Thursday, September 26, 2019

HRM- BMW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

HRM- BMW - Essay Example BMW’s move shows that management is not the lone representative of a business; it is bigger than that- there are lessons to be learned and given from and by everyone involved. A cohesive business is a successful one, and a company can only be cohesive when all levels of employees believe that they can speak up and make a difference. The more people who can get involved in the process, the more it will be an accurate reflection of the company and community’s true set of standards and complementary goals. #3 I believe that both employees and managers would think the new policy is fair. The only potential obstacle may be that employees or the public might see the move as a calculated response to media pressure due to recent corporate scandals involving inflated executive bonuses. However, as the case states, â€Å"BMW has been discussing its compensation practices for months, and claims its announcement has nothing to do with a larger debate about public accountability of executives† (BusinessWeek, 2011). The linked bonus program shows a link between management and employees in the company, and an expansion of vertical communication that will, I believe, make the line workers feel more valued and responsible, thus increasing their productivity as well as their company loyalty. REFERENCE BusinessWeek Case (2011).

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