Friday, August 23, 2019

Distinguish between the public and private aspects of human sexuality Essay

Distinguish between the public and private aspects of human sexuality - Essay Example Naturally, sex is a mechanism through which human beings procreate and give rise to offsprings who continue the generation of human beings. Thus, human sexuality encapsulates activities that undergo in the body of a human being, their thoughts, and spirits. The paper herein thus provides a profound discussion about the distinction between public and private aspects of the human sexuality through incisive ideas and rational arguments. The interest in sexual intercourse in human beings normally develops when a person reaches puberty. However, the propensity to engage in sexual relations usually varies between people. Some scientists argue that genes or environmental factors cause the variation in sexual inclination. On the other hand, enthusiasts in the sexual relations discussion sphere maintain that some sexual activities are influenced by intuition or societal pressure. Nevertheless, the bottom-line is that people engage in sexual activities despite their various reasons. The discussion on this subject breeds contentious issues especially when it extends to distinguishing public and private aspects of the human sexuality (Botcherby and Creegan 6). The society has set standards to mark the difference between sexual relations that are considered public or private. The outcome has been the setting of legal boundaries and creation of moral standards that human beings are expected to adhere to when they engage in sexual relations (Scott and Harold 187). Human sexuality has been public by default especially for heterosexual people. Sexuality has culturally been the defining factor of a persons identity. The society has been the prime shaping agent in matters of human sexuality, rendering some private aspects of human sexuality public. In the past, some of the private aspects of human sexuality as defined by the forces of society were the different sexual orientations that people have. Naturally, human beings are

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