Thursday, September 26, 2019

Green Hill Community Center Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Green Hill Community Center - Case Study Example According to Worth (2011), all nonprofit organizations must be managed except the very small organizations, in order to meet society’s demands and expectations as well as to avoid the risks to their survival. The nonprofit sector has gained augmented attention due to its dramatic growth and increased assets; it has gained the status of a consequential part of the economy that cannot be ignored (Craver, 2006). Therefore, the stakeholders including the legislature, media and civil society demand the accountability of the assets entrusted to the nonprofit organizations and results achieved through these assets (Worth, 2011). Analysis of Mission of the Greenhill Community Center According to Worth (2011), nonprofit organizations do not indulge in issuing stock shares or the distribution of surplus funds to shareholders and their main aim is to utilize available resources for achieving their mission. Every nonprofit organization must have a clear and concise mission statement and it should devise objectives to attain these aims (Chait, Ryan and Taylor, 2005). The case study clearly shows that Greenhill Community Center has a definite and well defined mission; the main focus of the center is to provide social services to the people of Coastal city. Its main aim is to provide human service programs based on learning and growth by maintaining an intergenerational setting; these programs are designed for the babies, school going children, elderly people etc and entail music classes, day care, after school programs and programs for elderly. The analysis of the case study indicates that staff, board members and trustees are working in order to achieve this aim on t heir respective levels. The mission of the nonprofit organization (NPO) is the most clear when it is founded, the founders are aware of the basic purpose of fundraising and the difference it is going to make (Herman and Heimovics, 2005). With the passage of time, the addition of new programs due to the changing environment and needs decreases the attention to the basic programs (Worth, 2011). The same is happening with the GCC, its focus has diverted towards management, financial and diversification problems due to the influx of refugees from Southeast Asia. Board Members Responsibilities and Governance Structure Worth (2011) illustrated that governing boards of a NPO were responsible for ensuring the achievement of mission as well as the overall welfare of the organization. In GCC, the responsibilities are divided among four board members and they are directors of their respective departments. These members are led by the chief executive; the governance structure of the GCC along w ith the responsibilities of four board members is shown in Fig 1. Figure 1: Organizational Structure of Greenhill Community Centre The board has important role to play in the fund-raising along with some trustees who take active part in the fund-raising. According to Worth (2011), most of the NPOs are termed as corporations and the members of the governing boards are termed as directors under the law, the same

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