Saturday, August 24, 2019

History the world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

History the world - Essay Example decision for the sale of these Chinese unsafe items, the PRC government was reported to threaten and imposed retaliatory actions which resulted into consternation among the leaders of the area. These issues of controversy have remained as flashpoints between the Southeast Asia and China. China made some relative gains to the United States in areas of political and cultural power. In a 2007 poll, only 27% of Malaysians and 27% of Indonesians had favorable view to the United States in contrary to the 65% of Indonesians and 83% of Malaysians who favored the views of China. Although the nearby people responded well in looking at China as the future leader of Asia, China has fared much worse than what the people expected in its soft power. China had its legal system, political system, normative appeal, and respect for human life score very low grades in the eyes of the Beijing nearby neighbors. Although the American culture form the movies in Hollywood to MTV have remained much more accessible and popular, the trend of China is undeniably catching up quickly, at least according to the nearby people. The nearby people responded to the giant China through the cultural exchange that existed between the northern nomads and Chinese, which saw them experience the adoption of C hinese language, inter-marriages, and religion adoption. However, the pastoral communities in the nearby did not adopt the ways of Chinese people. Chinese as a giant of the area directly depended on the northern nomads by taking their horses for its military. Chinese people also took their products such as furs, forest skins, and amber. Being self contained or isolated civilization means that China was cut off from the outside world. However, China was not like this, the country remained in contact and in open trade with the outside world. This can evidently be seen in the Coming of Buddhism across the Silk Road. We can also prove that China was not isolated from the fact that it was conquered by the

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