Friday, April 26, 2019

Beowulf and Pride Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Beowulf and self-exaltation - Essay ExampleHe is thus prone too to the spiritual and psychological shortcomings that come with universeness human. That includes the possibility of bonnie proud. In the end, one can say that it was pride that led Beowulf to his death in that combat with the dragon. He has become old. As Hrothgar probably sees in advance, Beowulfs pride keeps him from seeing his limitations. This being so, he goes to do battle with the dragon on his protest at the end of his life. In so doing Beowulf gets killed. Hrothgars words, therefore, ring true. At the height of Beowulfs success, he knows that Beowulf is vulnerable too. He is vulnerable to becoming proud just like exclusively human beings are. As Hrothgar cautions Ban, then, such baleful thoughts, Beowulf dearest, best of men, and the develop part choose, profit eternally and temper thy pride, warrior famous. This paper asserts, therefore, that as mortal and flawed, though Beowulf is the strongest and brave st warrior in all the land, he too is vulnerable to the weaknesses of all men, and in particular he is vulnerable to pride. self-complacency is the d avouchfall of Beowulf.It is important to see that Hrothgar is speaking from the point of view of experience and great wisdom. That wisdom is high-risk from his own past success and present misfortune of seeing his kingdom devastated by Grendel. He sees that Beowulf is in truth remarkable. He is able to do what his best men can non. Beowulf is able to slay the dragon and also his mother, with his own hands. He is able to do battle with Grendel without using any arms too. Such is his power and his abilities that he is able to do all of this. Moreover, Hrothgar sees that Beowulf is also very popular. His fame has spread very far. In the midst of all these Hrothgar knows that any mortal man will become proud.When he gives out the warning to Beowulf he is not trying to diminish Beowulfs success. He is trying to protect him in a way from his own weaknesses.

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