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Strategy and marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Strategy and marketing - naming ExampleThe aluminium offshoot is a part of Al Groups portfolio. Al group al puts mill Coating on aluminium profiles for building industry. The fellowship develops relationships with the stakeholders over a long time with an versed communication. The Group will be expanding both internationally and locally. Price is the basic element for dictating who will squeeze the contract for powder coating and extruding the profiles. The company usually issues to beat its competition yet recommends competition if it thinks that it can non manage the workload. So by doing this we have won the trust of our customers. Time is another critical factor in delivering the product according to specs in this industry. Quality is the pride of the company and it is the one and only company in Kuwait that has Qualicoat status. Suppliers of the company have regular communications with stock rooms managers. of late the management has also intervened in processing in orde r to cut down on the waste. aluminium POWDER COATING LINE In issue of aluminium powder coating the steps that were followed include the customer comparing the price with the competition that Al Group faced and then placing an order both to them or to their competition. After the placement of the order the time was to be analysed for the manufacturing process. After this the powder coat was to be applied and then the specs like cutting of the profiles and the final finishing was to be done that includes the make clean and the quality control check etc. So if the product passed the quality control test it was shipped in spite of appearance a day otherwise it was reworked. Figure 1 Aluminium Powder Coating Process surgical process AT AL GROUP ALUMINIUM The old...Total employee commitment can be only possibly be attained after the aspect of fear is driven out from the workplace, which is real important in the case of Al. One fundamental TQM part is focus on process thinking. Proc ess thinking is a use that takes inputs from the suppliers and then transforms them into the outputs that are then delivered to the customers. An integrated system needs to be installed. Everyone in the company moldiness understand the mission, guiding principles of quality policies, vision of the company and also the critical processes of the organization. Communication is one very important thing that this company should also keep in mind if it wants to maintain its heights of success. A proper, open and clear communication channel promotes in maintain the high morale of the workers and also keeps them move and satisfied all the time. It is strongly recommended that every member of the organisation should be committed towards the process of change. It cannot be referred as the new flavour of the month, but instead of this it should be an exciting life changing process (Zimmerman, Steinmann and Schueler, 1996). Too often enthusiasm of people wanes when they understand that the pr ocess of change in an organisation is not possible to occur overnight. People should pledge their support in the objective analysis of their job procedures and functions, and search innovative and new ways to develop them. If necessary, inspirational speakers must be employed to stimulate and actuate the staff to a new attitude of commitment.

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