Thursday, November 21, 2019

Characteristics of Business Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Characteristics of Business Leadership - Essay Example In this context, the present study focuses on a highly popular business leader, Steven Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer Company and shall learn about his role and practices that he used in his leadership attributes in his company. Steven Jobs: The Initiation of His Leadership Skills in Business: Steven Paul Jobs, as now remembered as Steve Jobs, was a highly popular tycoon in the world of business proving to be a highly successful entrepreneur in the electronics and information technology industry. He has been part of several patents related to the invention and development of computer related products. Initially discussing about his business life, it was in 1977 that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together presented their first microcomputer in the White House. It was named as Apple II and the entire marketing plan and decisions were undertaken by Jobs. By 1993, the sale of the product made the two inventors millionaires. Thereafter, Jobs continued with his newer inventions, as wel l as managing his Apple Company with due sincerity and leadership. When he realized that the company needed experienced administration, he involved John Sculley in the team of management (Biography of Steve Jobs and Timeline of Apple, 2011). In this context it can be understood that the business leader survived several challenges while he could reach to the level of success. Firstly, he was new in the market that represented the fear of not being recognized by consumers. Secondly, his product was associated with the IT thus there could only be certain sections of people who would be interested. Thirdly, the first microcomputer that they invented was meant for commercial purposes and for the mass. Thus lack of acceptance could pose severe threats to their career. However, although the above mentioned challenges existed, Jobs became successful and his Apple Company gradually proved to be a huge success. This in other words reflects on the efficient leadership and management style that Jobs presented in his work. Business Leadership of Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs was known for his autocratic style of leadership values. He used to remain personally involved in all the steps and measures undertaken for the objectives of his company. For his working team, he used to involve people who matched with his mindset and he was highly demanding. He did not love delegating authority to people and would rather get involved in person in every aspect of operation. Jobs was extremely serious with his work and loved his Company too much to even lessen his involvement while he was ill (Branson, 2011). Steve’s inventions were meant for the global markets and thus he had to encounter cultural differences as well. However, the success of the company represents that Steve had been capable of adjusting to the differences and marketing his products successful across the world. The primary reason behind his adjustment and success was his love and involvement for the technology that he worked on. Steve believed in thinking differently and had faith in the values and principles of the company that he never left behind. Compassion for his company allowed the business leader to stick to his views and policies and continue with delivering his products successfully in the global market as well as adjusting with different cultures across the world. He delivered his products not depending on the choices

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