maintain sustainability of business in future, organizations have to think about shifting fully towards renewable energy sources from traditional sources. It will help them to become prepare for the situation when the supply of fossil fuel will not be adequate. It has been considered as wicked problem for two major reasons. They are such as increased amount of population and growing demand of developing countries. Li et al. (2014) stated that, for the last thirty years, the world population is increasing drastically. It in term increases the amount of energy consumptions. If the population rate keeps increasing as the same pace, fossil fuels will not last more than 20 years. Industries of developing countries are consuming more energy than industrialized countries as they are in the process of development. Doci et al. (2015) stated that, most of the companies of developing countries are still able to reach their peak efficiency rate. Hence, it increased consumption and waste development rate. For this reason, it has become utter necessary to shift towards renewable energy for business operation. The unconventional nature of the issue has made it a wicked problem. In order to solve this wicked problem, it is required to develop systems think ing. Three major questions need to be answered using systems thinking. They are such as 1) what are the major challenges that company might face due to the shift towards renewable energy source 2) what are the major advantages that a company can get from the implementation of renewable energy? Is it worthy enough? and 3) what strategies a company can implement to shift towards renewable energy and achieve sustainability In order to shift from conventional energy sources to non-conventional energy sources, it is required for company to find out what are the major challenges that it has to face during this shifting. These challenges are such as infrastructural issues, lower cost efficiency rate and high cost of maintenance. Stoeglehner et al. (2014) stated that, in most of the case, development renewable resources need huge amount of initial investments on infrastructure. It includes factors of prospecting, permitting and marketing. All these factors increase the price of development of renewable energy. For this reason, Most of the companies are unable to use the renewable energy due to its high price. It can be describe in terms of cost efficiency as well. Figure 1: Cost effective source of energy (Source: Norgaard 2017) It has been found from this graph that for 1 MWh energy, a company has to pay $396 for using Solar photovoltaic energy source, $257 for solar thermal and $ 191 for wind- offshore energy sources (Larcher and Tarascon 2015). All these are non-conventional energy sources. On the other hand, a company has to pay $140 for using natural gas, $130 for using coal and $120 for using hydroelectric power sources to get energy of 1 MWh (Fritsche et al. 2014). All these are traditional or conventional energy source. These figures indicate that it is profitable for any organization to use conventional energy sources rather than non-conventional one. In addition, a company has to make some necessary amendments in order to shift from traditional energy sources to conventional energy sources. It can cost extra money to the company (Hinrichs-Rahlwes 2013). For example, in order to use photovoltaic energy, the company has to install solar plates, which is very costly. In addition, it requires high main tenance. Along with that due to the small amount of energy generation (for one or two factories only), the cost of energy production is high. These are the major challenges that a company might have to face while shifting from conventional energy to renewal energy. Now the second question occurs. The second question is that despite of all challenges why a company should shift towards renewable energy sources. The answer is that, in future when all fossil fuels reach the verge of ending, renewable energy source will become the only option for all countries and all industries (Finn and Fitzpatrick 2014). From the usage rate of fossil fuel, it can be assumed that at the pace fossil fuels will last 50 to 100 years maximum. After that, all companies will be forced to use renewable energy sources. From the above discussion about change, it has been analyzed that this is the condition that will lead company to change. Kaldellis and Kapsali (2013) stated that if all companies do not start to shift towards renewable energy source then in future their sustainability will be lost failure is inevitable. Companies should not ignore the huge potential of renewable energy sources as well. According to European Photovoltaic Industry Association, solar energy h as the ability to provide energy to more than 1 billion people within 2020 (Norgaard 2017). By 2040, solar energy will be able to meet 26% of the total energy demand. In terms of cost efficiency, it can be stated that, although it is lower than conventional energy sources, dramatic increase of efficiency can be observed by increasing the amount production. Hinrichs-Rahlwes (2013) stated that by increasing the production to double, the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells can be increased by 26%, which is huge increment. There are also some other advantages as well. As solar photovoltaic energy, wind energy and tidal energy are renewable, hence they are sustainable as well. Management of an organization of organizations never has to worry about running out of energy anymore. It can also bring economic benefit. The renewable energy sources produce little or no waste products. Hence, a company does not require to spend huge amount of money for waste disposal anymore. It will save huge amount of money for an organization. It will also have less impact on the environment as well. Overall, it can be stated that shifting towards renewable energy source s can really be a major step of a company towards sustainability. Now, the third and the last question occurred. How or what are the strategies a company to use to shift towards renewable energy sources. Before developing strategies, it is required to remember that one or two companies cannot get much success or profit by implementing renewable energy in their plants. Multiple entities are associated in this course of transformation. They are such as equipment manufacturers, suppliers, bank and other financers, installation providers, maintenance providers, subsidy providers, regulators and validators. They work together, even take help from the government to shift towards sustainable green energy. Six major strategies that companies can take together with government agencies to implement sustainable renewable energy. They are such as 1) assessment of resources 2) reduction of cost 3) development of market channels 3) improving policy and regulatory initiatives 4) arrangement of proper financial instruments for green energy 5) proper human resource development through training in order to use renewable energy properly 6) strengthening government policies related with renewable energy use. A matrix has been given below to show the priorities of every initiative. Figure 2: Priority Matrix (Source: created by author) Now an implementation plan has been given below in another table. Figure 3: Implementation plan (Source: created by author) In conclusion, it can be stated that shifting towards renewable energy has some major issues. These issues can be identified using systems thinking. It can also found that despite of all the challenges, implementation of renewable energy can make a company sustainable. Management of a company never has to think about running out of energy anymore. However, companies need to work together with government to make successful implementation of renewable energy. For that purpose, some strategies have been developed along with appropriate implementation plan. These strategies can make a company successful in long run and make it sustainable. References Doci, G., Vasileiadou, E. and Petersen, A.C., 2015. Exploring the transition potential of renewable energy communities. Futures, 66, pp.85-95. Finn, P. and Fitzpatrick, C., 2014. Demand side management of industrial electricity consumption: promoting the use of renewable energy through real-time pricing. Applied Energy, 113, pp.11-21. Fritsche, U.R., Iriarte, L., Jong, J., Agostini, A. and Scarlat, N., 2014, May. Extending the EU Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria to solid bioenergy from forests. In Natural Resources Forum (Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 129-140). Hinrichs-Rahlwes, R., 2013. Renewable energy: Paving the way towards sustainable energy security: Lessons learnt from Germany. Renewable Energy, 49, pp.10-14. Kaldellis, J.K. and Kapsali, M., 2013. Shifting towards offshore wind energyRecent activity and future development. Energy Policy, 53, pp.136-148. Lam, P.T. and Law, A.O., 2016. Crowdfunding for renewable and sustainable energy projects: An exploratory case study approach. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 60, pp.11-20. Larcher, D. and Tarascon, J.M., 2015. Towards greener and more sustainable batteries for electrical energy storage. Nature chemistry, 7(1), pp.19-29. Li, Y., Song, J. and Yang, J., 2014. A review on structure model and energy system design of lithium-ion battery in renewable energy vehicle. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 37, pp.627-633. Masini, A. and Menichetti, E., 2013. Investment decisions in the renewable energy sector: An analysis of non-financial drivers. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 80(3), pp.510-524. Noori, M., Kucukvar, M. and Tatari, O., 2015. Economic inputoutput based sustainability analysis of onshore and offshore wind energy systems. International Journal of Green Energy, 12(9), pp.939-948. Norgaard, R.B., 2017. Sustainability: Growing pains. Nature, 542(7640), pp.162-162. Raza, S.S., Janajreh, I. and Ghenai, C., 2014. Sustainability index approach as a selection criteria for energy storage system of an intermittent renewable energy source. Applied Energy, 136, pp.909-920. Rodriguez-Ubinas, E., Rodriguez, S., Voss, K. and Todorovic, M.S., 2014. Energy efficiency evaluation of zero energy houses. Energy and Buildings, 83, pp.23-35. Sheth, J.N. and Sinha, M., 2015. B2B branding in emerging markets: A sustainability perspective. Industrial Marketing Management, 51, pp.79-88. Stoeglehner, G., Baaske, W., Mitter, H., Niemetz, N., Kettl, K.H., Weiss, M., Lancaster, B. and Neugebauer, G., 2014. Sustainability appraisal of residential energy demand and supply-a life cycle approach including heating, electricity, embodied energy and mobility. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 4(1), p.24. Tejeda, J. and Ferreira, S., 2014. Applying systems thinking to analyze wind energy sustainability. Procedia Computer Science, 28, pp.213-220.

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THE LIFE OF ROSA PARKS Essay Example For Students

THE LIFE OF ROSA PARKS Essay Rosa Parks is famous for a lot of things. But, she is best known for her civil rights action. This happen in December 1,1955 Montgomery, Alabama bus system. She refused to give up her sit to a white passenger on the bus. She was arrested for violating a law that whites and blacks sit in separate sit in separate rows. She refused to give up her sit when a white man wished to sit there. The front was for whites only. The law says that blacks have to leave there sits in the next when all seats in the front were taken and whites still wanted seats. Before Rosa Parks was arrest, Montgomerys black leaders had been discussing about the city bus. Parks allowed the leaders to use her arrest to speak a boycott of the bus system. Martin Luther king ,Jr. We will write a custom essay on THE LIFE OF ROSA PARKS specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now then was a Baptist minister in Montgomery, then was chosen as president. For 382 days, from 12/5/1955 to 12/20/1956 thousands of blacks refused to ride the buses. The boycott ended when the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregated seating on the citys buses unconstitutional. The success encouraged other mass protests demanding civil rights for blacks. Rosa Parks held a variety of jobs and, in 1943. She became one of the first woman to join the Advancement of Colored People(NNCP). She severed as the organizations secretary from 1943 to 1956. Parks lost her job as a seamstress as a result of the Montgomery boycott. She and her family moved to Detroit in 1957. Where she worked for many years for Congressman John Conyers. She founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development to offer guidance to young African Americans in preparation for leader ship and careers. 1979, she won a Medal for her work in civil rights. She wrote an autobiography. Today, most of the people know her as a civil right action leader but, there is more then that one thing that she accomplished. Also, there is a Boulevard name after her in Detroit, it says ROSA PARKS BLVD. Parks had changed a lot of peoples lives and also the laws. She says that she is glad that there are no signs on the public water fountains saying Colored and White. She said, Some of the white peoples hearts have not been changed, that is why shes sad. After finding so many information about Rosa Parks, I think she is a real hero to this country. Also, I really respect her about what she did. She absolutely deserved to be a famous woman. Bibliography: .

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Racism in Huck Finn essays

Racism in Huck Finn essays Ever since it was written, Mark Twains Huckleberry Finn has been a novel that many people have found disturbing. Although some argue that the novel is extremely racist, careful reading will prove just the opposite. In recent years especially, there has been an increasing debate over what some will call the racist ideas in the novel. In some cases the novel has even been banned by public school systems and censored by public libraries. The basis for the debate is how Jim, a black slave and one of the main characters, is depicted. However, if one was to look at the underlying themes in the novel, they would realize that it is not racist and could even be considered an anti slavery novel. The most popular problem people have with this book is the use of the word nigger. It must be remebered that during this time period it was not considered much of an insullt. You can also notice in the book it was not meant offensively by Huck, or taken offensively by Jim. This is what Stephan Shepard had to say about the banning of the book and the use of the word nigger: In addition to removing Mark Twain's novel from the required reading list, the district decided to use a censored version of the novel on its optional list. Admittedly, the censorship is minor the infamous "n-word" is deleted throughout the novel however, it is not only a dishonest alteration of Twain's craft, it is also an unfair attempt to enforce the tastes of a few upon all students in the district. (Shepard 1) Also a column in The New York Times pointed out, "Huckleberry Finn is in constant trouble with teachers, librarians and parents because of its iterations of nigger, a word that has a preemptive force today that it did not have in Huck Finn's Mississippi Another aspect of the novel that some consider racist is the description of Jim...

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Fine Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fine Art - Essay Example The lines which are depicted are primarily curved, reflecting the design of the future. In addition to that it also contributes to viewing the reality shown in the movie as a dream. As for the colors, one might point out that black is the most common one: it is the color of the clothes of the protagonists and antagonists as well as the environment. The space that is shown in the movie is the positive space which does not leave a lot to the imagination of the audience which is quite understandable since otherwise the viewer would not have been able to follow the narration. Finally, the texture of the objects that are presented on the screen is usually solid and somewhat repulsive, especially when the â€Å"real world† is shown. Now, it would be rather suitable to analyze the work of art in question from the point of view of principles of art. The first one is movement. Indeed, the characters do not only movie, but the manner in which they do so is important when it comes to conveying the message. In addition to that, there is no doubt that all the objects that are being depicted are in harmony. In addition to that, there is a variety of them as well as there is a variety of environments that they are depicted in. As a matter of fact, the opposition between the real world and the Matrix constitutes one of the most important aspects of the movie. One also would not make a mistake arguing that all the objects which are depicted on the screen are in the state of balance: it is particularly seen in the battle between the protagonist and antagonist. As for the adherence to proportions, it is obvious that the movies features it as there are no situations when the objects are shown exaggerated, except for one gene ral frame when the characters are shown sitting in destroyed city. Finally, there is a clear pattern that is displayed by the movie: the

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Security versus privacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Security versus privacy - Essay Example High security standards mean detailed checkup of individuals and hence a privacy concern. We needed to change our policies to cater for the changing threat scenarios. These came with an unavoidable trade-offs to be made between security and privacy, therefore, leaving room for supporters of each value to debate policies and applications. Security, however, should be preferred over privacy, as it ensures smooth functioning of our national system and guards our economic investments. It ultimately provides us with a threat minimized environment to practice our civil rights. Being the major entry or exit points, airports need a filtration system to ensure our own protection. Security should, therefore, be preferred over privacy concerns while checking passengers. However, since the two values are interlinked, a balance must be made to address concerns of privacy while maintaining desired level of security. This balancing must not overrule security requirements, but find ways within proce dures to settle privacy concerns as much as possible. The paper will look into the issue by incorporating sources from the web, reports and personal experiences and takes into account, concerns by advocates of privacy. Security is considered as the most overpowering aspects to any value, such as privacy. Survival is our most quantified preference and we need survival to enjoy any other aspect of our lives. Security measures have far reaching physical and psychological aspects than visible to our naked eye. These measures reduce terror threats and provide us with psychological security to give us the freedom to enjoy our lives. It may be argued that this security comes at a cost of our privacy, but in fact it provides us with psychological freedom to practice our civil rights and freedom privately, at a fraction of inconvenience. Airport security systems are the best examples to evaluate the

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The Secular Progressives vs. The Traditionalists Essay Example for Free

The Secular Progressives vs. The Traditionalists Essay In the New York Times best selling book from Fox News Commentator and mediator for The O’Reilly factor, Bill O’Reilly in his book Culture Warrior, defines and separates the two main competitors for the culture of America: The Secular Progressives vs. The Traditionalists. O’Reilly sees this battle as much more important than the more known and easily recognized conservatives vs. liberals and consequently sees the stakes as being that much more important as well with the winner deciding the fate of America policies, both foreign and especially domestic, for generations to come. As a self proclaimed culture warrior, O’Reilly puts himself center stage in this debate as he boasts that he sees himself as one of the most hated men in America as a result of his views on the media and other secular progressives and what he views as their destruction of the core values that has helped to make America great. â€Å"The culture war has also made me perhaps the most controversial broadcaster in the country. That hot-button label controversial gives my enemies, they think, the right to attack me and my enterprises ceaselessly, unfairly, even dementedly. I truly drive the opposing force nuts! As you may know, Im engaged in fighting them on a daily basis, and that warfare is the subject of this book. † ( O’Reilly, 5) And regardless of one’s opinions on Mr. O’Reilly, that is exactly what he does since he points out that one of the most important aspects of being a traditionalist is keeping your word. O’Reilly shows how the culture war has played out in such high profile cases as The Passion of the Christ, Fahrenheit 9/11 and the battle against religion in public life. O’Reilly also touches on race, education, the protection of children, the ACLU and the war against Christmas which according to O’Reilly has seen an escalation in recent years in favor of political correctness which has run out of control. Bill O’Reilly enjoys high ratings and stellar book sales because he pinpoints the moral decline in America that millions of Americans agree is happening in America. At the same time, the name Bill O’Reilly also invokes many an impassioned opinion with many Americans hating what he has to say and according to O’Reilly, have levied death threats against himself and his family for his outspoken views. As someone who has read this book and is well aware of the impact that O’Reilly has on American media, either in an affective way, either positive or negative, the opinions of the author always do invoke a response from individuals. Whatever controversies are the hot topic in the news, O’Reilly fearlessly confronts them and the reader, regardless of his political affiliation, is not left wondering what side of the isle O’Reilly is on. He sees many aspects of life in black and white and is both revered and hated for such beliefs. â€Å"The culture war must be won quickly and definitively, and the best way to do that is to expose the secular-progressive movement in our country for exactly what it is, to explain why it is so harmful for America, and to identify the movements top leaders. So here we go! † ( O’Reilly, 6) O’Reilly, towards the end of the book concedes that this will be a tough fight and that they winner is not set in stone. Therefore, expect more books of the same genre in the future from Bill O’Reilly. In the 200 pages of Culture Warrior, O’Reilly wastes no time in starting his unapologetic attacks on a wide variety of interests in America. â€Å"For a variety of reasons that I will explain, I have chosen to jump into the fray and become a warrior in the vicious culture war that is currently under way in the United States of America. And war is exactly the right term. On one side of the battlefield are the armies of the traditionalists like me, people who believe the United States was well founded and has done enormous good for the world. † (O’Reilly, 10) According to O’Reilly, an example of the influence of the secular progressives’ power and influence in American culture is the war on Christmas perpetuated by the chief of all secular progressives: The ACLU. â€Å"Gradually, Christmas trees did become ‘holiday trees,’ Christmas vacation became winter vacation and Christmas parades became â€Å"Festival of Lights. † (O’Reilly, 45) In America, between 80-85% of its citizens define themselves as Christians. Yet, O’Reilly points out the push by the secular progressives on the country towards a more religiously neutral celebration of the holidays. The word â€Å"Christmas† and â€Å"Merry Christmas† is no longer politically correct to say, but the more neutral â€Å"Happy Holidays. † Christmas trees are being replaced by Holiday trees even though their resemblance is the same. Using the term Christmas to describe the 25th of December as the birth of Jesus, and subsequently, the reason for the celebration is seen as oppressive to the minority in America that do not celebrate Christmas and therefore feel out of place during the Christmas season. On the other side of the isle are the traditionalists who see this as an assault on Christmas and political correctness gone too far and is out of touch with the majority of American in this country. O’Reilly identifies the actions of the secular progressives as efforts to move America into being identified as neutral when it comes to religious issues. In doing so, O’Reilly sees this trend as being in opposition to the motivations of the country’s founding fathers; that, the majority were very religious and their mention of God can frequently be found in their personal writings. O’Reilly outs the ACLU as center stage in his fight against the secular progressives. O’Reilly gives them credit for the lambasting of Christmas, the neutralization of religion in public life and for all sorts of moral degradations in American culture. This fight against the ACLU will not be completed any time soon and will most likely be seen in O’Reilly’s next book to be sure. O’Reilly points out in another example of the ideological differences between the secular progressives and traditionalists are their respective views on government and the desired role that each side wishes would play in their life. â€Å"On the home front in America, traditional forces strongly believe that their hard-earned money is not the property of the government, to be distributed as largesse to others who, perhaps, are not willing to work to earn their prosperity. †( O’Reilly, 75) O’Reilly points to Europe and the stagnation of the economy that many of the nations are enduring. There is little motivation to work and to get ahead in life because of the high level of taxation and the desire of the secular progressives to copy America’s government involvement after that of Europe’s. O’Reilly says that the secular progressives wish to drastically increase taxes and therefore, kill the incentives that many Americans have to be independent and to work for what they have instead of high taxations creating a cradle for people who do not wish to work. O’Reilly wishes to avoid America moving in that direction and that America’s economy remain independent of high taxes which would fund such social programs like handing out clean needles to drug addicts, condoms to students and free money to people who do not wish to work. Such ideas firmly place O’Reilly among the traditionalists of America and that is where he is likely to stay. Among one of O’Reilly’s most impassioned rants he saved towards the end of the book. It is against the people who seem to rant against America and all that is supposed to be wrong with her. In the chapter entitled â€Å"Hating America,† O’Reilly lists the people in the spotlight that seem to do their best to degrade America and the greatness that O’Reilly sees on a daily basis. O’Reilly, who is in opposition to the ideology of Norman Mailer but one who respects him, details the differences in their thinking concerning conservatives vs. liberals and for O’Reilly traditionalists vs. secular progressives and their opinion on America. â€Å"A good example of the useful face-off between polar opposites was my interview with Norma Mailer in March of 2006. One of America’s great writers, mailer doesn’t hate America but he finds it seriously flawed-as you know, a core secular progressive tenet. But mailer separates himself from the S-P garrison because he sees its weaknesses, selfishness and relativism. . . . Mailer says: ‘A great war is going on here, larger even that we realize, between liberals and the conservatives. The conservatives are saying in effect: ‘You guys are trying to wreck existence by becoming too vain, too godless. † And liberals are replying, â€Å"Your obsession that God is judgmental looks to force all of humanity into rigid patterns that won’t work any longer. † (O’Reilly, 120) O’Reilly thinks that Mailer is incorrect but unlike his personal detractors, does so in a respectful manner. â€Å"But Mailer is wrong. Traditional and conservative thinkers who understand their country do not put God at the head of public policy, nor do we point fingers at the opposition and label them sinners. Traditionalists believe that secular-progressive policies will weaken America and lead to societal chaos. While we see no reason to banish God from the public square, we don’t expect Him to be writing social policy on tablets and handing them to us in the Sinai. † ( O’Reilly, 193) O’Reilly does state the importance of the Bible and that it must be on the reading list of every true traditionalist but that a traditionalist will not be zealots in their pursuit of establishing a theocracy in America. In the second phase of secular progressives’ view that America is seriously flawed is their desire for America to no longer be the lone superpower in the world. â€Å"The secular progressive movement wants the United States to decline in power. It wants a new world order where global consensus would rule and the superpower model for our time would recede into obsolescence. †(O’Reilly, 194) But O’Reilly accurately points out a different side towards America’s effect in the world and an effect that is central to traditionalists’ opinion of America and of her greatness. â€Å" By contrast, the T-warrior will fight to keep, even increase America’s vast power. Why? Because T-warriors understand that the United States is a righteous country that has in our brief history freed billions of people from political enslavement. It is our might and money that brought down Tojo, Hitler and the Soviet Union†¦ If we go into decline, the world would be a much more dangerous place. Can you picture Russia and communist China dominating the world? How about the combined Arab states? † (O’Reilly, 194 Journalist as defined by O’Reilly, the answer is a resounding NO! The greatest strength of O’Reilly and the strength that makes him so successful can sometimes be one of his weaknesses: arrogance. Many of his points go beyond liberal or conservative, secularist or conservative but for the others, it might be seen as relative as it depends on the reader to make the final decision since the decline of morals or whether ignoring America’s religious foundations is a good or bad thing may never fully answered in this lifetime and in this country. But such topics are always good for material since millions of Americans do closely follow O’Reilly on the radio and on television. The reader’s view on the Culture Warrior depends upon their religious and political leanings. If one feels that the existence of a liberal media that wishes America’s influence in the world to be curtailed is greatly exaggerated and America’s declining morals either doesn’t exist or is not important, Culture Warrior will evoke a strong and negative response. However, on the other hand, if one defines himself as a conservative and/or traditionalist, then the topics that O’Reilly details will hit its mark. And for millions of Americans, it does just that. This is an important and entertaining book that, like much of what O’Reilly does and says, will spark many needed discussions around the classrooms and water coolers of America. O’Reilly is effective when it comes to seeing and articulating issues of importance in today’s ever changing society and most importantly, it is a window into the mindset of millions of Americans.

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Free College Admissions Essays: I Traded it All to Be a Filmmaker :: College Admissions Essays

I Have Traded it All to Be a Filmmaker I left a secure job and a lifestyle that would have catapulted me into the upper middle class by age 30. I disappointed my family and shocked my friends, but the applause from the packed auditorium vindicated my decision to pursue my passion. At great expense, I decided to follow my dreams, to refuse to be disappointed or discouraged by life. As I reflected on all the difficulties I persevered through in reaching that point in my life, I felt a hand patting me on my shoulder praising my work. I was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 28,1972 because my mother slipped on an onion peel while shopping at the local Hinky Dinky Supermarket; the fall induced her labor and out I popped. In this rather unsophisticated environment, where on Saturday the second largest city is a packed college football stadium, I somehow developed artistic aspirations, but did not have the opportunity to make cultural pursuits a major part of my life. At the age of twelve, my father accepted a job with Levi Strauss and moved the family to Kansas City. At this crucial stage in my development, I found the arts fascinating, especially while studying literature in junior high. Unlike the other students who flocked to the hundreds of early eighties Spring Break movies, I developed a discriminating taste and longed for the quality I would find in a Stanley Kubrick film. At night, tackling Crime and Punishment or watching Dr. Strangelove took precedence over arcades and football. I carried my love for literature with me when I attended the University of Kansas. I also studied economics, which combined my interests in philosophy, history and mathematics. However, while I studied economics for somewhat practical reasons and never thought of the discipline as compelling enough to devote my entire life to, my interests in film and music began to mature. Exposed to the unconventional films of Hal Hartley, Mike Leigh, and John Sayles and to the poetic music of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, I prized their works' brilliant storytelling, and this feature inspired my own work and my eventual pursuit of filmmaking. Facing high college loans and a desire to be economically secure, I chose not to pursue my dreams immediately out of college. I fooled myself into thinking my passion for filmmaking was just a hobby and that I would be better off pursuing a more " serious" career, one with respect and a high salary.

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Mid “Witchery”

A wise woman was asked to present the baby to the world and predict its fortune. A wise women, or witch was the priestess who instructed women in blood, birth, and the magic of it all. The French word for midwife means â€Å"wise woman†. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia the â€Å"art of attending women in childbirth† is called midwifery. Midwives and their practices date back as far as ancient biblical, Greek and Roman times. Before the emergence of obstetrics, midwives and their practices were not considered an important part of the medical establishment.In it's beginning midwives had no formal training and relied solely on experience and the teachings from mother to daughter within the profession. Wise women were the healers of the ancient world, it was during this time that wise women and witch became synonymous. In the beginning of recorded history people lived in small groups as a tribe. Within the tribes men were in charger of the survival of the group. He was the protector and the hunter. Women's roles revolved around their power to give birth. They were the nurtures of the family and the healers of both the physical and the spiritual.Women were a sacred part of the group and this arose to the worship of the Goddess. (Aisles, 1-7) There were many goddesses and myths associated with birth. One of the Greeks most sacred Goddess's was Artemisia (also known as the Roman Goddess Diana). When Artemisia was born she assisted her mother in the birth of her twin brother Apollo. She became the protector of women and made decisions regarding who would live and die during birth. (Encyclopedia mythical: Artemisia) Hake was an Egyptian Goddess. She had a frogs head which was a symbol of life and fertility.She was also known as the Goddess of the last stages of birth. Although the word midwife did not exist at that time, the occupation of a midwife held the title of â€Å"the servants of Hake. (Hake; Encyclopedia Mythical) The Celtic Goddess Brig it is very interesting because she went from pagan mythology to Christianity and sainthood. Brigit was known as the Goddess with three aspects. She was a the patroness for blacksmiths, for poetry, and for healing and fertility. Brigit has a seasonal holiday on the calendar of paganism called Iambic which is celebrated on February first.It is a celebration to usher in the spring. Christians accepted Brigit as a surrogate mother to Christ and changed the pagan Iambic to Candelas. She was cannonaded as SST. Brigit. (Brigit; Encyclopedia Mythical) During the Goddess era, myths revolved around the goddesses who helped women. Women Goddess's were the mothers of all. Shrines and temples were erected to the worshiping of these women. But all the good that surrounds women and their knowledge comes to an end with the emergence of a patriarchal God. Christianity changed the view of women as Gods.Eve, in the bible is solely responsible for all the evil in the world. In Genesis, it is Eve that i s tempted by the serpent and brings shame upon herself and Adam with a punishment to last for eternity and all generations. God says: I will greatly increase your pangs in haltering; in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. [Gene. 3:6] With Christianity in the forefront of spirituality and religion comes one of the darkest times for women. Midwives were there to help women with the difficulties of childbearing.They helped teach women techniques that would help move along the birth and keep the mothers as comfortable as possible. Since the pains of childbirth was there punishment for sins, anyone who helped in eased this pain were considered to be working with Satan. Women working with Satan were witches. In 1486 the church used a book written by Jacob Springer and Heimlich Kramer called the Mallets Maleficent or better known as â€Å"The Witches Hammer†. It was and instructional book for witch hunters. Midw ives had two chapters devoted to them and their practices.The practice of child birth was set to change according to the church. (Summers) â€Å"No one does more harm to the Catholic faith than midwives† (CTD. In Rehiring and English 13). Midwifery was now being moved to the medical profession. Everything that women taught and used during child birth was now being scrutinized. Instead of litigating the knowledge women healers possessed, it was set in motion the total eradication of midwives altogether. The church set a course to rid society of magic. While boosting professional physicians the acts committed by untrained midwives was now a low status position to hold.Life and death had a value that belonged to God and professional physicians. The church's position held that professionalism placed on the doctor put him on the side of God, while the female midwife became the personification of evil. In the book â€Å"Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A history of Women Healersâ₠¬ , the author makes this statement: When faced with the misery of the poor, the Church turned to the dogma that experience in this world is fleeting and unimportant. But there was a double standard at work, for the Church was not against medical care for the upper class.Kings and nobles had their court physicians who were men, sometimes even priests. The real issue was control: Male upper class healing under the auspices of the Church was acceptable, female healing as part of a peasant underclass was not. â€Å"(Rehiring and English 13) The clergy noticed that women regarded midwives to an important status and plotted to have it stopped. Rehiring and English 11-12) With the â€Å"Mallets† in hand, the church was armed and ready for war. Midwives were watched closely and if a child died a midwife could be charged at sacrificing that child's soul to the devil.It became important for midwives to have witnesses and control of all situations. Midwives were given a chance to sig n documents stating that they would not perform rituals or use magic in anyway. These women found favor by following rules of men and training under them. These women Joined in on the witch hunts and became the ones to help search out midwives who were found o be witches. Eighty percent of witches were women and a third of those women were in fact midwives. Approximately sixty thousand women were executed as witches for three century.Cones) The scope of the witch trials is more then can be expressed and midwives are only one representation of the women accused of witchcraft. It is more notable that the witch trials were about religious authority over woman and the abuse of women by men. It has been over three hundred years since the Salem Witch trials. It is Americas worst history of witch hunts. Today there are many powerful women around the world. These women hold important positions in business, hospitals and even government offices. Midwifery has made a come back in the area of obstetrics.Many doctors offices offer midwife services to clients. Women are interested in the experience of having a midwife rejoice in their celebration of life. But even with all of the accomplishments women have made they still struggle for equal rights. In 1992 Pat Robertson wrote in a fund raising letter, â€Å"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill heir children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians. † There again is the accusation of witchcraft.

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Microeconomics Versus Macroeconomics Bus610 - 1627 Words

Microeconomics versus Macroeconomics Economics for the Global Manager BUS610-1101C-02 Abstract I want to thank everyone for joining me today to review the effects of microeconomics and macroeconomics in conjunction with the healthcare industry. We will start with a brief introduction of what we will review, and then briefly hit on the subject matter in a bit more detail. â€Å"The world’s largest and most diverse economy currently faces the most severe economic challenges in a generation or more†. The value of resources is an important aspect of economic status with both microeconomics and macroeconomics. It is important to understand the differences and similarities between microeconomics and macroeconomics to fully understand†¦show more content†¦Differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics Although microeconomics and macroeconomics are somewhat intertwined and rely on one to determine the other, they also have many differences. Macroeconomics is the study of aggregated supply and demand of all goods and services, as an economy as a whole including the economic effect of the whole economy (Gottheil amp; Wishart, 1997). Microeconomics is the study of supply and demand of individual consumers and firms of individual goods and services (Gottheil amp; Wishart, 1997). Microeconomics and macroeconomics phenomenon As we watch the major changes within the healthcare system and healthcare reform evolve, and unsure as to what the final outcome will be, the economy is sure to change for patients, physicians, vendors, bankers, impact on other countries and many more factors. The main phenomenon’s that are in question at this time are â€Å"why are healthcare costs overburdening the economy?† and â€Å"what are the main factors that are impacting the situation?† The end question is going to be â€Å"how do we resolve the problem†. An example of macroeconomics within the economic healthcare system this is the trend of the GDP of US healthcare costs. An important factor in this trend is the trend of uninsured population