Thursday, April 25, 2019

Human Resource Management in the Multinational Context Research Paper

Human Resource Management in the Multinational Context - Research Paper modelingAlignment of HRM strategy in MNCs is of importance when it comes to strategic implementation (Chew & Horwitz 2004, p. 33). This is the alignment of HHRM systems and policies with the organizational goals and policies in order of magnitude to achieve the established operational goal and competitive strategy of the firm. HRM system must be deemed as a source of the firms competitive advantage in any multination for it to be booming (Sparrow et al 1994, p. 268). IHR function constitutes of corporate HRM group managing the variant(a) intents and practices of power management. This HRM group has about 500 take aim managers who carry out the global service program. In line with the companys philosophy, the HRM group manages the various subsidiaries in line with the markets they operate in, for instance, the company applies varying HR standards in different market operations. honorarium standards are ap plied differently in a different market and the aim is to ensure that their remuneration scale remains competitive in the markets. Multinationals like Coca Cola staffs its operations from the local personnel and only engages expatriates where the system demands. According to Caligiuri et al (2010, p. 3), successful MNC companies manage their global staff in slipway that match their strategic needs as well as the demands of their markets. Global market offers different outside(a) environments and varying skills and capabilities in the global labor market HR plays a critically master(prenominal) role in managing the companies global operations and enhancing their competitiveness. IHRM policies and practices play an important role in strengthening interunit linkages in various ways including staffing policies, comprehensive planning of homophile resource, compensation policies, performance appraisals, and development and training of staff. As the brood stresses line of descent t oday is no longer limited to the countries national boundaries. Large multinationals do a earthshaking percentage of their business activities outside their home market and country this has resulted from continued establishment and strengthening of business in the overseas by multinationals. Competitiveness in these corporations has largely been determined by their effectiveness in the international market, this is in turn determined by the effectiveness of global managers particularly the international human resource managers who can function effectively in the international business activities. IHR practices are critically important in determining the effectiveness of multinationals.

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