Friday, April 19, 2019


BFS 3430-09D, PRINCIPLES OF FIRE BEHAVIOR (BFS3430-09D) - Essay ExampleBe sure to divert the spilled can away from the cockpit or cabin and take extra precaution against any possibility of send away check out, set up a safety border within the region of the nonessential site (Union County prototype Operating Guidelines n.d.).3. For fire related incidents, full protective gear must be worn including SCBAs and range towards the fire from the windward side. If no hazardous materials or explosives are present, go about the procedure as a flammable liquid fire (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines n.d.). Foam must be utilize in fire fighting when Jet A fuel is involved. If foam is not available lead use of a semi-fog stream to push the fire away from the cockpit or cabin. Make sure that the fuel spill and fire does not flow back behind you while protecting the crew and move on towards the fire as this may trap you (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines n.d.).4. If the fire involves hazardous and explosive materials, bond the Hazardous Materials resources guide for the product involved, and set up a safety perimeter around the incident site (Union County Standard Operating Guidelines

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