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Seylan Problem in Sri Lanka

Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage Search Home Local Stories Stories Go Sign In Join NowPublic Truemors Sports Strange Internet Layoffs Google Help World Newsroom Culture Apple Forum Member Ranking Tech & Biz Health Drupal Tools Style Gadgets Environment Featured Tags: Automakers Tech & Biz Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka Online FX Trading World's best user friendly software Join Our Newsletter for Offers www. sevenstarfx. com by Sri Lanka Army news | December 29, 2008 at 11:26 am Share: Get Published! Tell me how to get publishedSri Lanka Army news Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka 9633 views | 6 Recommendations | 47 comments Author 47 See Sri Lanka Army news' recent stories Photos There is no danger in dealing with the regulated financial sector and Central Bank have taken several steps to build confidence in Seylan Bank by bringing it under Bank of said. Ceylon, Central Bank Governor Ajith Cabraal NowPublic on Facebook Login He further said â€Å"We assure you that they can continue transactions without any danger. † According to the CSE Seylan Share Prices NowPublic on FacebookLike Confirm You like Page  · In You like Page  · In increased by 33%. Normal share prices was 20. 50 Rs and now it is 27. 00 Rs. Sri Lanka's stock market (CSE) investors have already given a shares surged LBO said yesterday. NowPublic The rain will have already washed the chalk away. Friday at 5:24pm ArtWalk Riot: Police vs Protesters over Sidewalk Chalk (Video) | NowPublic News Coverage 5,914 people like NowPublic. 5,913 people like NowPublic. thumbs-up to the regulatory action, and Seylan Yesterday 30th Decmber 2008 Central Bank appointed Mr.E Narangoda as the new Gunawardene as the new Board of Directors. Chairman of the Seylan Bank and Mr. Nihal Jayamanna,Mr. Lalith Vithana and Mr. Niyomal Seylan Bank PLC is a privately owned commercial bank in Sri Lanka brought under Bank of Ceylon (BOC) control since Yesterday 29th December 2008 by order of Central Bank Monetary board. This was taken place under Section 30(1) of the Monetary Law Act No. 58 placing it among the top 500 Banks in Asia for the past 08 consecutive years. The Bank over Central Bank of Sri Lanka. of 1949.Seylan Bank is the Sri Lanka's 2nd largest private commercial bank with Asiaweek saddled with bad debt that threatened to destabilize Sri Lanka's financial system was taken Facebook social plugin Meanwhile The Monetary Board of the Central Bank wishes to inform the public that they should continue with their normal financial transactions with Seylan Bank PLC and that the Monetary Board assures the public of the safety of deposits and the stability of the financial system. What is NowPublic? NowPublic lets people work together to cover news events around the world. ttp://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage The Central Bank appointed the government-owned Bank of Cey lon to continue business operations at the troubled Seylan Bank and removed its board of directors. The decision Central Bank said. was made because of increased deposit withdrawals and suspected liquidity problems, the Find out more â€Å"The difficulties of Seylan Bank PLC presented a potential danger to the stability of the financial system,† the statement said.Deshamanya Lalith Kotelawala, chairman of Ceylinco Group said last week he would sell his shares to repay investors in failed Golden Key Credit Card Company. Both Seylan Bank and would divest or what amount he is expecting to raise from selling his shares. Golden Key are subsidiaries of Ceylinco Group. Kotalawela did not say how much shares he Recommend this story Most Recommended Comment Comment on this story I think the media has made this a big issue .. All i can say is our Bank is†¦ Crowd Power An Employee (not verified) But the bank's CEO Ajitha Pasqual was quoted in a newspaper saying â€Å"it could be 2 3-25 percent or even more. Seylan Bank trouble started as Golden Key Credit Card Company, an unregulated firm in the Ceylinco group got into trouble as the Golden Key Credit Card Company was unable to repay its customers due to its financial instability. People who were dealing with the bank worried about the financial status of the Seylan bank following the problem with some of the financial institutions in Ceylinco group. The Central Bank said it was â€Å"discontinuing the services† of the board of Seylan Bank but retaining the current chief executive officer and employees.First Flagged at 10:46 PM, Dec 29, 2008 by Sanjay Jha These members have powered this story: Sri Lanka Army news Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka In its press release on the latest development the Seylan Bank said, â€Å"what is intended for sale are not the assets of the Seylan Bank, investments made by the bank or any shares owned by Seylan Bank. Further we wish to inform that Seylan Bank will not use the depositors’ funds to meet the obligations to Golden Key Credit card holders. † Related Stories What have the LTTE's NGO/INGO friends being doing in Sri Lanka?†¦ y chanaka The collapse of the Golden Key Company and the Problem of Seylan Bank was the first sign of international financial woes hitting the economy and Financial System in Sri Lanka. Earlier Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka named 6 Person carrying on finance business without authority including Sakvithi Ranasinghe(Sakvithi House Constructions (Pvt) Ltd )and Piyadasa Ratnayake (Danduwam Mudalali). Becasuse of these things Depositors trustworthy towards Financial Institutions has been diminishing and it will lead to a big crisis.Tamil Nadu sleeps while deadly serpants breed under the pillows -†¦ by chanaka Defence Website Blasts â€Å"Bbc Sinhala Service† by chanaka Deshamanya Dr. Lalith Kotalawala is the Chairman of Ceylinco Group which includes more than 100 companies was born to a rich family and his uncle Sir John Kotalawala the third prime minister of Sri Lanka. Deshamanya Dr Lalith Kotelawala stepped into The Finance Company's Chief Executiveship in the 1960's, and its dynamic transformation under his stewardship, established his credentials as one of the country's leading businessmen.His thirst for greater challenges spurred him on to diversifying into a variety of other businesses. He was Sri Lankan only businessman who had long vision about Sri Lanan Poverty crisis. Ceylinco Gramine Credit Company for the upliftment of families from the bottom up, the poorest of the poor also floated Ceylinco Agricultural Credit Company for agricultural sector assistance. He started even a banking institution to liberate poors from poverty, started a scheme to give seed capital to unemployed graduates who have no access to capital and who have no security to start own businesses.When Tsunami hit Sri Lanka Ceylinco Group helped in many ways for Tsunami victims to st art a new life also all insurance claims although none of them were covered for Tsunami could gain claims. Ceylinco Group is the leading contributor to the society and meet social responsibilities than any other throughout past 60 years. The gender gap in the world today. by gerrypopplestone Luang Prabang – A Place where Heaven meets Earth by forextrade Recommendations (6) Most recently recommended by: sathyajith Germany Hiranya Malwatta Moratuwa, Western, Sri Lanka Anonymous users (2)Seylan Bank PLC is a privately owned commercial bank in Sri Lanka, which is owned by the of Sri Lanka. Seylan Bank was incorporated in 28th August 1987 as a Public Limited Liability Company. corporate giant Ceylinco Consolidated. It has branches both in urban as well as rural areas Track this Story email story to a friend Seylan Bank established its first subsidiary, Seylan Merchant Bank Limited, in 1992. A second subsidiary, Ceylinco Seylan Developments Limited, was also established in 1992, ht tp://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM]Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage primarily for the purpose of constructing the Bank's head office building, Ceylinco Seylan Towers. Seylan bank had 114 banking centres island wide with 3900 staff members in 2007. Special Thanks :The Associated Press LankaeNews and TNS Cyber. Alwis Reporting from Colombo Related Topics Bank of America Checking Account Free Checking CD Rates Bill Pay Certificate of Deposit Advertisement 5 0 See all footage | View Slideshow Share: email story | add to any | | facebook | stumbleuponSanjay Jha flagged this story as Eyewitness Report at 22:46 on December 29th, 2008 This is an eyewitness report from the NowPublic member Sri Lanka Army news who is in Sri Lanka reporting about this story from the on the ground. Comments (47) recommend Most Recent Most Recommended This comment thread is now closed 3 3 An Employee (not verified) at 22:25 on December 2 9th, 2008 I think the media has made this a big issue .. All i can say is our Bank is stable . But if the media keep on saying things like this definitly the customers will widthdrw their deposits . nd coz of that the bank will collapse .. We love our bank ! Long Live Seylan !! http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage 1 1 Parakrama (not verified) at 07:43 on December 31st, 2008 An illegal detention camp that Ceylinco boss Lalith Kotalawala allegedly ran under a cover of a children`s home is now under investigation. According to the Sinhala weekly Lanka the Wattala Magistrate last week ordered that eight children in this camp be handed back to their relatives.This follows a probe that the Child Protection Authority conducted on a in this camp without in any legal basis. CPA police officer Wijesinghe Vithana conducted the inquiries. Two weeks ago, unknown persons had thrown excrem ent into Lalith interview where he praised the LTTE as genuine freedom fighters. complaint made by the Venerable Elle Gunawansa. The CPA which raided this detention camp found that tsunami orphans from the South were kept Kotalawala`s Ceylinco Insurance (Kantalay Branch) following his Gulf News Demonstrations were held in several areas against his statements on the Tigers.Ceylinco Group employees have found themselves in an embarrassing situation as a result. The company`s top executives say that this could adversely affect its business 2 2 47 Sri Lanka Army news at 23:18 on December 29th, 2008 No I think Deshamanya Lalith Kothalawala's Statement and CEO Ajitha Pasqual Statement regarding Golden Key Issue was the reason for increased deposit withdrawals from Seylan Bank. Finally Central Bank decided there may be some liquidity problems and potential danger to the stability of the financial system in Sri Lanka. 1 1 47 Sri Lanka Army news t 01:21 on December 30th, 2008 Money withdrawa ls from Seylan Bank Counters is today increased than Earlier Days. Zaviniya Dain (not verified) Dear Viewers, Our chairman Deshamanya Lalith Kotalawela is not a person like Sakvithi. Do not compare Sakvithi with Mr. Kotalawela. Seylan Bank is a bank with a heart and not allow any customer of our s to fall off. Wrongly, communicated via media gives wrong info to people and our bank customers too are withdrawing. but have Dearly loved Mr. Kotalawela any day said will not give or hidden himself for the people to be scared.As well why withdraw Central bank has given a brief statement and give the assurance to our Seylan Customers. And Mr. Kotalawela is a person who helped the needy at all times definitely seylan or his employees will not fall off. we are confident of ourself as well with our dearly loved Chairman Mr. Kothalawela So we will trouble shoot any issues which come across and build up Seylan plse do not produce bocus info dear media plzee 1 1 at 01:46 on December 30th, 2008 ht tp://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM]Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage 1 1 Parakrama (not verified) Hi, Dear Lady, at 05:31 on January 1st, 2009 I red your letter about your Boss (Dr)I am not surprising to read that when guess what has happen with my experience and I have mentioned in my you have been well fed by working for him. I can not say any thing about Golden Key subject because I do not know what has happen really. But I can letter in another place of this column. I am sure one thing He is a â€Å"Heartless Chairman in a Bank with a Heart† He has defaulted me sum of Rs 750,000. 0 by the purchase of â€Å"Ruskin Island† and your The Finance Co. Ltd (which under his conglomerate) tried to default our legitimate commission from the sale of Property situated near Uyanwatta Lake, at Kotalawala, Piliyandala and subsiquently paid the 3% commission, Leagle Interest for three and half years, Court Charges and attorney's charges in the District Court, Colombo. If you like you can check on this and come to a final conclution about your Boss. God may Bless you! AND ONE THING THIS IS THE FIRST STEP OF THE FALL OF COGLOMARATE AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN NEAR FUTURE! 1 Audrey Barber (not verified) at 01:52 on March 18th, 2009 Dear Zaviniya, Og dear child, you too been brain washed by the â€Å"Great Deshamanya† Too bad girl for you, please grow up and get out of that cocoon you are in. Try to to face the facts, so if these people to whom you seem to have a great crush on and sing hossana's too, where is Deshamanya charming wife. Oh dear don't tell she abandoned † Lion Heart† himself and ran away why? I am a depositor at Seylan Bank and i work overseas, and should my funds be stolen Beleive me lady â€Å"All hell will break lose†.I will certainly go on a rampage. Go tell your great Deshamanya to start repaying every stolen penny to each and every person he owes. Then you can start singing praises about him. Go tell you Golden Hearted Deshamany to start selling his assets and rectify the damage he has caused, and kinly ask him it is no use that he plays innocent.. No one beleives that crap which is actually bullshit. All businessmen are total knaving educated crooks give them a chance and they go berserk. Saminda Kodithuwakku–Employee from theDevelopement Bank (not verified) at 03:30 on December 30th, 2008 1 1Dear People, You all are getting this scene too badly. I know the situtation as a banker. No any customer will be affected by this situation becuase Dr. Kotelawala ,in this moment,has taken to compensate the depositors in Golden Key by selling his shares, not selling properties & others' shares. This is a good lession to other companies. I wish you-Seylan Bank, it will be the best bank of year 2009. Do not abosorb rumors, please search do things http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lan ka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage 1 K. D Uditha pushpakumara (not verified) at 05:25 on December 30th, 2008 Dearly Mr. Lalith Kotalawala. the Bank.. I wish to the Seylan Bank and We are expecting a good news from Your†s fathfull Custormer uditha. Lankan Abroad (not verified) 1 1 at 04:06 on December 31st, 2008 Did Laith K and his clan run a â€Å"PONSI SCHEAME†? Did Lalith K and his clan do a Sri Lankan â€Å"Berny Madoff(MADE-OFF)†? Should'nt Lalith K as Chairman of th Board of Directors of Golden Key be held responsible for this Scam? Is Lalith K stupid and ignorant to go public and pass the buck on to a sacrificial lamb in Khavan P?Is Lalith K again stupid and ignorant of not knowing what assets were their in Golden Key books to support the massive LKR 26 Billion deposit liability? Is Lalith K, who has a mile long list of qualifications after his name, yet again stupid and ignorant to go public and state he was not aware of what was happening at Golden Key? Is this not cheating? Why do we have legislature in Sri Lanka to prosecute persons for criminal breach of trust? Should'nt the entire Board of Directors of Golden Key be held responsible fo this heinous crime and prosecuted for criminal breach of trust?Can some sane Sri Lankan please provide answers to this question. Another Lankan abroad (not verified) at 01:57 on March 18th, 2009 1 1 I agree with your statement 100%, however, I am a bit scared as I do have an account with Seylan. I am working overseas. I do understand that BOC has now stepped in, but still could there be any possibility that Seylan will collapse any leakage with another rotten egg planted inside to swindle the poor mans funds, from beneath the BOC administration. Sugath C. (not verified) 1 1 at 13:54 on December 31st, 2008As to my knowledge any individual or group of companies can own only15 percent of total shares of licenced commercial bank. How can Ceylinco group bypass that legislation? According to the SL press they own around 48percent of Seylan bank shares. How was it possible Parakrama (not verified) 1 1 at 05:14 on January 1st, 2009 Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table. MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:†Table Normal†; http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage so-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-para-margin-bottom:. 0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; fontsize:10. 0pt; font-family:†Times New Roman†; mso-ansi-language:#0400; msofareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} A Philanthropist, one of the richest man in the Country, and a patriot of the a goat skin. mso-style-parent:†Ã¢â‚¬ ; mso-padding-alt:0in 5. 4pt 0in 5. 4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; country, Saviour of the nation! But v ery few people know he is a wolf covered with This is to reveal himself, who he is, to the people who do not know the truth.The two incidences explain his indecency, and ungrateful attitude to the poor people. Me, the writer of this article has been played out by so called â€Å"DESHAMANYA† in two different times. I am the Real Estate Broker who promote the selling of property â€Å"Ruskin Island at Bolgoda Lake, Moratuwa. One fine day I met â€Å"DESHAMANYA† at his office at Fort (in front of Hotel Continental) 3rd floor after a greatest difficulty and waiting in the list for one full month. And I submit the necessary site plan of â€Å"Ruskin Island† and other relevant details to consider of purchase.And we had a nice chat and he was kind enough to receive me in his office for a period of 15 minutes. One month after he sent me a letter saying that he has consulted in Managers and this island is suitable for a Hotel Project and therefore he is not interested i n purchasing this property, which price has marked as one million Dollars (Equal to Rs 50 Million according to the foreign exchange rate at that time) After some times I heard the â€Å"Ruskin Island† has been sold and I made my investigation and found Our â€Å"DESHAMANYA† has bought for Rs. 25 Million from the seller.Normally it is not in practice in Sri Lanka to provide a whole list of customers who have been introduces any property. Specially someone issue a letter and mentioned that he is not interested and we would not submit his name or an identity to the owners of the respective property. Knowing all the factors I wrote a letter to So called â€Å"DESHAMANYA† and pleaded to looking to this matter and asked him to compensate my legitimate commission 3% which I could not claim from the seller’s due to the hidden transaction initiated by â€Å"DESHAMANY â€Å" and the seller.Now â€Å"so called â€Å"DESHAMANYA† should have inform me in tim e since I was the respective introducer to claim the commission which he never did it. When I inform him, his inability of informing me that I have to incurred a loss of Rs. 750,000. 00 and emphasize the his negligence of ethics of business, he sent me a reply saying that he has conclude the transaction with the sellers directly and since my name has not come up during the transaction and discussions he could not do any thing and he denied to pay anything or stated that he has finished the transaction and nothing can be done for this.Normally when his company buy a property they pay 1% of the total value. He didn’t let me receive my legitimate commission from the seller or even 1% which his company pays once they buy a property. And he was not kind enough to identify my efforts of selling the property and he left me on the lurch by transacting secretly. When I demand money his Attorney has send me a threatening letter saying that they will go to the law of court against me if I bother â€Å"DESHAMANYA† any more. That is how he conducts real estate business with brokers. Second incident was a Court Case.I was working with a friend of mine called Mr. Adhikari from Athurugiriya and one of my clients wanted a property in a water front location around Cololmbo. One day there was an advertisement in the news paper and state a availability of property facing â€Å"Uyanwaththa Lake† @ Kotalawala Piliyandala. I spoke to the http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage advertiser (The Finance Co. , Ltd) and found the location went there and discussed about the terms & conditions.They promised us and to pay 3% of the total sale value and we offered My client Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara and he liked the place and wanted to purchase. The Company gave me a promising letter to pay 3% and I introduced Mr. Nanayakkara as purchaser. After that negotiations were going on and all over suddenly the transaction concluded secretly and sold it for Rs. 21 pay 3% commission , Interest for 3 ? years, Court charges and Attorney’s three and half years to get a verdict and we won the case and Company had to Million and neglected to pay our commission and we went to courts. And it took charges respectively in District Court.NOW YOU WILL REALISE WHO IS SO CALLED DESHAMANYA AND HIS CONGLOMARATE AND HOW THEY MINTING MONY BY DEFAULTING POOR PEOPLE. THIS IS ONLY TWO INCIDENTS AND THRERE ARE KEEP IT UNDISCLOSE! INVAIN POOR PEOPLE!! Ramani Viswanath (not verified) at 06:53 on January 1st, 2009 THOUSANDS DEFAULTS WHICH HAS NOT COME FORWARD AND MOST OF VICTIMS 1 1 First of all, the Finance Director of Golden Key Group to be punished. He is running a collage (Vidhura Collage) and his friends and relatives running independent companies under Golden Key Group (Udaya Dharshana Rajapakse Chief Operating Officer – Golden Key Consumer Products Ltd, Mr.Bi mal Mudalige – Ceylinco Consumer Electronics). Obviously, finance for all these companies were diverted from investor funds of Golden Key Credit Card. Government should immediately attach properties of Mr. Saradha Sumanasekara, the Finance Director of Golden Key and put him behind bar for fraud. Manohar Arasu (not verified) at 08:06 on January 1st, 2009 1 1 There were lot of depositors funds diverted to several companies run by Finance Director. These companies were incorporated just to give employment to Finance Directors friends and relatives.Executives of these companies travel overseas extensively only to claim US$250 per day. Some of the employees (with â€Å"O† level education) visit China,Singapore,Bangladesh and Australia to claim overseas allowances. Absolutely, there were no control of mis-use of money in Golden Key. My close relative is employed with Golden Key and these inside information is available since very long. The government should immediately attac h properties of all the Directors of Golden Key and the business run by them. It is also known to everybody that Finance Director of Golden Key is running a collage called Vidura Collage. enganath (not verified) 1 1 at 03:09 on January 26th, 2009 you are the one who was thrown out of GK, due to fraud, so no point talking 1 1 Ajith Gunawardena (not verified) at 06:31 on January 2nd, 2009 The Finance Director of Golden Key is reachable at the below address for any information with regard to position of depositors money. Mr. Saradha Sumanasekara-Group Financial Director, Home Adderss:924/15A,Udawththa Road, Malabe. Mobile: 072-2251504 Office Address: The Golden Key Credit Card Company Limited Ceylinco Centre, 2 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo – 04. Sri Lanka.Tel : +94 74 523700 / +94 1 2591748 Fax : +94 1 2502424 / +94 74 519721 E-mail: [email  protected] co. uk [email  protected] com He is alsos contactable at ; http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lank a[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage 22, Kirimandala Mawatha, Nawala, Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka. 011 2 866 238 Telephone 011 4 404 260 Fax 011 2 871 861 1 1 Manohar Arasu (not verified) at 12:11 on January 2nd, 2009 Why not government attach properties of Mr. Khavan Perera and Saradha Sumanasekara, the main culprits in the scam ?These two high flying executives must have diverted funds to their friends and relatives. It is appeard in print government should put them behind bar without bail. Nobert Appuhami (not verified) at 19:08 on January 2nd, 2009 media couple of days back 150 Million rupee is credited to one of the female staff of Golden Key working under the Finance Director ! This is the high time 1 1 There is talk going on within Golden Key that Group Finance Director of Golden Key invested heavily in real estate and purchased an independent villa in Italy where his sister is living. He also own Vidura College and overnment should inv estigte where all the investor funds has gone. Kumar Wickramasinghe (not verified) at 20:50 on January 2nd, 2009 1 1 Ceylinco Consumer Electronics and Golden Key Consumer Products are companies under Golden Key Group headed by close friends of Golden Key Group Finance Director. It is an open truth that the Group Finance Director mis-used investor funds and even running a college (Vidura College). Ano (not verified) 1 1 at 01:43 on January 4th, 2009 Please be kind enough to pay atleast some kind of amount to large depositers too . since they have deposit all their money trusting you Mr.Kothalawala. I sold my house and depositted all my money in your company. Please help us to live†¦. 007 bond (not verified) 1 1 at 05:33 on January 8th, 2009 if you have invested with seylan think twice before you make a decision. What we have heard is that Mr Kotalawala has pumped out a huge sum of public funds in the recent past mainly to singapore and also to fund group companies. Also he has a pproved massive loans to group companies from the bank. If the repayment of those loans fall into arrears , god knows what will happen to the depositors. piyadasa boy (not verified) 1 1 at 05:45 on January 8th, 2009 hamunge salli thamunta watinawanam karunakara deparak hithanne nethuwa fitch ratings top Commercial hari HNB hari bank ekakata ikmanatama maaru karaganna. Pramadaya pasutheweemat mulaki. Keeping your funds @ Seylan Bank @ this moment is like eating Curd with a Razor blade !! Truly kalinga silva (not verified) 1 1 at 17:53 on January 8th, 2009 you are right piyadasa boy. I will withdraw all my funds today. Also i will update my friends as well. Thanks for the information. http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage 1 Mrs weerakoon (not verified) at 18:02 on January 8th, 2009 when i went to seylan bank to withdraw my deposits, the lady who was handling deposits asked me à ¢â‚¬Ëœ ai salli ganne ? Bankuwa weten ne ! Bayadha bankuwa wetei words might work. But rather than worrying about a bank i have other work to attend. Its my money after all i have the power to do what ever i want from it. Who knows whether Seylan would end up like Golden key ? PQR (not verified) kiyala ? Central bank eka kiyala thiyanawane weten ne kiyala ! Well for some these 1 1 at 01:06 on January 11th, 2009 May God help all those who are been affected !!!! a s sampath (not verified) 1 1 at 23:46 on January 15th, 2009 tha was a big problem in srilanka 2 2 47 Sri Lanka Army news at 01:45 on January 16th, 2009 Ceylinco Chairman Lalith Kotelawala and the Golden Key Credit card company board members were today named â€Å"suspects† by the Mount Lavinia Magistrate courts in the credit card scam and ordered to give statements to the CID on January 20. 2 2 Appuhamy (not verified) at 21:51 on January 21st, 2009 I understand that majority of Golden Key depositor funds are shared be tween Khavan Perera and Saradha Sumanasekara (Golden Key Finance Director).It is learnt that lot of money has already taken out of Sri Lanka. Government should atleast now attach the properties of these people including Vidura College where Saradha put several million rupeese and he is the finance director so that the poor investors will not suffer. 007 Bond (not verified) 1 1 at 00:01 on January 23rd, 2009 Seylan bank has to spend millions for month to maintain their top management ( Gm,Sdgms, Agms ) even BOC or PB does not have this much of top managers. At this juncture i suggest to minimize any unwanted wastage bank funds since it too will effect banks current position. 2 next †º last  » This story was created over 3 months ago, the comment thread is now closed. in Sri Lanka, Tech & Biz, quot Sri lanka Colombo, seylan_bank_trouble, seylan_bank_problem, central_bank_sri_lanka, bank_of_ceylon_and_seylan Contact Blog FAQ Media Inquiries Examiner. com Copyright Privacy Terms of Use Code of Conduct Jobs http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM] Seylan Bank Problem in Sri Lanka | NowPublic News Coverage http://www. nowpublic. com/tech-biz/seylan-bank-problem-sri-lanka[7/16/2012 6:21:38 PM]

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Our award-winn ing food and inviting atmosphere, combined with our guests’ ability to customize their dining experience, drives guest visits and loyalty. We want to establish our brand through coordinated marketing and operational execution that ensures brand recognition and the quality and consistency of our concept.These efforts include marketing programs, award-winning advertising to support our restaurant. Our concept is further strengthened by our emphasis on operational excellence supported by stringent operating guidelines and comprehensive employee training. Our business goal is to continue to grow and develop the Finale Sports Bar & Grill. To do so, we plan to execute the following †¢ Offer a boldly flavored menu with broad appeal. †¢ Create an inviting, neighborhood atmosphere. †¢ Enable our guests to customize their dining experience. Continue to strengthen the Finale Sports Bar & Grill name. †¢ Focus on operational excellence. †¢ Increase same-store sale s and average unit volumes. Introduction Finale Sports Bar and Grill will strive to be the premier sports theme restaurant in the Sunny County region. This will be the first sports bar in this region. At this sports bar we want our customers to have more fun during their leisure and dining time. The sports bar will provide more televisions with more sporting events than anywhere else in the region.The sports bar will provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table so the customer can listen to the selected program of his or her choice without interference from background noise. The sports bar will combine menu selection, atmosphere, lighting, and service to create a sense of excitement in order to reach our goal of over-all value in a dining and entertainment experience. Finale Sports Bar and Grill will be held privately by a LLC company which will be owned by Jack Johnson to financially back the new business venture.I will still be the principal owner of the bar. In order to start the company I will have to get a loan of an undisclosed amount (not known at this time). This loan will provide start up capital, financing for a building and supplies, pay for permits and licensing, employee training, and anything else that should arise. The expected open date for this bar and grill will be December 10th, 2006. This will give us the opportunity to serve customers for New Year’s and the Super Bowl. Industry Analysis This restaurant industry is very large and sometimes hard to get exact numbers.There are many categories of restaurants so I outlined Services sector and the restaurant industry according to Yahoo finance. â€Å"The nation's 900,000 restaurants should hit $476 billion in sales in 2005, according to the National Restaurant Association's 2005 Restaurant Industry Forecast†. Restaurants employ12. 2 million, this is 9% of the workforce in the United States, and the industry is the largest employer besides government. These numbers include single owner restaurants to the largest franchises in the world. The growth trends for the restaurant industry are forecast to advance 4. 9% in 2005.Analyst predict that the U. S. Restaurant Industry which created, on average, about 270,000 new jobs per year during the last 10 years is on track to add 1. 8 million new jobs during the next 10 years. On a typical day, the industry will post average sales of $1. 3 billion. The industry trends to watch: †¢ Greater use of technology and worker training as a means to boost productivity and efficiency. †¢ Continued increased focus on healthy lifestyles and restaurants providing customers with choices and customization. †¢ Increased upgrades and improvements in decor and becoming environmentally friendly.The sports bar & grill will have to serve several market sectors. We will have a family atmosphere as well as cater to the sports enthusiast. The restaurant will have to serve multiple uses; for example workday lunch , dinner with the family, watching the big game, late-night cravings, and take-out. There will be eating and drink and sports being watched but I plan to have different sections for different dining experiences. There is a wall that divides the bar area from the family (I say family area but this is just a little quieter) area. No matter where you sit there will still be TV’s so you can watch sporting events.The regulatory issues I’ll have to look more closely into are the liqueur licenses, wages for employees, building permits, and any local ordinances that may affect my business. Organization Finale Sports Bar and Grill will be held privately by a LLC company owned by Jack Johnson. The restaurant will be located in the town of Car. Car is great for tourism so a local restaurant should prove to be a good business venture. The restaurant will need to serve several market sectors. It will have a family atmosphere as well as to cater to the sports enthusiast. The restaur ant will have a lunch menu, dinner menu, and the bar menu.The restaurant will also have weekly happy hour drink specials along with lunch and dinner specials. To help save on insurance cost and claims top management will stress safety, stress safety, and stress more safety. Safety starts with the hiring process. The company will be thorough in efforts to screen employees and will consider pre-employment drug tests. This should reduce on the job accidents that lead to insurance claims. The insurances for the restaurant will need to acquire will be workman’s compensation, property & liability, liquor liability, and health insurance.Workman’s compensation covers employees in case of harm attributed to the workplace. The property and liability insurance protects the building from theft, fire, natural disasters, and being sued by a third party. Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured may be held liable for cont ributing intoxication to any person. The company will need liquor liability insurance before liquor licenses is granted. Employee health insurance will be provided for the full time employee and will probably be the most expensive.I could not find any actual prices for insurance cost so I went through an online insurance company. So I’m waiting on the price quote for complete insurance cost; I should have it by the end of the day. The restaurant will need to get numerous licenses to operate. They include: †¢ A food service license is required with your  local health department. †¢ A sales tax license is required through the Michigan Department of Treasury. †¢ A liquor licenses filed through the Liquor Control Commission. Restaurants and bars pay $600 a year for a liquor license. An entertainment permit is required with the Liquor Control Commission in addition to the liquor license. †¢ If cigarettes are sold by a vending machine, the restaurant will have to contact the Department of Treasury After sales top $100,000 the restaurant will higher an outside accounting firm to handle the books. We will forecast a sales growth of 10% per year. The company will gain market share because the quality of the meals and the friendly experience. Management/Human Resources At the present time Jack Johnson will run all operations for Finale Sports Bar & Grill.Other key personnel are the assistant management positions, bartenders/hostesses, waiters/waitresses and cooks. There is not expected to be any shortage of qualified and available staff and management from local labor pools in each market area. Benefit plan for full time employees †¢ Health insurance will be provided for all full-time personal. †¢ One paid vacation week after a year of employment. †¢ Three sick days will be provided †¢ 401k option if employee desires †¢ Dental will be on a 60/40 pay program †¢ Education reimbursement will be provided on books on ly Jack Johnson will be the owner and manger of Finale Sports Bar & Grill.His general duties will be to oversee the daily operations of restaurants, inventory and ordering of food, equipment, and supplies and arrange for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant, its equipment, and facilities. The manager will take a monthly drawl of $2,500 per month. There will be two assistant managers for the restaurant and their duties will be to oversee the personal when the manager is not available. One of the managers will deal mainly with the cooks and the other with the wait staff and bartenders. Each assistant manager will be paid $12. 50 per hour and get the benefit plan.There will be four cooks and each scheduled to work at least forty hours a week. They will have eight hour shifts and get paid $10 per hour. The benefit plan is also provided. The will be three hostess/bartenders, they will be able to do both duties. They will be able to get forty plus hours a week if they desi re. They will get paid $6. 00 per hour and also receive the benefit plan. There will be seven to ten waiters/waitresses on staff. The will also have to clean the table as well as wait on customers. There will be some part time positions and full time positions. They will get paid $2. 5 per hour and whatever there gratuity is. Manage Team Structure Top Manager | | Assistant managers | | | || Cooks Hostess/Bartender Waiters/Waitresses As soon as the restaurant gets past $300,000 in sales an outside accountant will be brought in and will be in charge of the books. Employees will be trained not only in their specific operational duties but in the philosophy and applications of our concept. They will receive extensive information from the managers and be kept informed of the latest information on healthy eating.For process and benchmarking a big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity of our products. They will constantly be tested for our own high s tandards of freshness and purity. Food costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management. Operations The key food suppliers for the business will be Sysco Foods or Gordon Food Service. These two suppliers supply the same goods so the restaurant manager will choose which vendor to do business with. The restaurant will select with the supplier that provides us a store credit, has exceptional elivery times, and has the best overall prices. We will get the office supplies from Office Max or Staples. The rest of the restaurant supplies (pots, pans, silverware, cooking utensils) will come from Atlas Restaurant Supply. The inventory management and order taking and processing will all be done on touch screen monitors placed throughout the restaurant and bar area. We will have to buy the touch monitors and maybe even a couple hand held order entry units. The software the business will use is from Digital Dining, which is the premiere restauran t software. This software can be altered to the businesses needs.The software will include a point of sale menu, inventory control analysis, credit card sales, bar and quick serve menu, office management, and much more. With this software there are so many applications it could do I could write the paper on this alone. We will provide ongoing training programs to assist with customer service and quality control. The training will include preparation of menu items, quality and food portion control, beverage and inventory management, using the software, cleanliness, organization and sanitation standards, marketing and public relations.The facility size the business is looking for is building with a seating capacity of around 100 to 150 people or 25,000 sq. feet. This may sound big but if there is a big sports event we want to pack them in, or people just don’t want to sit next to other people this would give them space to spread out. The business will need to get all the kitche n hardware needed to run a restaurant of this size; this includes stoves, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, deep fryers, and many other items. We will also have to buy the big screens televisions, audio equipment, arcade games, and the table top monitors with there own audio control.When benchmarking we will compare our business to a larger business in a larger geographic area, mainly Buffalo Wild Wing’s or Applebee’s. The business will measure and compare the number of guest per day, number of meals and drinks served, cost of supplies, and the waste percentage. With all these we should be able to be the premiere bar and grill in Sunny County. Competitive Analysis Finale Sports Bar and Grill is a casual dining restaurant. The geographic area that Finale Bar and Grill will cover is mostly Car and surrounding smaller towns.According to Dun & Bradstreet analysis of businesses located in Sunny County they are classified under SIC code 58, eating and drinking places. Wit h this bar and grill, I hope to move in on the customers traveling to bigger cities for their eating and entertainment needs and in return increasing my market share. There are many small restaurants in the area but none with the sports bar and grill theme (shown in the appendix). The sales for the restaurants in this area range from under $200,000 up to $2. 4 million. The closest sports bar is in Ridges, which is a forty minute drive away.The current restaurants located in Car offer a casual dining experience but with no sports watching entertainment. The top competitor is BW3’s which is in Ridges. BW3’s is a sports bar that offers an extensive menu with chicken products, full bar service, and sporting events on many TV’s. BW3’s has the same target market that I’m trying to furnish to. They have a casual family dining experience and sports bar theme one in one restaurant. I will differentiate myself from BW3’s by offering a full menu select ion, close to home atmosphere, and a dining experience free from stress.BW3’s SWOT analysis will help me to better understand my business, determine my target market, and develop a marketing plan. Strengths †¢ Has name recognition †¢ Offers a chicken filled menu and full bar selection. †¢ Target market is anyone that would like to watch sports in a bar or restaurant atmosphere. †¢ Uses TV and radio commercials to communicate to their markets. †¢ Offer high quality audio and video equipment for their customer viewing and listening pleasures. †¢ Location †¢ Staff Weaknesses †¢ Location is a long driving distance from Car †¢ Offer mainly chicken products, some shrimp, and maybe a couple burgers.Opportunities (for Finale Sports Bar) †¢ Finale Sports Bar could offer a full restaurant menu. †¢ Could take market share away from nightclubs. †¢ Entertainment for children †¢ Family friendly atmosphere †¢ Close locati on Threats (for Finale Sports Bar) †¢ Another sports bar could move into this area. †¢ Fast food chains, people could get their food and watch sports at home. †¢ Increase food prices †¢ Inflation affecting operations for food, labor, and restaurant operating costs. †¢ Keeping trained efficient staff. †¢ Economy- people getting laid off and spending less money eating out.Other competitors of Finale Sports Bar and Grill are fast food chains such as McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC and Wendy’s. While these are not direct competitors of Finale Sports Bar and Grill because of the different market niche that they operate in, these companies still compete for the same market share of individuals dinning out. And all the fast food companies are within the same geographic area. Marketing Finale Sports Bar & Grill target market is based on serving the sports enthusiast, the business entertainer/owner, tourism, and the local night crowd, as we ll as families dining out.We want a variety of customers and will make sure everybody can enjoy Finale Sports Bar & Grill experience. Finale Sports Bar & Grill is planning on opening on December 10th and having a grand opening on January 10th. The opening date will be a couple weeks before the grand opening and this will allow the employees to become familiar with the operations and customer interaction. The grand opening will be advertised in the local papers and on the radio. Once the newness of the restaurant has subsided, Finale Sports Bar & Grill will pursue an ongoing marketing campaign targeted at the local market. PricingAll menu items are moderately priced. An average customer bill is between $5 and $15 including food and drink. Bills will be considerably larger for game day visitors. Our goal is to keep the customer happy and in the end they will spend more. At Finale Sports Bar & Grill we tend to believe that this is due to us creating an atmosphere that encourages longer stays and more spending but still allows adequate table vacancies due to extended hours of business. Promotional Tools †¢ Advertising o Wall posters advertising specials and menu items o V. I. P. parties available o In-store tour given to every new customer Outdoor message board changed weekly or daily o Grand Opening celebration o Yearly store birthday parties to celebrate the success of each year o Telephone book the business will a large advertisement in the local phone book †¢ Local Store Marketing / Public Relations o School programs – perfect attendance, honor roll, management internships o Local charity carwash site or clothes donation site o Customer raffle for sports jersey’s or gift certificates o Sponsor local softball teams, these will be jersey’s with Finale Sports Bar & Grills name on it. Local Media o Direct mail – containing interior pictures of our restaurant, our prices, â€Å"Theme Nights,† and an explanation of our co ncept o Radio campaign – complete with live remotes in our parking lot. We will pick the three top local stations with which to place our short and catchy ads. We will also sponsor radio call-in contests with free meal coupons to Finale Sports Bar and Grill as the prize. We will also make â€Å"live on the air† presentations of our food products to the disk jockeys, hoping to get the promotions broadcasted to the listening audience. Newspaper campaign – placing several large ads throughout the month to explain our concept to the local area o Cable TV – will be a possibility if we can secure favorable rates with enough frequency. o Restaurant web page – this will give the internet users access to menus, daily specials, weekly promotions, and even placing pick up orders Finale Sports Bar & Grill marketing budget will be a flexible five thousand per quarter. Being flexible in the marketing budget will let the advertisers adjust for different sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, NASCAR events and the World Series.The marketing budget can be allocated in any way that best suits the time of year as long as there is always a flyer being distributed to the local papers. To monitor how well Finale Sports Bar & Grill is doing we will measure how well the advertising campaign is working. We will take random survey’s of the customer that or in the restaurant. What we would like to know is how the heard of the restaurant and how they like it. In order to get responses to the surveys their will be discounts given to their order.Sample marketing budget (per quarter) Newspaper flyer – $1250 Radio advertisement – $1000 Web Page – $500 Customer raffle – $250 Direct mail – $750 Cable TV – $1250 $5000 The Sales plan for Finale Sports Bar & Grill is train the wait staff to have extra’s added onto the order. The wait staff will be trained on when to ask the custome r if they would like appetizers, deserts or additional menu items. Few things are more important in any business then positive training of staff that leads to productive and profitable results.Simply put – the better the training, the better the service. And in the end the better the service the employees have, the greater the returns on every aspect of your business. Finale Sports Bar and Grill will be committed to maximizing our purchasing power by building lasting relationships with local vendors and companies that will benefit all areas of our business. We will work directly and closely with all related industry contacts to ensure our restaurant the highest quality products and merchandise at best available prices.This will cover all aspects of our business from food & bar purchases to retail and merchandise items, fixtures and equipment. Assumption Page †¢ Organization The cost for insurance FICA = 6. 2%, MCARE = 1. 45%, MESA = 2. 7%, FUTA = 0. 8%. This will equal a payroll tax about 11%. †¢ Management / Human Resources Finale Sports Bar & Grill plans to employee 10 to 20 employees. The hours are 11:00 AM till Midnight, seven days per week. 4 Cooks @ $10/hr, 7 Waitress @ $2. 65/hr, 3 Hostess/Bartender (they can also do other job duties) @ $6. 00/hr, 2 assistant managers @ $12. 0/hr. Open 360 days / year. †¢ Operations The operating expense for each month will include bank payment, supplier payment, utilities and insurance. The bank payment will include cost of the new facility, all equipment, and other operating expenses. The business owner will contribute $25,000. †¢ Marketing There will be a marketing budget of $5000 per quarter. There will be extra marketing money for the grand opening celebration. The amount of the financing needed from the bank will be approximately $300,000. This will be repaid over the next 10 years at $3,350 per month.

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Product market cyclicality exerts a powerful influence on a car Essay - 1

Product market cyclicality exerts a powerful influence on a car assembler's sales, value added, cash flow and profit performanc - Essay Example Marketing strategies are guided by the product life cycle stages. This is because as a product moves through its life cycle, competition, pricing, distribution, promotion, and market information strategies need periodic evaluations and alterations. The life cycle of a product begins prior to the product’s entry to the market. It involves the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline phases. 1. Introductory phase. This phase begins when a product is introduced in to the market for the first time. Initial sales for a product are usually rather small, and a high percentage of products characterise this phase. The product however receives approval from its producers followed by purchases from early adopters. â€Å"Satisfaction, reinforced by marketing communication, leads to repurchasing and, as soon as sales increase further, the product exits this phase† (Cant, Strydom, Jooste, and Du Plessis, 2006, p.242). 2. Growth phase. During this phase, sales in the target market grow mainly as a result of purchases by many early consumers, and increase in repurchasing. Greater force is impacted to the demand for the product, as competitors with similar products enter the target market. 3. Maturity phase. This phase is characterised by levelling of a product’s sales growth and demand. Additional competitors with similar products enter the target market. ... 4. Decline phase. During this phase, a rapid decline is experienced in sales and the target market. As a result of this, marketers may exclude some products from the product line, to remove products that do not earn profits. The product life cycle is very significant since it helps in the development of new products. This is because through a developed product, management is able to gain knowledge on how to develop a new product, or improve an existing product. It also helps in profit prediction, since the amount of profits depends on the amount of turnover. Therefore’ â€Å"the management can well predict the firm’s profits in different stages of the life-cycle of the product† (Bose, 2010, p.70). With good knowledge of the product life cycle, it is possible to prepare marketing programmes. This is necessary in order to highlight the different policies, procedures, and strategies needed to be applied at the different phases of a product life cycle. Influence of t he Product Market Cycle on Car Assembler’s Sales Sales and profitability of cars just like other products vary at every phase of their life cycle. By being aware about the market cycle of cars, car assemblers are able to take better advantage of their market positions on motor vehicle sales. Good knowledge of the car life cycles provides crucial indicators to car assemblers on when to launch new cars, when to move to new markets, and when to diversify their car models. This is because through the car life cycle, car assemblers are able to analyse categories of cars, their forms, brands and models. In recent times, there has been a move towards the manufacture and assembly of environmental friendly vehicles. Such vehicles have very little impact on the environment and are

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Indian culture ,Bhagavad Gita Analysis of a World Text see example in Research Paper

Indian culture ,Bhagavad Gita Analysis of a World Text see example in order instructuions - Research Paper Example e cause for this narration is Arjuna’s confusion regarding his relationships, bondage to people and the material world, and an effort to liberate himself from these bondages. Hence, the Lord advises Arjuna to follow path of Dharma (righteousness/duty) to achieve liberation from the materialistic bondages. According to Sankaracharya, this entire philosophy is assembled into 745 versus and based on four main principles, referred to as Purusharthas (Bhagavad-Gita, Gambhirananda, xii) in the Mahabharata; these include Dharma (The principle of righteousness), Artha (Wealth), Kaama (pleasure or desires), and moksha (spiritual freedom or self-realization) (qtd. in Rau, 25). All versus in the Bhagavad-Gita are based on these principles, and teach mankind how to abide by these principles. These teachings also include the effects of following and not following these principles on mankind and its future. The first principle of Dharma (righteousness/duty) guides all actions that man has to perform in order to successfully complete all the duties and eventually attain liberation. This topic is elaborated based on few teachings on Dharma (righteousness/duty), and explained in relation to achievement of self-liberation. For instance, the Lord advises Arjuna to focus on Dharma, which is righteousnes s of actions and duty. The Lord says, â€Å"Your right is for action alone, never for the results. Do not become the agent of the results of action. May you not have any inclination for inaction.† (Bhagavad-Gita, Gambhirananda, 2:47). Here, the lord explains that a man’s duty is only to perform actions and not expect results. Moreover, man should certainly perform actions and not escape from doing what is required. If man starts thinking about or expecting specific results from actions performed, then he will become a propagator of results desired from the work he does. This expectation could lead him towards inappropriate actions meant to achieve desired results.

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What role do NGOs play in reducing poverty in developing countries Essay

What role do NGOs play in reducing poverty in developing countries - Essay Example Non Governmental Organizations have a long history in improving the lives of the poor and the suffering. In 19th century they played a major role in fighting for rights of women and ran anti slavery movements (Davies, Thomas R. 2008).After the formulation of United Nations in 1945 the term Non Governmental Organization came into existence. These organizations have many roles which include promoting rights of a specific faction of society, promoting basic services like education and health, fighting laws and rules that are against poor or a particular group and helping government fighting diseases. But the most basic role of Non Governmental Organization is poverty alleviation. NGOs can play a major role in reducing poverty by helping people at the micro level. Such organizations have access to people that are in need of help and by helping these people NGOs can reduce poverty at grass root level. Especially in the developing countries NGOs have played a direct role in improving healt h and economic conditions of the people. Issues like lack of health and education are actually a product of poverty therefore the aim of most NGOs in developing countries is to reduce poverty. In this essay we will highlight the role NGOs play in reducing poverty in developing countries. Non Governmental Organizations reduce poverty by promoting rights of poor, providing education and shelter for poor, providing micro financing services and improving health facilities. Fighting for Rights of Poor The most basic way through which NGOs help reduce poverty is by fighting for rights of poor. The main problem in the developing countries is that people are not aware of their rights due to lack of communication technology. NGOs help people realize about their rights as this is the first step in poverty alleviation. Non Governmental Organizations also play a role in voicing concerns of the people to the relevant authorities. They force governmental institutions to take action with regards t o the problems faced by the poor. This is another role they play is easing the suffering of the poor. Sometimes governments are taking steps for example increase in taxes that are in directly harmful to the interest of poor people. NGOs also play a role in fighting such steps of the government and in this way they protect the rights of the people. NGOs fight for the right to food, shelter, education etc in developing countries (Curtis, Marley, & Bakewell, 2005). They also fight against child labour and rights of women. By doing so NGOs create awareness and at the same time improve lives of the poor. The fight for basic rights can therefore be considered as an important role of NGO in reducing poverty of developing countries. Providing Shelter for the Needy The right to shelter is one of the most basic rights of human beings. No one can live a proper life without some sort of shelter. Developing countries face serious problems when it comes to providing housing for their citizens. Ma ny people in the developing world are forced to live on streets because they do not have a home. Non Governmental Organizations help poor people find a shelter in developing countries. It is important to provide shelter because it is one of the basic needs of the people. Providing shelter is one of the steps of poverty reduction in developing countries. Non Governmental Organization provides shelter to children, women and old people. Children who left their homes or are forced to leave their homes are treated by NGOs. Non Governmental Organizations are of many types as mentioned before. Some focus on children only and other provide shelter to people in general. NGOs in developing countries focus on providing secure shelter to female victims of sex trafficking (Tzvetkova, M. 2002). A direct effect of poverty is that people get desperate to find jobs in order to feed their families.

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Exploring Services Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Exploring Services Management - Assignment Example By 2005, the organization had more than 400 Subway stores all within the UK and the company was expanding and aims at attaining 800 stores within the next two years. Within an extensively competitive market, qualitative study indicated that Subway was misinterpret and went to being harassed by non-users. Further to the present  £1.99 ‘Daily Special’, sandwich offer, required to boost tryout and develop frequency, was decaying. Marketing was required to propel modern clients and develop trust (Milford, 2011). The transition that was implemented within the organization, nonetheless, changed and brought tremendous success to the organization that was at the edge of collapsing. A local text turned into a national awareness, offering phenomenal numbers and move forward to international proposition. The real product traded by the firm did not change – rather it was re-branded repositioned, and re-launched. Within the initial local examination, a venture of  £400,000 within 11 weeks produced a boost up of similar store sales of 12% yearly and 12% return on investment. For three consecutive flying and a year later, the trial region income rose to 30% (Liutu, 2010). Such successes are attributed to the Subway chain owner Fred Deluca who opened the initial store in 1965. He went ahead to built a multi-billion dollar franchisee business. Varied with its main competitor McDonald, there are no â€Å"firm possessed stores.† The notion of modernly produced Subs drove the chain to its grade as a real market leader within the largely competitive US market mainly on fast-food industry. In 2006, the company had more than 25,000 stores and the sole proprietor Fred was on a list and positioned 242 out of the 400 richest Americans. The initial store in UK was introduced in 1996, and by 2004, a mean of fifteen fresh stores were launch monthly and existence along Top Street was planned to double within the next two years. Regardless of

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Security on the Internet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Security on the Internet - Research Paper Example Information technology and internet in the present scenario has become extremely important for every business organization. It has become the most appropriate means for carrying out long distance communication across global organizations. In addition, the continuous technological advancement is argued to inherent security risks. If the statistical reports are taken into consideration, multiple cases of online data theft and fraud can be brought up through which the safety and the integrity of internet can specifically be questioned (Koskosas et al., 2011). Moreover, by taking into consideration, the rising level of online attacks, it has become a challenge for the IT engineers to counter such unwarranted situations that might risk the integrity and survival of multiple organizations along with all the stakeholders associated with it. As a result, this report will focus towards evaluating the security issues identified within the IT structure of ‘XYZ Ltd.’ through which t he inappropriate loopholes that existed within the system can be identified. Adding to that, the report will also emphasize on the available solutions through which such security issues are being resolved (Koskosas et al., 2011). As already discussed above, security issues within IT organizations has become a common trend. Reason for this cause can be provided by taking consideration of the level of data being accessed within these companies on daily basis. Adding to that, majority of the IT companies appears to have taken appropriate steps regarding minimizing the percentage of confidential data loss. As a result, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is often opted. Nevertheless, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is perceived to increase the risk of data loss from the central servers. Moreover, in order to carry out the daily

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History the world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

History the world - Essay Example decision for the sale of these Chinese unsafe items, the PRC government was reported to threaten and imposed retaliatory actions which resulted into consternation among the leaders of the area. These issues of controversy have remained as flashpoints between the Southeast Asia and China. China made some relative gains to the United States in areas of political and cultural power. In a 2007 poll, only 27% of Malaysians and 27% of Indonesians had favorable view to the United States in contrary to the 65% of Indonesians and 83% of Malaysians who favored the views of China. Although the nearby people responded well in looking at China as the future leader of Asia, China has fared much worse than what the people expected in its soft power. China had its legal system, political system, normative appeal, and respect for human life score very low grades in the eyes of the Beijing nearby neighbors. Although the American culture form the movies in Hollywood to MTV have remained much more accessible and popular, the trend of China is undeniably catching up quickly, at least according to the nearby people. The nearby people responded to the giant China through the cultural exchange that existed between the northern nomads and Chinese, which saw them experience the adoption of C hinese language, inter-marriages, and religion adoption. However, the pastoral communities in the nearby did not adopt the ways of Chinese people. Chinese as a giant of the area directly depended on the northern nomads by taking their horses for its military. Chinese people also took their products such as furs, forest skins, and amber. Being self contained or isolated civilization means that China was cut off from the outside world. However, China was not like this, the country remained in contact and in open trade with the outside world. This can evidently be seen in the Coming of Buddhism across the Silk Road. We can also prove that China was not isolated from the fact that it was conquered by the

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Anti forensic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Anti forensic - Essay Example Innovatively, there are anti-investigation techniques, aimed at making information collected by automated tools as well as fresh-and-blood investigators. With the help of modern operating systems, especially by the nature of management of data, events, and information, it is easy to find these individuals. However, due to the different techniques applied by computer users, it is hard to find people who use anti-computer forensics. Introduction Recently, due to the development of anti-computer forensics into a significant field of study, more researchers have undertaken intensive studies and research on the issue. Defined as any attempts focused on affecting negatively the existence, amount or quality of evidence from a crime scene, or making an analysis of the examination of the evidence difficult or impossible to conduct, anti-computer forensics is essentially a creative way of sabotaging any type of investigations into a crime scene. However, anti-computer forensics is a more techn ologically advanced method, which criminals use in hacking. This approach makes sure that it is hard for investigators to find the criminals, and if they were to find them, make it impossible for them to prove ha they ever found them. Most of the researchers do not put into consideration the use of forensics as a method of ensuring the safety of one’s personal data or information. Criminals use different techniques to protect their identity from the authority. However, not only is this approach useful to criminals, individuals have excessively use it in stalking each other. It is due to the rise in the use of this technology that many researchers have undertaken to conduct research and study on this form of technology (Lim, 2008). As a result, I take to conduct research on the techniques used by people in anti-computer forensics. The effectiveness of these techniques to their users will also form part of this research. Problem Statement In the recent years, there has been a s harp increase in the number of anti-forensic techniques used by criminals in frustrating investigative processes. Due to technological advancement and innovation, criminals have increasingly perfected their acts, by developing means and ways of overwriting data, hiding or deleting it to obscure it from the investigators (Busing, et al. 2005).. This is not the only way in which these criminals make investigations impossible to investigators. Another way of doing this is by sabotaging any form of investigation, to make sure that the law does not catch up with them. This leads to the abandonment of numerous cases in their investigation stages, while others never proceed to full trial due to lack of evidence. Even if the evidence is available, if accessed by criminals, and due to immense tampering, it is scanty, unreliable, misleading or damaged (Shanmugam, et al. 2011). As such, this study seeks to identify the methods and techniques used in anti-forensics. Literature Review According to Busing et al., (2005), computer Forensics is the use of scienti?c knowledge for collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence to the courts. On the other hand, Anti-Forensics includes tools and techniques that frustrate forensic tools, investigations and investigators. Shanmugam, et al. (2011) point out

Distinguish between the public and private aspects of human sexuality Essay

Distinguish between the public and private aspects of human sexuality - Essay Example Naturally, sex is a mechanism through which human beings procreate and give rise to offsprings who continue the generation of human beings. Thus, human sexuality encapsulates activities that undergo in the body of a human being, their thoughts, and spirits. The paper herein thus provides a profound discussion about the distinction between public and private aspects of the human sexuality through incisive ideas and rational arguments. The interest in sexual intercourse in human beings normally develops when a person reaches puberty. However, the propensity to engage in sexual relations usually varies between people. Some scientists argue that genes or environmental factors cause the variation in sexual inclination. On the other hand, enthusiasts in the sexual relations discussion sphere maintain that some sexual activities are influenced by intuition or societal pressure. Nevertheless, the bottom-line is that people engage in sexual activities despite their various reasons. The discussion on this subject breeds contentious issues especially when it extends to distinguishing public and private aspects of the human sexuality (Botcherby and Creegan 6). The society has set standards to mark the difference between sexual relations that are considered public or private. The outcome has been the setting of legal boundaries and creation of moral standards that human beings are expected to adhere to when they engage in sexual relations (Scott and Harold 187). Human sexuality has been public by default especially for heterosexual people. Sexuality has culturally been the defining factor of a persons identity. The society has been the prime shaping agent in matters of human sexuality, rendering some private aspects of human sexuality public. In the past, some of the private aspects of human sexuality as defined by the forces of society were the different sexual orientations that people have. Naturally, human beings are

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Formal complain letter Essay Example for Free

Formal complain letter Essay Dear Director,We are residing at Old stockage room 5304. One of our housemate (5304-1) is very inconsiderate. She switches on the TV very loud (TV just beside my room) and the volume is deafening. Even one of my roommates room (5304-5), which is situated near the main door can hear the noise. She also always turns on her loud speakers enjoying the music without closing her door. Besides, in the middle of the night, this girl will go into the guy room (5304-2) situated in between my room (5304-4) and room (5304-2). There will be noise and loud laughter in the middle of the night. My (5304-2) roommate and I had told them and requested them to lower their noise level but they just continue and ignored us. These have affected our sleep and also our mood. Sometimes, the next day, she purposely switched on the music in her room even louder without even closing the door. Furthermore, she also caused danger to other roommates by leaving the place and turning on the microwave for more than 45mins. One of the roommates had to turn off the microwave because there was a strong plastic burning smell. We already had a discussion with a resident advisor early in the semester regarding the mess and the noise level (first complaint by one of my roommate). The situation got better but subsequently, the noise level came back. For your information, we had tolerated them throughout last and this semester and had given her plenty of chances. Should this matter not be solved, it is really unfair and injustice for us who also pay rent to endure her unreasonable acts of behavior. It has come to a point that we want her to leave and do not wish to give her any more chances. We had too many assignments, reports and our exams are around the corner. We wouldnt want to spend our precious time dealing with her during our exams (affect our studies). We would appreciate if you can take the necessary actions against this person (5304-1) because we give up dealing with her.

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Effect of Cultural Exposure on Ethnic Identities in Adoption

Effect of Cultural Exposure on Ethnic Identities in Adoption How has cultural exposure shaped the ethnic identities of Asian children who have been adopted into American families? Emma Schroeter This essay assesses the effects of cultural exposure on the ethnic identities’ of Asian transracially adopted children. It examines how cultural exposure shapes the ethnic identities of Asian children who have been adopted into American families. To do so, the variety of cultural exposure methods and the factors that typically influence a child’s self-identity are first discussed. This includes the â€Å"nature versus nature concept† and Albert Bandura’s social learning theory. The way ethnic identity is measured is then identified. Next, a relevant study by David C. Lee and Stephen M. Quintana’s which was published in 2005 is analyzed in relation to the investigation. The results are discussed and conclusions are drawn. In conclusion, there are significant positive effects of cultural exposure on Asian transracially adopted children. Introduction: International adoption is becoming increasingly popular within families in the United States. Since 1971, over 330,000 children have been adopted from other countries and the annual rate for international adoption has tripled.[1] The amount of internationally adopted children went from 7,093 children in 1990 to 22,884 children in 2004.[2] The increase in international adoption can be attributed to war, poverty, the lack of social welfare in these countries, as well as: greater infertility rates in the United States, recognized difficulties associated with domestic adoption, desire to adopt babies rather than older children, or a repugnance toward foster care adoption.[3] Today, children (the majority infants and young children) are adopted annually from over one hundred countries, with approximately 90% of children adopted from only twenty countries.[4] However, most are from China, Russia, South Korea, and Guatemala.[5] Transracial adoption in the United States has a controversial history.[6] The perception of ethnic identity within these children has been an immense concern for the general wellbeing of the child. Currently, Asian children adopted into American families cover about 15% of all adopted children and continues to increase annually.[7] Whether or not we want to accept it, our childhoods play a prodigious role in not only shaping who we become as adults but also our identity. Some people actually consider transracial adoption cultural genocide.[8] When transracially adopted into an American family, a child is at risk for being robbed of their own identity and culture. Although many families who adopt children do make an effort to expose their child to as much of their original culture as possible, what the child interprets may not necessarily be the expected. Therefore, the question remains: How has cultural exposure shaped the ethnic identities of Asian children who have been adopted int o American families? Although, many of the studies referenced refer to Korean children, the researchers have made the conclusion that the same effects apply to all Asian adoptees. Investigation: Cultural exposure can have a variety of meanings. In the case of a child being transracially adopted, cultural exposure is the introduction to aspects and collective manifestations of their home country. For Asian children, these items may include: attending Asian/culture-specific cultural group activities/festivals, visiting home country, attending culture-specific (fully Korean, Japanese, etc.) school, can speak some of native language, can write some of native language, or eats culture-specific food frequently (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). These items are drawn from a variation of the Suinn-Lew Asian Self-Identity Acculturation Scale and the Children’s Acculturation Scale.[9] All of the preceding factors would result in exposure to the child’s home country in one way or another, to a certain extent. Depending on the adoptive family, the child may or may not be able to experience these types of things. It is important to define cultural exposure to understand the ba sis of this investigation and argument. The aspects listed previously are examples necessary in understanding what cultural exposure deals with. In David C. Lee and Stephen M. Quintana’s study published in 2005, these items were constructed into questions and used in interviews with Korean children. This study will be referenced frequently, due to its relativity to the subject being discussed. An important focus of this investigation is on transracially adopted children’s ideological, behavioral, and social commitment to their country of origin.[10] Transracially children who are adopted and being raised by parents with a different racial status tend to experience a different racial socialization than those who are raised by their biological parents or adopted within their race. According to research, more than 65% of transracially adopted children fail to identify with their racial status.[11] This was evident in Andujo’s 1988 study comparing Mexican within race adopted children and Mexican transracially adopted children. This study found that none of the thirty transracially adopted children identified with the race â€Å"Mexican American†, while twenty-two out of thirty within race adopted children did. Although this study investigates Mexican children, it is relevant because of the conclusions drawn. Andujo concluded that these results can be gener alized to apply to all transracially adopted children due to the similarities in their situations. It has also been replicated using Asian, African as well as other South American countries, producing close, if not the same results. In DeBerry, Scarr, and Weinberg’s (1996) longitudinal study, it was found that transracially adopted children had difficulty developing biracial competence and identified more with White than Asian groups. Not only was this result a concern, but the statistic stating that over 20% of transracially adopted children indicated that they wished they had a different racial status as well.[12] It is concerning that children are not happy with their ethnicity and culture. This â€Å"wish† that these children possessed could be a predetermining factor for other issues that the child will later stumble upon (depression, etc.). This statement could be caused by a variety of reasons, such as deprivation to culture exposure. On the contrary, research h as also found that most transracially adopted children show adjustment levels (self-esteem, well-being, etc.) equivalent or higher than those of within race adopted children.[13] As seen in Feigelman and Silverman’s (1983) and Andujo’s (1988) studies, this pattern in adjustment levels applies when comparing within race adopted white children and within race adopted transracial children (for example, a Korean couple living in the U.S. adopting a Korean child). The error in the adjustment levels pattern occurred in certain circumstances where differences in the adoptions took place, such as: age of adoption and placement in foster care.[14] When these circumstances were controlled, the high adjustment levels pattern was evident and the similarities between adjustment levels in both transracial and within race adopted children disappeared.[15] Ultimately, this suggests both the positive and negative sides of transracially adopted children’s perception of their iden tity. Recently, researchers have been focusing on the ways in which these children develop positive or negative understandings and perceptions about their ethnic, cultural, and racial identity. As of right now, the biggest reason for this revolves around the adoptive parents attitudes towards adopted children’s attitudes and children’s racial identity.[16] Research is showing that transracially adopted children begin to recognize their racial differences as early as ages four or five.[17] As transracially adopted children get older, they develop a more non-literal understanding of their identity.[18] At the same time, they can start to feel a loss of their home culture and family history and begin to understand the effects of racism and discrimination.[19] This development will be specifically discussed later in the investigation. These new feelings and emotions in a child, however, can relate to the famous â€Å"nature versus nurture† debate. This argument focuses on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to human development.[20] For example, when a person is very knowledgeable, gets good grades, and is ultimately successful, did they do so because they are genetically predisposed or is it the result of a fortified environment? Similarly, If a man/father abuses his family/wife/kids, is it because of something he was born with violent tendencies or is it something he learned from personal experience and by observing his own parents behavior? A few characteristics that seem to be biologically determined (nature) include eye color, hair color, skin color, some genetic diseases, etc. Other attributes like height, life expectancy, and even left/right handedness have a strong biological component, but they are also influenced by the environment you are exposed to and the lifestyle you experience (nurture). Families who have adopted children are typically used in experiments researching â€Å"nature versus nurture † because it is so easily seen in these situations. How a person behaves can be tied to influence such as parenting styles and learned experiences (cultural exposure). For example, a child might learn through observation and reinforcement to say â€Å"please† and â€Å"thank you.† Another child might learn to behave violently by observing older children engage in aggressive behavior on the playground. This act of imitation is also known as Albert Bandura’s â€Å"social learning theory†. In his famous â€Å"Bobo doll experiment†, Bandura showed that children learn and copy behaviors they have watched other people complete. Children participating in Bandura’s study observed an adult acting aggressively toward a Bobo doll. When the children were later allowed to play and interact with the Bobo doll, they began to imitate the aggressive and violent actions they had previously been exposed to and observed. These studies are significant to t his investigation because it shows the impact of parents on the behaviors and actions of children, ultimately leading to the child’s identity. The effect of cultural exposure on adopted children can be considered the â€Å"nurture† aspect because it involves the environment the child is exposed to and how they are brought up. When it comes to Bandura’s study, the importance lies in the fact that adopted children imitate their parents, just the same as biological children used in the study.[21] If the adoptive parents were to show an interest in the culture of the child (while the child is at a young age) and practice â€Å"the ways† of the culture, if you will, the child would likely follow or imitate with their interest of the subject. As seen in the results of the Lee and Quintana (2005) study discussed later, cultural exposure is important to the perception of ethnic identity within the child. If a parent can play such a significant role in what a chil d believes and understands (Bobo doll experiment), it becomes important and relevant to this investigation as well. Within even some of the smaller communities in Rochester, New York parents of Korean adopted children children take them to an annual Korean festival to learn about their home culture. Although the kids are still very young, the parents believe they should expose their child to as much of their own culture as they can, before the child can make their own decision to continue to follow the culture or stick to the American culture.[22] This is an example of how the actions of the parents regarding cultural exposure, influence the child’s positive or negative understandings and perceptions about their ethnic, cultural, and racial identity. This â€Å"ethnic identity† is not always easy to measure, especially within children. Children have been shown to progress through physical, literal, social, and group perspectives on their cultural and racial experiences.[23] The Perspective-Taking Ability (PTA) scale (see Appendix I) is a way to measure and show the extent to which children understand their ethnic identity in different stages. The PTA’s results tends to vary over age as well. The PTA scale ranges from level zero to level three. As expected, young children’s (preschool aged) understanding of race, culture, and ethnicity are based on superficial physical appearance. This is considered the physical perspective and contains something like, â€Å"Korean people have black hair, brown eyes while Americans (Caucasian) have tan hair and different colored eyes.† Furthermore, older children (elementary aged) begin to understand non-physical features, including literal aspects such as, heritage and culture characteristics (food, ancestors, language, etc.). This is considered the literal perspective meaning, â€Å"To be Korean means your parents were Korean. But just because you’re Korean on the outside, it does not mean you are not American on the inside.† In early adolescence, youth begin to base their racial status on a social perspective, including racism and social discrimination. This stage is labelled the social perspective, when youth begin to realize, â€Å"I guess I’m different (from Caucasians) because they treat me differently.† In later adolescence, racial and cultural group consciousness is the key factor in identifying racial status (ethnic identity). The last stage is called the collective group consciousness perspective, stating, â€Å"I believe (what makes me Korean) is the way you feel about it†¦ it’s more what you know about your culture and how much you believe it.† The age groups associated with each level ar e a generalization of any typical child’s understanding. This scale has been used in research relating to ordinary young children’s perception of race before, but is more significant in evaluating a transracially adopted child’s idea of identity. This significance can be attributed to the contrasting lifestyles and environments experienced by transracially adopted children. This also suggests that the results of transracially adopted children tend to differ from ordinary children due to the possible early exposure of their culture at young ages. This exposure could lead them to knowledge beyond their years relating to this topic. The purpose of Lee and Quintana’s (2005) study was to not only look into the benefits of culture exposure but also investigate whether or not the same race developmental models would work for adopted children as well. The interest laid in the fact of whether or not transracially adopted children developed and attained the same PTA levels as non-adopted children. Previously, a small qualitative study by Friedlander et al. (2000) reveals that transracially adopted children’s ethnic and racial cognition development is parallel to those of non-adopted children. This was further investigated with this study. With varying hypotheses (see Appendix II), a method was created to test these questions. Fifty Korean-born transracially adopted children participated, twenty-seven girls and twenty-three boys. They were attending a Korean culture camp and the average age was twelve years old. Fifty-six percent of the children had some limited knowledge of verbal and written Korean, sixt y percent had been back to Korea, and sixty-four percent had previously participated in culture-specific activities outside of the camp. Almost seventy-five percent reported being teased because of their racial status (see Appendix III). The children were selected using opportunity sampling and all had parental consent. The children were interviewed using the PTA scale which had been altered to be Korean specific. Culture exposure questions were asked orally while cultural knowledge was investigated by asking the children to imagine two towns.[24] They were given questions regarding the likelihood of people from each town participating in each event. Some questions were culture specific, others were not. Self-esteem was also measured using Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale. This was administered to ensure that discriminant validity that cultural variables were not significantly related to self-esteem.[25] The results can be found in Appendix IV. The results suggest that cultural exposure had a significant role for transracially adopted children’s development of PTA. Cultural exposure could be used to predict the child’s PTA after certain factors like age and cultural knowledge were controlled. These findings can be compared with research of either Portes and Rumbaut (1996) or Zhou (1997). This previous research found that children’s adaption based on a blending of culture of origin or family culture and dominant culture was complex.[26] For some, there were benefits to increased socialization which appeared to pose challenges to their adjustment. In recent situations, acculturation to the dominant culture may be experienced as threatening to ethnic/racial minority adolescents’ identity.[27] The interaction between cultural exposure and chronological age in predicting levels of PTA also had a small significance. This indicated that cultural exposure is much more important for younger transracially adopted children (less than ten years old).[28] This suggests that types of cultural exposure may need to be accustomed to age. The kinds of exposure indexed were focused on experiences with Korean culture (like food and language) just as how the cultural knowledge assessed was focused more on objective features of culture (like cultural traditions). It now seems that these kinds of exposure may be more important to young children at a level one PTA. On the other hand, older children at level two need to focus on more racial components, such as, racial prejudice. In further research, it would be important to investigate the kinds of experiences that promote transracially adopted children’s development prior to and throughout adolescence. The study findings could also help to alter the adoption policy. Currently, most adoption agencies do not have standard protocols for pre and post-adoption services focused on cultural socialization. Adoptive parents have to initiate their own support services to address these issues.[29] Consequently, agencies may want to tailor services to address these aspects of cultural socialization and exposure when working with adoptive families. Parents thinking about adopting might be encouraged to think past racial awareness and self-examination of their cultural belief systems but instead what it means to engage in culturally competent parenting. Likewise, adoptive parents whose children are currently struggling with ethnic and racial issues may benefit from learning additional ways to engage in cultural exposure. These collective efforts, in turn, we hope will promote the development of a healthy and positive ethnic identity and will contribute to the well-being and mental health of inte rnationally adopted children.[30] Conclusion: There seem to be important benefits to transracially adopted children from exposure to their country of origin for their development. Research shows the emphasis and importance of cultural exposure, particularly for young children. High levels of cultural exposure may help to minimize differences between transracially adopted children’s developmental understanding of culture and race and non-adopted children. Direct exposure appears more beneficial than knowledge or awareness of differences. 1 [1] U.S. Department of State, 2005 [2] U.S. Department of State, 2005 [3] Lee, 2003 [4] Grotevant, 2008 [5] Grotevant, 2008 [6] Simon and Alstein, 2002 [7] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [8] National Association of Black Social Workers, 1972 [9] Suinn, Khoo, and Ahauna, 1995; Franco, 1983 [10] Taylor and Thorton, 1996 [11] Andujo, 1988; Feigelman and Silverman, 1984; Kim, 1995 [12] Benson, Sharma, and Roehlkepartain, 1994 [13] Alexander and Curtis, 1996 [14] Simon and Alstein, 2000 [15] Wickes and Slate, 1997 [16] Carstens and Julia, 2000; Friedlander et al., 2000; Vonk, 2001; and Yoon, 1997 [17] Brodzinsky, Singer, Braff, 1984; Huh Reid, 2000 [18] Lee and Quintana, 2005 [19] Meier, 1999; Powell Affi, 2005 [20] Grenke, 2012 [21] Bandura, 1965 [22] Arber, 2013 [23] Lee and Quintana, 2005 [24] Bernal, Knight, Ocampo, Garza, and Cota, 1990 [25] Lee and Quintana, 2005 [26] Zhou, 1997 [27] Ogbu, 1994 [28] Lee and Quintana, 2005 [29] Steinberg and Hall, 2000 [30] Gunnar and Lee, 2006

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Clinical Computer Standards of Student Restorative Clinic

Clinical Computer Standards of Student Restorative Clinic Audit to assess the clinical computer standards of the student restorative clinic in the University of Manchester dental hospital Introduction: The use of computers in clinics is a useful tool for clinicians, however it can create challenges for their users with regards to cross infection control and patient data protection. The GDC (General Dental Council) and CMFT (Central Manchester Foundation Trust) have set standards for cross infection control and handling patient data. These standards were used to assess the clinical computer use on the ground floor restorative clinic in the University of Manchester dental hospital. Method: Clinical computers were assessed and data collected over the period of two weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The computers were assessed using a data collection sheet. Results were compiled and analysed. Results: 89% of computers met the standards for data protection, 57% of the computers met the standards for cross infection control. Conclusion: The results show that standards for cross infection control for the computers on the clinic were particularly poor. They also showed that standards for data protection are not being met by some users of computers in the clinic. Action plan: Students and staff on the student restorative clinic should be made aware of results and recommendations should be implemented. A repeat audit should be undertaken in 12 months to monitor any improvement. Background The use of clinical computers in the dental hospital has a significant role in patient care. With the introduction of software to handle patient notes being introduced in September 2014 this is even more relevant than ever before. Now that students use the computers to record all their clinical notes, there is a larger amount of patient data being stored on them and the computers are being used much more frequently. Whilst the use of computers for clinical purposes can be a useful tool for clinicians, it also poses new challenges to those using them. Personal information of patients should be protected at all times and this means storing records securely where they will not be seen by other patients, unauthorised healthcare staff or members of the public (GDC, 2005) . Appropriate cross infection control should also be maintained when using computers on clinic. Cross infection control precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare personnel (NHS, 2010). Therefore staff and students need to be aware of the proper procedures to follow when using the computers as part of their clinical practices. The clinical computers on the ground floor restorative clinics are situated within the clinical bays and are accessible to students and staff during and after treatment. Access to these computers is restricted through a password log-in providing they have been logged out of. Many of these computers have patient data freely accessible once the computers have been logged into. Currently there is no specific instruction to students to log out of the machines after use. The computers on the clinic use a conventional keyboard and mouse to operate. This creates a potential problem for cross infection as the computers are often used during treatment of patients. Aims and objectives The aim of this audit is to ensure that CMFT and GDC standards for cross infection control and patient confidentiality are adhered to in the dental hospital ground floor clinic with respect to clinical computer use. The objective of this audit is to assess the quality of cross infection control procedures and patient confidentiality with regards to clinical computer use and to devise implementations which can be made to improve practices and meet the standards set. Standards In order to assess the use of the clinical computers within the restorative clinic I have used policies and standards set by the CMFT and GDC Nationally. The CMFT have policies on cross infection and patient data protection available here: The policy document ‘Records Management: NHS Code of Practice’ outlines that equipment used to store records should provide storage that is safe and secure from unauthorised access and which meets health and safety regulations. The NHS policy document ‘standard infection control precautions’ provides guidance for the proper cross infection control procedures for care equipment available: The General dental council also has set standards for all dental professionals to follow and has a document available which outlines the need for patient confidentiality and the responsibility of dental professionals to maintain it.[1].pdf All students and staff using clinical computers should meet these standards. Method The audit was carried out retrospectively. A total of 45 Computers on the ground floor restorative clinic were assessed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon for 2 weeks. Computers were assessed using a data collection sheet (appendix 1). Data from the collection sheet was compiled and analysed. The data collection sheet gathered information for the following categories: Cross infection control Computer hardware which must be touched for use i.e. Keyboards and mice were checked for appropriate barrier guard protection and cross infection control procedures. Computer keyboards must have barrier protection as appropriate cross infection control cannot be achieved by wiping with disinfectant due to the structure of the keyboards being used. The mice which are used can be wiped and so students were asked if they had wiped the mouse after use. Students were also asked if they had wiped the plastic cover of the keyboards. Keyboards which did not have barrier protection and those which did and were not wiped were deemed to not meet the standards of the CMFT. Mice which were not wiped with disinfectant were also deemed to not meet the standards of the CMFT. Data protection Computers were assessed to see if the users had logged off after use. Computers were also assessed to see if there was personally identifiable patient data accessible without restriction. Any computers with unrestricted patient data were deemed to not meet the standards set by the GDC and CMFT. Results The results from the collection sheet from all 6 days were compiled to give an average over the two weeks which were converted into percentages represented in the graphs below. Cross Infection Control This graph shows the percentage of the computers which had a plastic barrier guard protection over the keyboard at the end of the sessions. From the data collected an average of 24% of computers in the ground floor restorative clinic had no barrier protection during the clinical sessions. Of the computers which had barrier protection I asked the students from these bays if they had wiped the plastic barrier guard with disinfectant, the results are shown below. The graph shows that on average over the two weeks 18% of the keyboards with barrier protection were not wiped with disinfectant at the end of the clinical session. All of the mice for the clinical computers in ground floor restorative have no barrier protection and so students were asked if they had wiped the mice at the end of the session, the results of which are shown below. The data collected showed that on average over the two weeks 21% of students had not wiped down the mice with disinfectant after using them. Computers which did not have barrier protection for the keyboard and those which did but were not wiped as well as those with mice that weren’t wiped were considered to have inappropriate cross infection control. The total results represented as a percentage in the chart below. The data collected showed that in total 43% of computers being used in the ground floor restorative clinic were not meeting CMFT standards for cross infection control. Data Protection This graph shows the percentage of computers which were logged out of at the end of the clinical sessions over the two weeks. The data collected shows that 52% of computers on ground floor restorative were not logged out of at the end of the session creating a potential data protection issue. Computers were also assessed to see if any personally identifiable patient data was freely accessible without restriction, results shown as a percentage in the graph below. The data collected showed that 11% of the computers on ground floor restorative clinic had personally identifiable patient data freely accessible without restriction and thus these computers were deemed to be unsecure in terms of patient data protection. Therefore these computers do not meet the standards set by the CMFT and GDC for patient confidentiality. Conclusion Using the guidelines set by the CMFT and GDC I have assessed the clinical computer standards of the ground floor restorative clinic with regards to cross infection control and data protection of patients. The results show that only 57% of computers in the ground floor restorative clinic meet the standards of cross infection control. This was mostly due to barrier guards on keyboards not being used but it was also the case that students were not using disinfectant wipes on both the keyboards and mice. 89% of the computers meet the standards for data protection. The remaining 11% was a result of patient data being accessible directly from logged in machines thus the information was not secured. The results show that there is significant improvement to be made in the practices of staff and students using the computers on clinic to better protect patient confidentiality and wellbeing. Therefore action should be taken and recommendations implemented to improve the clinical computer standa rds of the clinic. Recommendations and action plan The results of this audit should be discussed with students who use the ground floor restorative clinic. It would also be useful to discuss the results with clinical tutors and other healthcare staff on clinic who oversee work done by students and who also sometimes use the computers. The clinical induction period for students at the start of the year would be an appropriate time to give specific instruction to students regarding clinical computer use. The instruction should highlight the correct cross infection control procedures for the computers including mandatory use of a barrier guard for keyboards and use of disinfectant wiped for both the keyboard barrier and mice. This could be included with other cross infection control inductions such as hand washing and usage of the clinical units. Instruction should also be given to students to log out of machines after use. If 100% of student implement this recommendation then data protection issues regarding the clinical computers would be largely resolved. The audit should be repeated in 12 months’ time to investigate any if any improvements have been made following implementation of recommendations. This allows time for the yearly clinical induction for students to have taken place. References GDC 2005. General Dental Council. Standards Guidance. Principals of patient confidentiality. Available:[1].pdf NHS 2010. NHS Professionals. Standard infection control precautions. Available: Appendix 1 1