Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Health sysytems and government response to AIDS in America Essay

Health sysytems and government response to AIDS in America - Essay Example There is a common saying regarding AIDS that â€Å"you are either infected or affected†. This is because when one is infected with AIDS, faces the pain associated with the illness and emotional torture as one feels that unmet goals and objectives in life are no longer attainable; one also feels socially unfit to carry the normal life used to live before the infection. Someone who is free of the virus is affected since has to commit his time and resources in supporting the infected one. More precisely, the individual suffering, household, families, and the economy experience the effects of HIV/AIDS. Ones contributes to the growth of the economy is likely to decline and eventually stop as the stages of the illness progress. This is because the individual is dependent on others and the government on daily bases for food and treatment. The government and health systems have put a lot of emphasis on controlling the disease by establishing Voluntary Centers for testing. Currently there is a huge network of testing centers all over America to provide citizens with free services where they can get to know their status, get guidelines on how to stay free from the virus and if affected, the control and management practices. Although this is a positive initiative, the government does not provide enough well trained nurses to deliver the services; this is a drawback. More so, people have fear for stigma from those who offer the services, therefore the government is working to provide testing kits whereby one can perform the test within his privacy and convenient time. (Augustus 43). The government has identified that most youths are at high risk to contract (Chris 490) AIDS due to idleness and lack of employment. With the high rates of inflation and unemployment, many people lack employment hence in order to sustain their daily lives, they indulge in irresponsible sexual activities. This increases the rate of AIDS infections. The government has stepped in to offer technical trainings and job opportunities to encourage the youths not involve themselves in such risky behaviors. The government has also established rehabilitation centers for sex addicts where they get support and guidance on reformation. Commercial sex workers have higher chances of contracting AIDS due to the sexual association with many people. Such centers offer them information on how to change their behaviors and how get finances from moral activities. The government and other health systems have responded to the AIDS epidemic by establishing children homes for both HIV positive children and orphaned children due to AIDS. These children are offered free education and home care. Although this is a very essential

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