Thursday, April 25, 2019

Summaries and critical thoughs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summaries and critical thoughs - Essay precedentThey insist on the fact that homosexuality and its identity is in between the sexes of both men and women.The farm animal of male homosexuality is comprised of five categories, sodomy, friendship, effeminacy, inversion, and homosexuality. However, according to the study, male homosexuals act as violates, in their roles as women. Studies signify that many males who practice prostitution refer to themselves as heterosexual and they develop complex policies to neutralize their prodigious behaviors. The text has been described as taboo breaking that describes homosexuality in the 14th century in London. The author focuses on same-sex intercourse and male transvestism in medieval England.Rykeners interrogation in the text raises concern on the public understanding of sexuality in a medieval culture. This entails of wishing of specific sexualities, and the deployment of the concept of sodomy and homosexuality. The questions are difficu lt for John Eleanor Rykener to answer although the text explains the argument. Rykener is a transvestic and a prostitute. This is because he had sex with both men and women, although he committed homosexuality for money.The author states that all(a) women who had sex with multiple partners and the commercial partners are described as meretrix in the medieval society. This means that prostitution is linked to feminist. However, in cases that involved men, they were referred as oxymoron. This is a reason that describes the reason why Rykener is not incriminate of prostitution in the London court. Men who indulge in commercial sex are not described as prostitutes but instead they are termed as sodomists. However, the text explains that if Rykener was not considered a prostitute based on medieval understanding of the concept, he would not be convicted as a sodomite. However, it is of the essence(p) to note that from the arguments of the text, a legal crime of sodomy did note mean tha t those involved were homosexual. The author states

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