Sunday, August 25, 2019

Security on the Internet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Security on the Internet - Research Paper Example Information technology and internet in the present scenario has become extremely important for every business organization. It has become the most appropriate means for carrying out long distance communication across global organizations. In addition, the continuous technological advancement is argued to inherent security risks. If the statistical reports are taken into consideration, multiple cases of online data theft and fraud can be brought up through which the safety and the integrity of internet can specifically be questioned (Koskosas et al., 2011). Moreover, by taking into consideration, the rising level of online attacks, it has become a challenge for the IT engineers to counter such unwarranted situations that might risk the integrity and survival of multiple organizations along with all the stakeholders associated with it. As a result, this report will focus towards evaluating the security issues identified within the IT structure of ‘XYZ Ltd.’ through which t he inappropriate loopholes that existed within the system can be identified. Adding to that, the report will also emphasize on the available solutions through which such security issues are being resolved (Koskosas et al., 2011). As already discussed above, security issues within IT organizations has become a common trend. Reason for this cause can be provided by taking consideration of the level of data being accessed within these companies on daily basis. Adding to that, majority of the IT companies appears to have taken appropriate steps regarding minimizing the percentage of confidential data loss. As a result, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is often opted. Nevertheless, the procedure of centralizing the operational data is perceived to increase the risk of data loss from the central servers. Moreover, in order to carry out the daily

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