Wednesday, April 10, 2019

French and Indian War Essay Example for Free

cut and Indian War EssayThe French and Indian war has modify the relationship between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. The three main ways their relationship had been altered were politically, ideologically and sparingally. After the French and Indian War the British passed a series of laws and taxes that the settler didnt agree with. As a result of these laws and taxes being passed the settler began to rebel against British rule. This rebellion would make uptually lead to the Revolutionary War which would allow Americans to gain independence. Ideology is the combination of ideas that affects goals, actions or expectations. After the French and Indian war American ideology greatly changed. Before and during the war Britain had a lot of funding from the American colonies. This is shown through archive B as George Washington a typical colonist at the time was willing to support Britain in the war. As the war continued the ideals that the colonist lived by beg an to change. The colonist started to feel that Britain wasnt doing enough to help them out. This is seen in document D, where colonist began to feel that they were debarred denied English liberties even though they were English citizens. This causes the British to begin to lose the support of the American colonist.Economics is the effects of money on a country. At this point in time the colonies were salvage under control of British rule and their money went mostly to the British government. During the war Britain went into debt and expected the colonist to repay the debt. Britain would make the colonist pay through taxes like the mix up act. The colonist strongly voiced their opinion on the stamp act even though they remained loyal to the British government, as seen in documents G and H. Although the colonists were against the taxes forced on them the British government continued to find different ways to raise taxes against them, as shown in document F.The French and Indian war was greatly influenced by political involvement. All of the groups involved felt they had rights to north wolframerly American land. The first of these groups that felt that they should control the land were the Native Americans this is shown through document B as a native chief arguedthe natives rights to the land. After the war the British had overwhelming control over conglutination America as shown in document A. Even though the war was over there were still conflicts west of the Appalachian Mountains that led to the proclamation of 1763 which banned the colonist to settle on the land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonist did not support this they felt they deserved it subsequently they helped defeat the French and Indians in the French and Indian war. This is shown in document E.During and after the French and Indian war ideological, political and economic views between the colonist and the British would greatly change. This change would eventually cause the colon ist to rebel against British laws and taxes. The British would try to take control of the colonist and to make sure the colonist listened Britain passed the intolerable acts. This brought more than anger among the colonist and would eventually lead to the revolutionary war only 12 years after the French and Indian war ended.

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