Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Social Class Essay Example for Free

Social Class Essay Would it be wiser to develop a new brand, or can it successfully market the same product to the under and over 50s? 5. In view of the anticipated growth of the 50-plus market should Oil of Olay consider a new strategy for its face cream? Would it be wiser to develop a new brand, or can it successfully market the same product to the under and over 50s? 6. What kind of subcultural (ethnic, race, age and sex) segmentation would best assist the marketer with the following products and services? 1. A digital microphone 2. An MP3 player 3. Jeans 4. Snap-chill meals 5. A new alcoholic lemonade 6. A tourist package to Vietnam and Pakistan . A personal telephone number 1. Some food goods, such as cans of pork, those people who are Moslem do not have pork and sometimes they substitute beef for pork. In this scenario, it has been of importance that manufacturers cannot produce the food associated with pork if they tend to target Moslem market. Otherwise, the customer of Moslem would be excluded. Take a Nutrilite as an example, it is a kind of nutritious medicine, like Blackmores in Au, it got different kinds of medicine, one of products is called protein powder that the people always going to gym should take after they finish the training. Also, for elders linked to the age subculture, the company produces each product in terms of some illness that is potential to them when they get older. Meanwhile, the likelihood of illness will decline if these aged people insist taking it. 2. Baby boomers: Those people are reaching the retirement age and they could be the largest customers using TV because they would spend lots of time at home. The company can give customers from the age of babyboomer some discounts once they plan to sign the contrast with Foxtel company duo to these people have potential to become the lasting customers. Generation X: consist of people born from 1965 to 1979, this group of people has accepted the higher education already and some of them work in a big company, earning higher salaries. Those people are in no rush to marry. For advertising companies, they should stress the advantage (eg. Credibility and naturalness of ingredients) of Paying TV services. The advertising company should attract these people since they like music, fashions and language. Generation Y: consist of people born between 1980 and 1994. Those people are more open to change and looking for next gadgets. These people use the internet almost everyday and the advertising company can have a try that linking the tv service to the internet. Also, this group of people is characterized by the informal groups, like friends and they prefer to imitate what friends do. 3. The business can give the elders discount if they purchase the necessity, such as walking stick. Particularly, if some elders make a consumed decision, such as buy a new car, then the government should cut the tax rate that elders should pay by the mortgage or cash. The allowance given to elderly depends on what sort of decisions they make and the income earn. 4 I think the oil of ulan should develop a new product since customers between 50 and over-50s have different skin. For instance, the skin with elders has more wrinkles and the company should design specific products for the people who are more than 50. The company can not market the same product but can develop a new brand that is a branch of Oil of Ulan. As a result, the two brands can segment different groups of customers and position the products. . A digital microphone and an mp3 player) age. As young and older people have different aspects regarding the interests. The young people prefer to go to ktv and even stay here overnight and a digital microphone is useful for those people as they utilize it to practice singing. While for olders, they are less likely to use this modern devices and the one they like maybe reading newspaper, opera, or walking in the park etc. Jeans) age and sex. Some famous brands of jeans, such as levi’s and lee are welcomed by young people. Particularly, the series of CLOT of Edison chen is so fancy that a large number of young fans like it. Also, some females like jeans as it could reveal the beautiful body when they wearing it. Snap-chill meals and a alcoholic lemonade) ethnic. Some people from Mexico like chill very much and that’s why in Mexico, there is a kind of strong chill called ‘ devil chill’. However, some people from southern areas in China, those people like sweet food while people in north-west like chill and beer since the weather is very cold and they eating chill to warm themselves. For a lemonade, some people like drinking beer. A tourist package to Vietnam and Pakistan) age. Nowadays, both young and older people like travelling. However, young people have more curious about the outside world and they prefer to have a look by travelling. A personal phone number) ethnical . Some religious people do not like some numbers like 4, they think 4 sounds like ‘death’ in Chinese. Consequently, when they choose the cell number , they prefer to choose the lucky number even though they spending much more money to purchase the number.

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