Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Postponing Motherhood Essay -- Pregnancy Birth Children Short Stories

Postponing Motherhood As a senior in a small high school in Connecticut, Jane Swanson* was attending weekly volleyball team practices, planning for college, studying for tests, and spending time with her friends and her boyfriend. She was a typical teenager until, at 17, she learned that she was pregnant. Stunned by the news and unsure of what to do, she spoke to her friends about her options. She was especially surprised because she was using condoms and practicing safe sex. Sadly, half of the 1.3 million women having abortions each year used some form of contraception when they became pregnant. She quickly realized that with her friends being teens themselves, they couldn’t give the best advice, and decided to call the nearest Planned Parenthood in Connecticut. Planned Parenthood is one of the best-known resources for abortion services. About to celebrate is 75th year, it is well known for promoting sexual and reproductive health through â€Å"clinical services, education and advocacy.† "Caring professionals provide a wide range of services in our modern facilities. Our clients know they can trust us to provide confidential and comprehensive health care at a reasonable cost,† wrote Dianne Luby, President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, in her public address published on the clinics’ web site. Swanson spoke to a receptionist who informed her of the different types of abortions, medical and surgical, and also urged her to come into the office as soon as possible. She added, however, that that particular clinic did not perform abortions and she would have to travel a significant distance, to Hartford, for the procedure. The National Abortion Federation, through its 350 member clinics and... ...ake the decision to abort,† said Brown. â€Å"They fear being cut off from their families, their education being interrupted, their finances, that their boyfriends would leave them. They’ve already made up their minds.† A branch of A Woman’s Concern includes â€Å"Healthy Choices,† a five-day program in middle schools and high schools aimed at educating young people on unhealthy behaviors, misconceptions in the media, and lesson in skill building, designed to teach the students that they have a voice. "Healthy Start† has visited eleven or twelve different schools in and around the Boston area so far this year, and has received a positive response. Two years after having an abortion, Swanson, is still confident that she made the right decision. "There is no shame in getting pregnant, or getting help,† Swanson said. â€Å"Looking back, I only wish I had told my mother.†

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