Sunday, November 3, 2019

Course Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Course Review - Essay Example In another wavelength, this methodology also remains very important, given that its standards of evidence and indicators that the program uses helps in comparing the system’s performance to its peer institutions. These indicators help in making these comparisons, so as to uphold the highest of standards. The changes that have been proposed are very recommendable on several grounds. First, it is through these proposed PLO systems that important values relevant to the discipline can be inculcated. Skills, knowledge and competence are some of these values that are bound to be deeply entrenched, should PLO systems be implemented. Likewise, it is only by adopting the PLO system that professional and disciplinary standards that certain disciplines try to advance are bolstered. The newly proposed system is also worthy of recommendation since it ensures the maintenance of desired standards by comparing its performance indicators to its peer institutions. This comparison ensures that areas that have not been adequately administered, taught or effected are identified, and then followed through with correctional measures. This smoothens and facilitates effective and tenable transition. The PLO curriculum can be said to be very appropriate, given that they reflect current trends, debates, technology and developments that are taking shape in the discipline. Similarly, the PLO system involves the use of curriculum maps which support learners’ achievement and thereby helping in sustaining the required breadth and depth of the study. The same also helps capture the flow, courses, coherence and the sequencing of opportunities for these learners. This thereby helps these learners to achieve the aims of PLOs. As Wang advances, the PLO curriculum will be very instrumental in helping to keep up with the changing times. This is because the PLO curriculum considers and adopts the latest technology, developments and trends

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